What's On the Horizon for Trucks and Fleets of the Future?

Future Truck Tech

The Technology and Maintenance Council, known as the TMC, just finished their annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, and as always, they talked about truck and fleet trends. This years big topic was about future trucks and what to look for on the horizon, and you can check out the Future Truck Committee at the provided link.

Some topics that were discussed are:

Wireless Engine Control Updates

Sounds strange, doesn't it? But when you think about it, modern engines are computer controlled, and just like many of your computer Internet programs that are updated on the fly, an engine computer can be wirelessly updated. Things like data management about your vehicle, overall performance, and distance can also be continually sent to a mainframe computer, and even software updates can be done wirelessly and automatically.

Hydrogen Power

Yes, you've all heard about the advances of hydrogen-powered car engines, but the trucking industry can benefit from this technology as well. Not only hydrogen-powered engines, but trucking companies creating their own hydrogen for refueling or even powering their business. Getting this technology on board, after the initial investment, could cut fuel and energy costs substantially.

Wearable Tech

Primarily, diagnostic tools for smartphones and/or tablets. These tools, even stand-alone types, can be connected to the Internet and be continually updated. In some cases, you could essentially take a cell phone picture of a mechanical problem, send it to the database, and detailed repair instructions or a video on how to do it, would guide you every step of the way.

These, and other innovations are what the Future Truck Committee is all about.

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