Five Tips on Using the Internet to Sell More Semi-Trucks

September 1, 2012

Selling semi-trucks online can be a great way to advertise and boost sales at your dealership. It can make shopping for semi-trucks quick and easy for all of your customers. However, you need to know how to effectively use the Internet to improve the experience for your customers, increase sales and heighten feedback. Here are five tips for truck salespeople on how to sell semi-trucks over the Internet.

First, use great pictures. Take numerous pictures of every angle of the truck, including the interior. High quality pictures will give your customers a good idea of the overall look and feel of the truck. Customers will feel far more informed and comfortable when looking at several high quality pictures of the trucks they are shopping for. In addition, having quality pictures has been known to increase ad opens by around 90 percent.

Secondly, write very detailed descriptions of the trucks you have for sale. Providing as much information about your trucks as you can will allow your potential customers to be well-informed about the trucks they are looking at before they even head down to the dealership. This is also beneficial to gain more ad opens and allows your ads to get more hits on search engines.

Third, take video of your trucks and make video advertisements. Many customers enjoy watching videos of products in action. It gives them a good idea of how well they work and how they seem in action. In fact, a recent study showed that Internet users in the United States watched more than 40 billion videos online in 2011 with over 12 percent being in online video advertisements.

Fourth, always make sure you list a price. Customers want to know as much as they can about a vehicle as they shop while avoiding having to call or e-mail a dealership for more information. Customers tend to dislike needing to call for more information, especially when it's about the price. This is especially true when customers are shopping late at night or after business hours. Also include information such as if there is any room for negotiation in the price or any available payment plans for the truck.

Finally, in the event that your customers do need to call you to ask for more information, reply as quickly as possible. Customers may not mind waiting for a returned call if someone can't get to the phone, but there is only so long most customers will wait before it gets frustrating. Many customers find waiting or over an hour for a returned call to be too long. Make sure you have enough people to handle the phones and check e-mails on a regular basis. If you do end up getting backed up with calls or e-mails, make sure to take some time out to respond back in a timely manner. Not only will this make you more organized, but it will also improve customer relations and maybe even increase sales.

The Internet can be a valuable tool to sell your semi-trucks as long as you provide enough information and make sure your customer's needs come first.

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