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Trucker Talk

11 June 2008
Global Fuel Crisis Rages On
With fuel prices even higher than in the United States, truckers in Europe took the plunge Tuesday to strike for lower prices. Following in the footsteps of US trucker strikes and shutdowns that occurred earlier this spring, truckers in Spain parked their vehicles, blocking highways, in order to let their voices be heard.
According to the Canadian Press, the angry truckers made their point by interrupting the flow of transportation and commerce, proving just how important they are to the transportation industry. Among other products, truckers stopped the flow of food and fuel with their highway block.
Truckers began striking Monday, and already their efforts have seen serious effects. Three car production plants had to temporarily shut down because they did not receive their parts shipments, some gas stations ran out of fuel, and analysts are predicting shortages of fresh fruits and vegetables.
The sheer variety of the number of industries affected by the shutdown exemplifies the degree to which truckers are necessary in the transportation industry. The truckers, who are striking alongside a fishermen’s strike, which has been occurring since the end of May, are protesting the rise of fuel prices—thirty-six percent in a year.
But truckers did not only affect industry. Trucks moved slowly on highways, disrupting the flow of traffic, and blocked intersections for all other truckers, though they let cars through. Spanish citizens have been concerned about being able to buy food and gasoline, and some stores are becoming flooded with consumers.
According to the Canadian Press, the strikers are primarily owner-operators and are asking for “minimum, guaranteed haulage rates to offset rising fuel prices and enable them to compete with large trucking companies.” Truckers are also protesting the fact that they have been given no fuel discount, unlike fishermen, who currently receive a discount on their fuel.
Spanish truckers have continued to discuss their demands with government officials, according to the Canadian Press. In Hong Kong, truckers are also slowing down and pulling over in protest to the high prices.
But in Italy, truckers have made their voices heard. According to Thompson Financial News, Italy Infrastructure Minister Altero Matteoli has pledged 107 million Euros to come to the aid of truckers by reducing tolls in order to offset the effects of soaring fuel.
Although truckers’ shutdowns in the United States did not create as much friction as the European shut downs, European truckers are raising their voices for the rest of the world, and Hong Kong has joined in. With Italy pledging money to offset the cost of fuel and the government entering into talks with the trucking industry, truckers around the world may have hope yet! 
Editors Note: We, at, applaud the American truckers on their civil behavior during the recent  Trucker Shutdown.
Posted by mary leigh at 2:16 PM  |  LINK to this post  |  6 comment s  |  Subscribe

Very informative and well done. It is essential that the truckers provide a viable solution to the problem before a job action and I see that they have honed in on an issue which can be rectified by the Spanish government. Thy need to communicate their point and the solution to the public as well as politicians and they have a great opportunity to achieve their goal. Would be interesting to see how it works out.
Posted by george wilkins on June 11, 2008 at 2:42 PM

Funny, sad and true. I am still on the fence as far as my vote goes. I've only been voting for 11 years now and I've been through it enough to know that promises are like pie-crusts, easily broken. Most promises don't receive any action politically and as sad as it is, the only legislation getting pushed through are hero-legislations protecting victims of freakish crimes. I'm sure you can tell I'm jaded, but hey... I'm an American living in 2008.
Posted by [email protected] dane-ny on June 12, 2008 at 9:30 AM

My son works for P jax as a route planner.Pjax just got bought out by a canadian company.They don't even charge a fuel surcharge on their loads and they haul alot to the auto makers.They are subsidized by the canadain goverment for their fuel.Wheres are uncle sam when we need him to stay in buissnesss ?We just pass our high fuel prices on to the consumer and lose our fair share of the frieght.
Posted by slyfox on June 13, 2008 at 9:19 AM

As I may have said before if a bunch of the gasoline haulers to DC would just drive there and park their rigs congress would get the message in short order. Why are we sending billions to Iraq to rebuild their country when ours is going to hell?
Posted by demeur on June 26, 2008 at 12:56 PM

Did you guys see that over at 98.7 FM they are giving away FREE gas? How helpful is that at a time like this? Go win yours at
Posted by Dave on June 29, 2008 at 3:50 AM

We continue to send billions and billions to Iraq to rebuild there country because you people keep on sending the same idiots back to the whitehouse,Just like you won't shutdown with the rest of the world to get what you want and what you need to keep truckin.If you all took your home time at the same time you might get somethin done about the fuel until then you won't get anything done and in short you will go broke over it.
Posted by Jim Hoopes on May 1, 2009 at 10:31 PM