Top 4 Ways To Sell A Dump Truck

July 18, 2011

Individuals that need to sell a dump truck often comb the internet for helpful tips and advice to get it to move. Whether you have trucks for sale, or are trying to sell a dump trailer, you can benefit from some of the great tactics that the pros use. It does not matter if you have a Mitsubishi for sale or a Mack truck; any dump or box truck you need to sell does not have to stay sitting idle for long.

A very important, unifying factor among all manner of individuals across the globe is the internet. The internet is full of useful information and people trying to sell their wares. You can purchase anything from handcrafted jewelry from Africa to helicopters. That brilliant repository of information is a tool every seller needs to use correctly.

*Build a Strong Advertisement

Not building an effective advertisement is a waste of everyone's time. Provide useful information that the buyer is going to want to know to make an informed decision. If they can tell that your truck will not work for them, that saves you the time and effort of having to hash it all out. Include notes about the standard operating functions, maintenance or repairs performed, and any other information that cannot be figured out by looking at the truck.

*Provide Quality Photos

You do not need to accurately describe the physical condition of the truck because you are going to include pictures. Pictures sell merchandise. Think about the last time you were in any retail establishment; how many packages were either clear or had full pictures on them? Visual connection sells products.

The first thing to do is give that truck a thorough cleaning, inside and out. Wax it, detail it; take an afternoon to go the length. Snap photos of the interior and exterior. Take close ups in addition to wide angle shots to provide the viewer an excellent representation of your truck. If you do not have a camera, no problem. You can buy a disposable camera at a drug store and have the pictures developed to a CD for a small fee.

*Provide Timely Communication

It is an excellent idea to visit one of the anonymous email websites like Google or Yahoo and sign up for a throwaway email account. That email account you can post as contact information for potential buyers that want to inquire in that fashion. There are some unscrupulous companies that crawl the internet for public email addresses to add them to mailing lists. It is an effective way to deftly avoid more spam to your primary mail account.

*Choosing Where to Sell

One cannot overlook the importance of choosing where to sell their truck. There are many free classified websites and other facilitators of sales available on the internet. How do you find the best? The first step is to brainstorm. Put yourself in the shoes of a person that would want to buy your truck. Ask yourself, what kinds of queries would I put into Google to find a truck? Common ones are "semi trucks", "used semi trucks", "box trucks"; and so on.

Now, take those phrases and plug them into Google yourself. You will be presented with a variety of websites. Visit every page on the first page of results to see if that website offers an option to post your used truck. Bookmark each one that does for each different query. You now have a selection of websites that are strong competitors for visibility on the internet. The problem with sites like Craigslist and Ebay is that they are not geared specifically for selling your used truck.

Take your high-quality advertisement, your pictures, and contact information to several of those websites to post a classified. If they only allow one or two pictures, make a note in the advertisement that you can provide however many more pictures you have to interested parties.

It is worthwhile to pay a small fee to advertise on these websites. There is a lot of money and work that goes into attaining first page placement on search engines. They have already done that hard, tedious work for you. Plenty more potential interested parties will see your advertisement there than if you had posted on a junk service.

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