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Find The Best Rental Insurance for Moving Trucks

Moving is always a long and stressful process. More than likely, you have large bedroom, living room, and kitchen furniture that will not fit in your car or truck; therefore, you will need to rent a moving truck. You will put all of your most expensive items in the back of a truck in hopes that they all make it to your new residence safely. Even though you go to a reputable company in which you trust, bad things can always happen when you least expect them. Consequently, in order to protect both yourself and your property in the case of an accident, it is a very good idea to obtain moving truck rental insurance.

Insurance Companies

Each insurance company has their own way of doing things and different standards that they follow. It is advisable to research and decide on a company that is right for you. Some companies focus on shorter distances, while others are dedicated to travelling across the country or state. Most of the time, these two companies will offer different types of coverage. When deciding on a company, know what size vehicle that you need and inquire about their prices. When deciding on proper insurance for you, it is a wise idea to obtain dual insurance coverage. This provides coverage for both the truck and your possessions inside the truck. You will need to inquire as to what exactly this covers. Sometimes, it might not cover all of your things; other times, the deductable is too high. In some instances, the cost is higher than you could get with an outside company. When renting a truck, the moving company representative should discuss the insurance details with you. It is imperative to shop around to find the right moving truck company for you.

Insurance for moving trucks & trailers

Homeowners Policy

Before purchasing moving truck insurance from the moving company, you need to check with your homeowner’s policy. Sometimes, your things will be covered when you are moving. If not, they might provide cheaper coverage in which you can decide your amount, and they might give you a discount if you have been with them for awhile.

Types of Moving Insurance


The amount that you will pay depends on which type of coverage you choose. Total lost coverage will cost more than partial loss coverage.

Hopefully your move will go smoothly and without incident; therefore, you will not need to use your insurance. However, if something should happen, having moving truck insurance will help you carry on and not be stuck with mountains of bills.

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