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Sell Trucks, Trailers, Parts, and Equipment Online

Thousands of potential buyers come to our site daily, looking for trucking equipment. When it comes to selling trucks, trailers, parts, or equipment, is the obvious choice. offers more features to help sell your equipment than any other source, like 36 pictures with every ad at no extra charge. All of our ads run until sold for a one-time, flat fee; we'll even show you how many people have viewed your ad any time you want to know.

These and dozens of other reasons make the best place possible to sell your trucks, trailers, parts or equipment!

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  • Ads Run Until Sold!
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Truck has been sold. Great web site.
Thank You!

Tom Green

Tips for Selling Equipment

  1. Have your vehicle or part information ready: year, make, model, price,etc. Also, have your description prepared. The description you entershould point out the selling points of your listing, i.e. super clean,low miles, etc. We have found the more information you provide the fasteryour listing will sell. Our listing forms are thorough and we encourageyou to complete as much of the forms as possible. Check all that apply,be as honest as possible, and watch your listing sell.
  2. Price your ad carefully. Do some research on our site to determinethe values of your products before you list. If you need help feel freeto contact us.
  3. A valid email address is very important at TruckerToTrucker. This isthe only way we will contact you as to secure your privacy. Also yourpotential buyers will use this address to contact you. If you do nothave an email address you can get free accounts many places on the web,such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Excite. If you would like to have an ad but do notwant to handle it yourself, contact us and we will handle it for you.
  4. Photos are very important in online advertising. We allow 36 photosfor free. We recommend uploading all 36 showing good and bad points. Weallow captions if needed, so you can point out the good or the bad points.i.e. photo 1 New Brakes or photo 2 dent right side, etc. If you havea digital camera, shoot more photos than you need. This allows you topick the best quality shots for upload. The minimum resolution is 640X 480, however if your photos are larger than that, our upload featurewill scale them down. Please be reminded that only jpg format is accepted.If you do not have access to a digital camera, any camera will work.The images need to be on a disc in jpg format. (Floppy or Cd) Any filmprocessing outlet will offer these options. Remember we can help if youhave any trouble with this.
  5. A major credit card will be asked for in the checkout process. We currentlyare accepting American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. All transactions are securedthrough VeriSign. If another form of payment is required, contact us andarrangements will be made.
  6. Buyers and sellers should be aware that some parties are less thanaccurate or fair in the assessment of their vehicles or parts. In thefuture TruckerToTrucker will be offering a feedback feature allowingUSERS to see what others are saying about the buying and selling practicesof each other. In the meantime please contact us with any feedback youfeel will help in keeping our site fair and equitable. There is also a link on each ad that allows the user to report an ad as fraudulent. If we feel the ad is fraudulent, we will contact you. If no contact can be made, the ad in question wil be deleted. When a seller lists a piece of equipment on the TruckerToTrucker web site,the seller is stating that all statements on the listing form are true. Byprinting a copy of the listing form for the listing you are purchasing, youwill have all the statements made by the seller on paper. This could be avaluable tool if the equipment is not in the shape it was stated to be. Please read our terms of use.
  7. Please No Web Site Addresses in your descriptions. Only 1 truck ortrailer per ad. Parts can be advertised per lot if sold per lot. Forexample, 12 aluminum rims for $2,000, not $250 per rim. TruckerToTruckerreserves the right to discontinue any ad for non-conforming practices.If we work together we will never have to raise our super low price of$19.95.