Watch Out For Fraudulent Truck & Trailer Sellers

New Fraud Alert 6-26-2018

We fell victim to a sophisticated wire transfer fraud scam. A hacker gets between us and our vendor or customer. The hacker sends his wire instructions so he gets the wire.

We wired a large sum of money to the hacker and it is gone.

One of our customers fell for this scam and wired us funds but the hacker was in the middle and got their funds.


Our wiring instructions have not changed. If you get wire instructions that are different from what we have always had it is a hacker and he is trying to deceive you!

I can share a link to the scam that a law firm investigated and explains it in detail.

Please feel free to reach out to me for details.

Bill Weiss 636-451-2100

Here is an explanation of how the Scam works!

New Fraud Alert: 01-19-2017

Recently reported buyer at Trucker To Trucker...uses the email address

My name is Eric Robert! I'm in the (U.S Army-E-3 Private First Class) and am not in town for the moment as am currently in base for now. Also we are not allowed to make or receive calls frequently because we are having mandatory blackout for security reasons but we have internet access and that is our major means of communication to the outside world. I want to buy this for my son as a birthday surprise gift and he's not aware of this. So can you assure me i wont be disappointed buying this from you ? I have a few questions for you about it.
Whats its condition, any damages?
Are you the original owner and why are you selling it ?
Does it has any mechanical issues or faulty ?
Can you send me more pictures ?
Do you have a verified account with PayPal ?

Seller responded and the supposed buyer replied with this!

It nice reading back from you I am ready to purchase the truck, so you can take the add off site I'll have my carrier agent come for pick up/storage and sign all necessary documents transferring the name of ownership and signing of all paperwork will be done by the hauler agent on my behalf after I make payment also i would love to assure you that the truck, wont leave your side until the money is in your account and clears i will be patient with you as am an honest man and a man of my word so once all this is done then we can now both schedule the pickup time and date... so kindly get back to me now with info so i can proceed with the transfer...will be looking forward reading from you...Thanks
1,PayPal email address
2,Asking price
3, phone#
Awaiting your mail respond!
Warmest regards.

New Fraud Alert: 12-15-2015

A Trucker To Trucker seller recently reported they were sent a text message from a scammer. The number was local to the sellers area. The text inquired if the truck was still for sale and requested a condition report. He wanted to use Paypal to send the money and requested the sellers drivers license number. THOSE TWO THINGS ARE RED FLAGS!

This scammer offered a full price payment without seeing the truck and said a "Transport Team" would pickup the truck, those are warning signs too! Be aware of anything too good to be true!


More Fraudulent Truck & Trailers Scams

The latest scam is using Amazon Payments as an invoicing system that uses wire transfers to get deposits or the full cost of the vehicle. Amazon Payments has nothing to do with wire transfers. Most of these trucks and trailers are "Too Good To Be True" and all involve wire transfer. Do not make a deal like this, call Trucker to Trucker's support line to question authenticity at 800-240-5811!


One Crime Ring Gone For Good!

If anyone knows of other scams or has fallen victim to these scams, leave a comment below.

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