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Wisconsin Semi Trucks Sale

Wisconsin semi truck sales

Wisconsin Semi Trucks For Sale

A trucker shopping for Wisconsin semi trucks will be interested in seeing what Midstate Truck Service, Inc. has to offer them. A complete array of services and commercial trucks are available from Midstate Trucks. Their inventory includes a diverse listing of new and used semi trucks in addition to buses. Highly competitive dealer available financing can help a driver get in the seat of a new or used truck as efficiently as possible.

Midstate Truck Service strives to be more than just a facilitator of sales. Many of their locations offer in-depth services for a variety of trucks including, but not limited to; Caterpillar, Meritor, and International Trucks (authorized dealer). Locations also feature general maintenance services in addition to transmission, alignment, and a selection of repair parts from the part center.

IDEALEASE is a program offered by Midstate Trucks to provide Wisconsin semi trucks to drivers or fleet owners when needed without purchase. This program is ideal for companies that have seasonal increases for their shipping needs or in the event that a truck breaks down in a major way. Securing a semi truck through the IDEALEASE program allows that business or interest to stay on the road and on time with minimal disruption to service.

The website of Midstate Trucks makes it easy for a browser to peruse the services and wares of their several locations throughout Wisconsin. A driver looking for body work, a new truck, a used truck, parts, or other related services can simply browse to find the location that best suits their needs. As a twelve time winner of International Truck's "Circle of Excellence" award, the browser can rest assured they are in capable hands.

Many companies claim to offer the superior customer experience. Midstate Trucks was built on that model of service to their customers and attributes it to their overall success. They go the extra mile by providing highly competitive financing rates, a variety of services, a wide range of used trucks, and a fine selection of new International Trucks. Highly skilled and certified technicians are employed at all locations to provide the best commercial truck service to be had in Wisconsin.

Midstate Trucks has brought Wisconsin semi trucks and service since their foundation in 1965. A choice for Midstate Trucks is a choice for a long-term associate moving into the future. With seven physical locations and a strong web presence, one can easily browse for what they seek regardless of the method.