Looking to upgrade your small fleet? Check out this worry-free deal.

When shopping for a pre-owned heavy- or medium-duty truck, you'll find plenty of one-year warranty offers. Offering a one-year warranty is fairly standard with the purchase of a pre-owned truck. But International(R) Used Truck is now offering something unique on qualifying purchases of ISX- and N13-powered pre-owned trucks. It's a two-year warranty, plus a $2,000 card for preventative maintenance (PM). This offer is only available at any one of 15 International(R) Used Truck Centers. And this offer ends soon, so summertime just became a better time to buy.

Two great powers: ISX and N13

Beyond the $2,000 PM card and two-year warranty offer from International, there's something more that makes this deal tick: the engines.

International Used Trucks gives you the option of shopping for a 2014-2016 ProStar(R) or TranStar(R) with one of two engines: the Cummins(R) ISX or the Navistar(R) N13 diesel.

Both engines are rated at 450 hp with multiple torque output. The ISX gives you 1,550/1,750 for the 14.9 liter, and the N13 gives you 1,550/1,700 for the 12.4 liter. There's only a 50 lb-ft difference between the two engines.

Cool engines. Hot deal.

Giving you the choice of an ISX- or N13-powered engine in a ProStar or TranStar is a great start. That means a lot to small-business owner/operators.

Your truck is your livelihood. As a heavy-duty owner/operator, you probably drive loads of up to 44,000 pounds more than 125,000 miles per year. And if you've got a lot of miles on your current rig, you're probably wondering when your old-truck luck will run out. Upgrading to a new pre-owned with a two-year promise of worry-free maintenance sounds like one heck of a deal that is worth serious consideration.

Too good to be true? Not really.

Of course, every deal has to have some limitations, so here are three things to keep in mind when shopping at a participating International dealer:

  1. This limited-time offer of a two-year warranty from International pre-owned trucks is only good on the purchase of a ProStar (the heavy-duty model from International) or a TranStar (its medium-duty model).
  2. You need to purchase a ProStar or TranStar model that was made between 2014 and 2016, which doesn't sound like a bad deal at all because qualifying pre-owned trucks from 2014-2016 are fairly recent International products.
  3. You need to make your purchase by July 31. And since buying a truck isn't as simple as purchasing a 2,000-pound car, you'll want to start your truck shopping now. Give one of 15 International Used Truck Centers a chance to do some logistical planning ahead of time for you.

The challenges of running a one- or two-truck fleet.

This sales promotion is right on the money for owners who run a one- or two-truck fleet. After all, as a small-business owner, you probably only have enough capital to buy one truck at a time. And when you do buy, it's like you're betting the farm on one vehicle.

You'd like to purchase a brand-spanking new truck. But face it, not everyone has the dough to buy new. So when you think about this deal from International - and add in the two-year engine and aftertreatment warranty, along with the $2,000 card that's good for two years of preventative maintenance - it feels as though you're getting something new.

Offer ends soon. Call 888-780-3927.

The real deal is the additional peace of mind you'll get when you hit the road with a powerful ISX or N13 engine, plus the two-year warranty and $2,000 in the PM package. Hey, you deserve two years of worry-free trucking, right?

Check it out for yourself. This offer is only available at any one of 15 International(R) Used Truck Centers. Call 888-780-3927 for details. This is a limited time offer.

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