The Secret To Getting The Best Price For Your Semi Truck

February 7, 2012

When it is time to sell your commercial semi truck, getting the best price is important. One important way to draw buyers, and create interest in your truck, is by creating a sale listing on a website that will allow your truck to get the best exposure. The following tips will allow you to sell your semi quickly and recoup the most value from your truck.

1. Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words:

The first tip to help you sell your truck is to create a listing that includes lots of photos. Prospective buyers want to have the opportunity to see your truck from every angle, so that they can determine the condition of the truck. By providing lots of accurate photos, you will know that buyers are truly interested when they call to see the truck, and that they won't be disappointed with what they see when they get there. When taking photos be sure to include interior cab shots, as well as exterior pictures of the front, back and sides.

2. Name Your Price:

When sellers are unsure of what to ask for their truck, it may be tempting to list a truck for sale without offering a price, or simply listing it OBO (or best offer). Unfortunately, instead of creating interest in the truck, this often deters potential buyers because there is no starting point for a negotiation. When a seller refuses to name a price, the buyer may not trust that the seller is going to deal fairly with him, and that the seller may hike up the price if the buyer shows too much interest. Many buyers will simply walk away rather than risk being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous seller.

3. Keep It Clean:

When meeting a prospective buyer, your truck needs to be gleaming inside and out, and the cab cleared of trash and clutter. By showing your truck when it is looking its best, this helps to create a strong first impression, and let the prospective user know that the truck has been well looked after. A dirty truck will give the impression of being run down, even if it is in tip top shape, so make sure that when you meet prospective buyers, that it is ready for a close inspection.

4. Honesty Is The Best Policy:

When speaking with a potential buyer, make sure that you are honest about the truck's performance, maintenance, and accident history. Many buyers will request an inspection of maintenance records, to review for any potential problems. While owners may be tempted to bend the truth or gloss over any problems, it is not worth the risk to one's reputation in the business, nor potential legal action for fraud or misrepresentation later when the truth comes out.

By creating an informative listing that contains an accurate description, lots of photos, and a fair price point, you can create a listing that will bring interested buyers for your truck. By following these tips, you will position your truck for a quick sale for the best possible price.

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