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The Easiest Way to Sell Your Commercial Truck and Trailer Online

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One time $19.95 Listing

Why pay to re-list your ad every month when you only have to pay once on

Run the advertisement until your equipment sells. Makes it easy and affordable to sell any extra equipment that you don't need.

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The steps are easy:

  • Create your free account.
  • Add information on the equipment you are selling.
  • Purchase a $19.95 ad.
  • Publish on

100% Guarantee or your money back!

If you don't sell your truck or trailer in a reasonable amount of time, we'll send your money back. It's just that simple.

If you are not satisfied with your selling experience at Trucker to Trucker, we don't want your money!

Our customers are always happy, just the way we like them to be!

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Truck has been sold. Great web site.
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Tom Green

2 Great Options for Dealers, Fleet Managers,
and Volume Sellers

Trucker Pass

Buy 10 Individual Listings for $150

You save 25%

Perfect for sellers who only need to sell a few items each month.

  • Your credits never expire
    List what you want, when you want.
  • Each ad will run until sold!
    No monthly fees to maintain your listing. You only pay once.
  • Display up to 36 pictures, and Add a You Tube video.
    Let your truck, trailer, and equipment really stand out.

Unlimited Monthly Listings

List your entire inventory on Trucker To Trucker
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