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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How does this work?

Just create an online ad for your Equipment at TruckerToTrucker and it will appear in our listings. Your ad will run for 30 days, unless you delete it. You may edit your ad at any time prior to the expiration of your ad for no additional fee by logging into your TruckerToTrucker account. You can also have unlimited renewals for trucks and trailers. Part ads run for 30 days and need to be re-purchased.

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2. How do I price my equipment?

Spend some time looking at other listings on our site. There are many factors that will affect the selling price. Make comparisons and price accordingly. If you need assistance we can help.

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3. Who will see my listing?

TruckerToTrucker membership is rapidly increasing every month. We have a national advertising program bringing millions of viewers to our site.

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4. How long will my listing run?

Parts listings run for 30 days per $24.95 No free renewals. Your truck and trailer listings will remain on the TruckerToTrucker site for 30 days, unless you delete it. You can renew your ad for 30 days at any time. If you forget to renew your ad there is a link next to your ad in your account that wil say "Activate". Click the link to re-activate the ad, that's it!

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5. How soon will my equipment be displayed on Trucker To Trucker?

Most ads will be posted on our site within 10 minutes of submission. All ads are manually reviewed, if we feel the ad is not worthy of publication, the ad will not be approved and you will not be charged. Ads that would not be worthy would include, incomplete contact information, ads with unrealistic prices, ads with false images.

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6. Do you have a refund policy?

Yes we do! TruckerToTrucker wants you to be happy, on a case to case basis we will evaluate any and all complaints. Make a good case and we'll gladly refund your money!

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7. What should I do if I can't find my equipment type on the listings form?

Simple, email or call TruckerToTrucker and we will see it is added to our database.

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8. What type of pictures do I need?

JPEG images are the standard for digital camera's. If you do not know how to convert your images, contact us.

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9. How many listings can I have at one time?

As many as you like. Each listing is charged separately.

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10. How will buyers contact me?

Buyers can contact you by by e-mail or phone. The phone number and email address you provided on the registration form is what the buyers see.

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11. What if no one buys my equipment?

If no buyers are contacting you, consider editing your ad, adjusting the price, changing your description, adding or editing photo's. We recommend after 25 days if you have not had any interest, edit and renew your ad. You can renew your ad at TruckerToTrucker indefinitely, and at no extra charge for trucks and trailers, provided you renew your ad before its scheduled expiration.

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12. How many photos can I show?

TruckerToTrucker encourages you to load 36 photo's per ad. With 36 photo's you should be able to show enough detail to verify the condition to the buyer. If there is damage to your equipment we encourage you to highlight that in your photo's also. Photo's can make the difference between sold and not. If you do not have photo's when you list, no problem you can add them 24/7 365 day's a year just by logging in to your account.

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13. What if I don't have all the information?

Of course we recommend you provide as much information as possible, but again you can edit your ad anytime you like. Get your listing now and add information at any time.

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14. How do I pay for my listing?

All listings are created and submitted online and paid for with a credit card cleared by Verisign. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express. For non card holders we gladly accept personal or business checks.

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15. Is my credit card transaction secure?

TruckerToTrucker uses Verisign secure servers to process all transactions.

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16. What changes can I make to my ad?

You can edit anything in your ad except the make, model and year of your used vehicle.

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17. How do I edit, delete or renew my listing?

It's easy. Just log in to your account and you will find all of your listings. Pick the listing you want to modify or delete, save changes, and your done. You must renew your listing before the 30 day period expires.

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18. Why do I have to renew my ad?

Renewing your ad makes certain listings on our site are no more than 30 days old. This means every ad owner must review and make necessary changes within the 30 days.

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19. Why are some items disabled when I edit my ad?

This is simply a way for us to protect against those members that might try to use the same ad to sell multiple items. If they were able to change the Make and Model, for instance, they could use one ad to list many items since ads run until the unit sells. Ads that are determined to be re-used will be deleted. See our terms of use.

If you need to change one of these values, just send us an email and we can change it for you!

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20. What does each item mean? (Type, Category, VIN#, etc.)

Year Make and Model
These make up the heading for your ad. If you are unsure of any of these, or you are listing a "part", we suggest you at least put a short description in Model.

A 17-character unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Most vehichles manufactured after 1981 will have a VIN#.

Individuals and companies that have more than 1 vehichle will use stock or unit numbers as locators for their vehicles.

Use this area to describe extra features that would be of interest to potential buyers.

Unit Location
This defaults to your registration address but should be changed to show the current location of the equipment.

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21. How do I upload my photos?

Digital Camera Settings
Photos should be at least 640x480 pixels. Larger resolutions are re-sized automatically.

File Format: JPEG Only
By providing prospective buyers with the best possible quality images, we ask you upload only JPEG files (i.e. those that end with '.jpg' or '.jpeg').

File Naming
Name your image files so you can find them easily (i/e. truck1.jpg, truck2.jpg etc.) Do not use spaces. Please no special characters (#,&./@ etc).

Uploading Photos
On the add photo's page of our listing form, click the browse button by the number 1. This points you to your computers hard drive where your pictures are stored. A dialog box appears saying "choose file". Find your first photo and highlight it, then click the open button. Upload up to 36 photo's using this same method. Please remember that photo number 1 is what buyers will see in the initial listing. To remove a photo, simply highlight the photo and click remove.

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