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Need 49' And 53'(ft) x 102"(inch) Dr van trailers Posted: 2/26/2015
Buyer: John Marc
Phone: (678) 477-6536
48'(ft) and 53'(ft) Meat rail Reefer. Trailers Posted: 2/26/2015
Buyer: John Marc
Phone: (678) 477-6536
Need 10 ea. 48'(ft) and 53'(ft) x 102"(inch), Meat Rail trailers, Ari ride and may take Spring ride, Swing doors, Duct floor, T.K. unit and will consider Carrier unit, Prefer in the Atlanta, Ga. area or southeast. Must be wholesale price. Year 1998 and up. Would like to hear of what ever year or what and where you have them. Call or email me at (678) 477-6536 E/M Thank you, John
W4500 GMC dry van Posted: 2/26/2015
Buyer: John Bates
Phone: 4405647035
$ 12,000
Looking to buy Posted: 2/26/2015
Buyer: Christy Thompson
Phone: 503-251-1242
Flatbeds, dry vans, step decks, lowboys, curtain vans and reefers.
2003 to 2007 columbia sleeper detroit 10sp Posted: 2/25/2015
Buyer: Frank Clare
Phone: 954-867-8226
price in the teens
t600 kenworth Posted: 2/25/2015
Buyer: j.l leonard
Phone: 423 360 3880
sleeper 1999 to 2007 cat power
2 - 3 ton Lowboy for BOBCAT mini-overloader Posted: 2/25/2015
Buyer: Elred Anthony
Phone: 18683068100
box truck on cabover with auto Posted: 2/24/2015
Buyer: William Sommi
Phone: 516-779-8998
18000-26000 gvw
Stellar shuttle 36" hook on cabover with auto Posted: 2/24/2015
Buyer: William Sommi
Phone: 516-779-8998
18000-26000 gvw
mitshubishi fuso fk or fm cab 2000-2006 Posted: 2/24/2015
Buyer: marvin green
Phone: 18764864737
complete cab with steering box
hood and cab for a t 600 kw 1997 mod. Posted: 2/23/2015
Buyer: Kevin anderson
Phone: 5027507911
i thinh a t800 will fit ?
Doble drop expandable for 40 ft Posted: 2/23/2015
Buyer: Guillermo Rincon
Phone: 5623314438
10 wheel dump truck, rock bed Posted: 2/23/2015
Buyer: Dave Kipp
Phone: 8019959538
13 speed, $35,000
grain trailer Posted: 2/22/2015
Buyer: robert davies
Phone: 8309311919
Box Truck Posted: 2/22/2015
Buyer: Camilo Quiroz
Phone: 301-732-2967
20-26 Ft under $15K
day cab Posted: 2/22/2015
Buyer: tavares sykes
Phone: 870 355 3518
peterbilt Posted: 2/22/2015
Buyer: james satterfield
Phone: 5805793560
big sleeper 120 or bigger
want to buy flatbed Posted: 2/22/2015
Buyer: Luis F Perez
Phone: 7733662300
aluminum 48x102 under 12000
need 2008 or newer dumptruck Posted: 2/21/2015
Buyer: Jerome Miller
Phone: 813-731-1145
has a contract pending
2008 and new dump Truck Posted: 2/21/2015
Buyer: vidia Persaud
Phone: 4094544313
I am looking for a dump truck with little down payment and monthly payment, need to get back on my feet.
32 ft belly dump trailer Posted: 2/21/2015
Buyer: Cameron Marek
Phone: 9798858809
Really in need of a shorter belly dump
used 8'x20' steel storage shipping container Posted: 2/20/2015
Buyer: cw jones
Phone: 615-335-0201
with no leaks with functional doors, not dented
In need of a sleeper truck Posted: 2/20/2015
Buyer: Brian Jones
Phone: 812-264-5815
I have a major contract and had to sell my last Kenworth to help with Dad's surgery, now I need to get back in the game, I would like to make monthly payments and a small down payment, I mean Small, it's all I can do right now.
need isuzu Npr flatbed to put water tanks on Posted: 2/20/2015
Buyer: jason cuddihy
Phone: 6318755174
05-09 Kenworth with blown motor Posted: 2/20/2015
Buyer: Chris Ensz
Phone: 9893301615
t600 t800 or w900 with bad engine. prefer cat c15 but will take anything
vovol Posted: 2/19/2015
Buyer: sean bian
Phone: 6263836823
im looking for a dodge 4x4 with no or blown engen Posted: 2/19/2015
Buyer: jake juday
Phone: 765-425-7645
53' trailer Posted: 2/19/2015
Buyer: Thomas (Pat) Dearth
Phone: 336-575-3879
We are a non-profit theatre organization and are looking for a semi trailer to store our stage props and sets in. How about a 'write off' on taxes?? or a small price and it needs to be the arts??
Flatbed piggyback truck tandem 2006-2010 Posted: 2/18/2015
Buyer: Richard Blackwell
Phone: 8543471969
kenworth tractor 05 or newer without fuel emitions Posted: 2/18/2015
Buyer: Acey Robbins
Phone: 919 922 4014
ejector push out trailer Posted: 2/18/2015
Buyer: Jerry Maier
Phone: 5158510220
2002 to2005 kenworth,or peterbilt. Posted: 2/18/2015
Buyer: tomasz slowiak
Phone: 773 406 2508
cat c-12.13,15,rears 390,and up,want to use for 24 dump triler
48ft 102inch aluminum flat bed spred axle Posted: 2/18/2015
Buyer: Ross Hellams
Phone: (940)456-2926
under $12000
2013 utilities refer with a carrier unit Posted: 2/17/2015
Buyer: Ruben Ramos
Phone: 956-821-7694
(1) 2007 International 9200 or 9400 sleeper Posted: 2/16/2015
Buyer: Frank Clare
Phone: 954-867-8226
cummings 10sp wholsale
53 ft trailer for tire storage. No road travel. Posted: 2/16/2015
Buyer: Doug Ferguson
Phone: 8174478473
Looking for a 53' trailer for tire storage delivered to our location. Looking to spend $200-$2500.
Heavy duty load ramps Posted: 2/15/2015
Buyer: Doug Currington
Phone: 3254399103
For step deck trailer
pete 387 Posted: 2/15/2015
Buyer: demetrius richardson
Phone: 4056264144
(10) or (13) speed
front bumper..fenders for peterbuilt Posted: 2/15/2015
Buyer: Melinda Tweet
Phone: 701-509-9529
Starting my bus. Posted: 2/15/2015
Buyer: Jon Poyneer
Phone: 707-951-6603
clean,low mileage city 10'or12'box truck. Just checkin out options brothers thanks
good used daycab Posted: 2/14/2015
Buyer: justin nicolelli
Phone: 2294574090
24.5 rubber 400 +
Utility bed or service body Posted: 2/14/2015
Buyer: Rick Wiese
Phone: 4025105092
Have truck need new bed only
used w900 KW or clasic frtlnr Posted: 2/14/2015
Buyer: William Armstrong
Phone: 5027854548
wanted for cash
53' flat floor reefer TK Posted: 2/14/2015
Buyer: eric johnson
Phone: 2187667591
Looking for Flat floor reefer with thermo king
refrigerated van Posted: 2/13/2015
Buyer: geri riley
Phone: 6788266730
28' to 53' Dry Vans Posted: 2/13/2015
Buyer: Taco Sales
Phone: 214-230-1136
Buying Dry Vans in Dallas for Storage
into 9400i 2007 isx Posted: 2/13/2015
Buyer: josejulio gutierrez
Phone: 9564628345
isx engine
dry van Posted: 2/12/2015
Buyer: Perry Watson
Phone: 541-947-2411
wanted dry van for storage, 40-53 ft. needs to have road worty tires and brakes. cheap is good.
mid roof tractor Posted: 2/12/2015
Buyer: Keith Knight
Phone: 7402609067
40 New Refrigerated Trailer Units 42' long . Posted: 2/11/2015
Buyer: Edgar Moore
Phone: 630-3475350 or +58-414-1178728
Units is for Export and will be used for transporting Beef Carcasses. Units must be dual energy supply. Diesel/Electric
53 Ft. Dry Van Posted: 2/10/2015
Buyer: Marcio Medeiros
Phone: 404-987-6027
year 2003 to 2006, I will pay cash up to $ 8000.00
clean sterling tandem axle dumptruck Posted: 2/10/2015
Buyer: Dale Miller
Phone: 701-220-8709
low miles, automatic
4 door 5500 truck Posted: 2/9/2015
Buyer: willie richardson
Phone: 803-226-9485
pull 53 race car trailer
Used Tow Truck Posted: 2/8/2015
Buyer: Christa Rizzi
Phone: 480-330-7744
Clean, Medium Duty Low mileage
Kenworth T660 Posted: 2/8/2015
Buyer: James Lewis
Phone: (707)845-6013
2010 ISX 500 fuler rtlo 18918b dubel bunk
53ft van air ride swing doors. around year 2000 Posted: 2/7/2015
Buyer: Ronard Hightower
Phone: 817-353-8863
Looking for 3 - 53' Refers Posted: 2/6/2015
Buyer: Paul Vandenbush
Phone: 817-897-0505
2007 or newer. Swing Doors
Looking for ISO tank and chassis Posted: 2/6/2015
Buyer: Paul Vandenbush
Phone: 817-897-0505
14,000ltr dot inspected clean and ready for non food grade product
Dry Van Trailers Posted: 2/6/2015
Buyer: Taco Sales
Phone: 214-230-1136
Need all sizes of Dry Vans For Storage in Dallas
Need clean VNL 730 or 780 Posted: 2/6/2015
Buyer: John McLaughlin
Phone: (623) 337-3594
2010, 2011 or 2012 years ok
Wanting to buy groups of trucks Posted: 2/5/2015
Buyer: Curtis Johnson
Phone: 816-690-6600
We are looking to buy some small packages of trucks...prefer fleets of 2000-2007 model years. Please call 816-690-6600 with what you have available or email to, thanks
Tag axle for 1978 Internarional S1600 Posted: 2/4/2015
Phone: 7196715870
Hydraulic brakes-- 34 1/2" wide frame
Kenworth model truck Posted: 2/4/2015
Buyer: Leann Fuller
Phone: 4842521761
A fuel/lube truck with a thank size around 2700-3000 gals, bottom loader, automatic transmission, year between 2000 and above. Other brand will consider is Ford, or any truck with a u mind engine.
Looking for semi and dry van trailer Posted: 2/4/2015
Buyer: Jeff Fielder
Phone: 9723517905
Looking for real cheap
Haul A Fame 4 car Trailer Posted: 2/3/2015
Buyer: sterick ivey
Phone: 6097756405
lookiung to purchase this week
(1) pnumatic Trailer 1980 or newer to haul sand & Posted: 2/2/2015
Buyer: Frank Clare
Phone: 954-867-8226
need of 10-15 dry vans from 2004 to 2014. 45’ Posted: 2/1/2015
Buyer: Frank Clare
Phone: 9548678226
frank @ 954-867-8226
1970 to 2000 Heavy Haul Trucks and Trailers Posted: 2/1/2015
Buyer: LaCurtis Mayes
Phone: 9515364788
Looking for 10 each able to haul 100 tons or more
1 to 10: 2007 : 9400 int sleeper Posted: 1/31/2015
Buyer: Frank Clare
Phone: 954-867-8226
cummings manual shift whole sale only
2007 or older frightliner Posted: 1/31/2015
Buyer: Daniel Goitom
Phone: 4155734719
Preferred rebuild series 60 ,hp 455 and up
freightliner century Posted: 1/30/2015
Buyer: henok gebrekidan
Phone: 7175715333
2007 or lolder
I am look for either a donated or low cost flatbed Posted: 1/30/2015
Buyer: Carolyn Di Donato
Phone: 6199339508
I am building a tiny home, Try to do it on a shoe string budget If you have one that is 24x8 or bigger. Looking for a great tax write off or if you can assist in a low cost it would be deeply apperiated
a flat bed trail Posted: 1/30/2015
Buyer: Carolyn Di Donato
Phone: 6199339508
8x24 or longer
hydraulic folding neck lowboy Posted: 1/30/2015
Buyer: Bruce Hora
Phone: 7164406388
(4) international 22 to 24 foot refer carrier unit Posted: 1/29/2015
Buyer: Frank Clare
Phone: 954-867-8226
manual shift 240 to 360K miles
BUYER FOR A 2000 5500i INTERNATIONAL TRI AXLE DUMP Posted: 1/28/2015
Phone: 717-446-1335
150 to 200 gal aluminum fuel tank, any make no lea Posted: 1/28/2015
Buyer: Del Owens
Phone: 2087753495
Using for fuel storage must be able to travel from pocatello idaho
20 2007--8 Volvo 670 doublr bunk manual shift Posted: 1/28/2015
Buyer: Frank Clare
Phone: 9548678226
Frank Clare @ 954-867-8226
2000 to a 2010 sinage truck under cdl Posted: 1/28/2015
Buyer: Franklin Clare
Phone: 9548678226
Frank Clare @ 954-867-8226
2001- 2002 Posted: 1/28/2015
Buyer: Jonah Nosa
Phone: 8183349635
Mark CH spring
2002-2006 automatic,525hp,fresh rebuild, virgin ru Posted: 1/26/2015
Buyer: Chris Studley
Phone: 8152982235
no DEF. older ok, but must be clean...
2002-2006 automatic 5$hp Posted: 1/26/2015
Buyer: Chris Studley
Phone: 8152982235
Dry Vans for Storage in Dallas Posted: 1/26/2015
Buyer: Taco Sales
Phone: 214-230-1136
28' to 53' Dry Van Trailers for Storage Use in Dallas
dumb truck Posted: 1/26/2015
Buyer: yosef belay
Phone: 5713550816
Rd trie axle dump truck mack yr 1995 - 1999
t660 2010 Posted: 1/25/2015
Buyer: tara raab
Phone: 352-697-0049
bottom aluminum step drivers side
1970 to 1985 Mack / ken worth/peterbuilt Posted: 1/24/2015
Buyer: Chris Baker
Phone: 214-861-1425
log trailer Posted: 1/24/2015
Buyer: Frank Goodnight
Phone: 9197990472
good used
Sportchassis P2 350 or SportTruck RV Phoenix Posted: 1/24/2015
Buyer: Reg Culp
Phone: 913-645-4716
2008 - 2010 model in excellent condition with service records. Black. Will pay cash. Thank you!
Peterbilt 386. 2005-2007 Posted: 1/23/2015
Buyer: John Valenta
Phone: 3613623502
Cat&10 speed
freightliner Posted: 1/22/2015
Buyer: Reynier Castelnau
Phone: 201 290 7892
770 VOLVO SLEEPER TRUCKS Posted: 1/22/2015
Buyer: James McCullough
Phone: 740-393-1879
Wanted 53'(ft) Dry van trailers Air or Spring Posted: 1/21/2015
Buyer: John Marc
Phone: (678) 477-6536
Need 53'(ft) x 102" (inch) Dry van trailers Air or Spring ride Metla roof Swing doors 1997 to 2009 in or around Atlanta, GA. wholesale priced call or email me (678) 477-6536 E/M
Wanted 53'(ft) Dry van trailers Air or Spring Posted: 1/21/2015
Buyer: John Marc
Phone: (678) 477-6536
Need 53'(ft) x 102" (inch) Dry van trailers Air or Spring ride Metla roof Swing doors 1997 to 2009 in or around Atlanta, GA. wholesale priced call or email me (678) 477-6536 E/M
looking for 07 freightliners with MBE./ sleepers Posted: 1/21/2015
Buyer: Paul schofield
Phone: 7706394420
cheap trucks in the teens. cash buyer!!!
48'(ft) x 102"(inch) Paper spec. dry van trailers Posted: 1/21/2015
Buyer: John Marc
Phone: (678) 477-6536
Need 48' (ft) x 102" (inch) paper spec. dry van trailers with Roll up door will consider swing doors Metal roof air or spring ride 1999 to 2002 call or email me (678) 477-6536 E/M
6 wheel dump, GVW 35k or higher, 2000 - 2007, Posted: 1/21/2015
Buyer: Jim Connick 617-529-7446 781-593-1331
hp 250 or higher
48X102 USED FLATBED TRAILERS Posted: 1/21/2015
Phone: 9032801707
24'-26' non CDL box truck Posted: 1/21/2015
Buyer: Josh Humphrey
Phone: 920-492-9949
looking for inventory 24'-26' box truck 26k GVW email wholesale dealers welcome
i want to buy freightliner century 2005 to 07 Posted: 1/20/2015
Phone: 6128760619
low miles in excellent condition.. not more than 20,000
WANTED: Used conventional truck 2008 to 2012 year Posted: 1/20/2015
Buyer: sabir jamac
Phone: 6123851772
frieghtliner Kenworth or peterpilt with Detrioit or Cummons Engine, Mileage less than
want to buy a truck w/sleeper in good shape Posted: 1/20/2015
Buyer: Roy Hardin
Phone: 9315881664
2006 or newer no more than 24,000
dumb truck Posted: 1/19/2015
Buyer: yosef belay
Phone: 5713550816
Rd trie axle dump truck mack yr 1995 - 1999
used 53-102 reefer with wood floor Posted: 1/19/2015
Buyer: mark wright
Phone: 602/505/5958
2000 to 2002 freightliner(prefered) or kw Posted: 1/19/2015
Buyer: rhonda davis
Phone: 8707590185
12.7 detroit daycab, 22.5 rubber, 10sp or 9sp, airride, will pay up to $20,000.00 but has to be sharp.
Simi truck driver side seat Posted: 1/19/2015
Buyer: Rosendo Rodriguez
Phone: 3104663094
52ft Trailor w aluim roof, air ride sliding tamdom Posted: 1/18/2015
Buyer: linda outlaw
Phone: 3133504123
car hauler truck and trailer Posted: 1/18/2015
Buyer: bob haidar
Phone: 3137840956
I want pay monthly pay or finance
4 CAR HAULER TRAILER Posted: 1/18/2015
Buyer: Jose Colon
Phone: 650-224-5796
Need to be with air brakes, and needs to be 5th wheel hook up, 10 years or newer
R H DOOR (PASS SIDE) FOR A 1987 DM690 MACK CAB Posted: 1/16/2015
Phone: 717-446-1335
Double Bunk Sleeper Semi & Grain Trailer Posted: 1/16/2015
Buyer: Justin Berryman
Phone: 256-616-7795
Volvo 780 or Freight Liner Cascavia or Mack or Pro Star
cab over Posted: 1/15/2015
Buyer: george rice
Phone: 6144196962
older cheaper truck
2012cascadia Posted: 1/15/2015
Buyer: Rafael Villanueva
Phone: 530 6812759
Dd13450hp13spd air ride 3.70ratio 174 wb 250000 or 300000mi single axle
LARGE BARGE 50X150 Posted: 1/14/2015
Buyer: Kalia Miller
Phone: 801-759-6908
Need a barge to carry a Manitowoc 4600 Dragline 250 Tons 50x150 or larger for dredging. Los Angeles Area
a truck with good engine , internat, freight. Posted: 1/14/2015
Buyer: walter mcclain
Phone: 201-844-0079
12.7 , isx . 99 to 05 . 10 sp , 370 gears . $ 25000 or less . i work for land star .
2003 or 2005 volvo 780 Posted: 1/14/2015
Buyer: kejdi doce
Phone: 9044224674
cummis isx or n14 or detroit
53' Late Model Dry Vans Posted: 1/14/2015
Buyer: John Racanelli
Phone: (312) 301-3447
Looking for a Good size group of late model 2012 and newer 53' trailers with alum roofs and all the bells and whistles that are offered on a trailer, Only end users no dealers or brokers. Have Cash Will Travel
Mack dump truck Posted: 1/13/2015
Buyer: David Nwabor
Phone: 647-580-7453
1999-2001 model.It must be spring loaded and able to carry 30 tones of goods
tow truck flat bed or snatch and grab Posted: 1/13/2015
Buyer: lawrenceton singleton
Phone: 8037760186
Flatbed 48'x102" aluminum deck, princeton hookup Posted: 1/12/2015
Buyer: ron mayes
Phone: 321-267-4312
Local delivery trailer so it can't have spread axles.
Looking for conventional double sleeper Posted: 1/12/2015
Buyer: James Barnhill
Phone: 2528140827
want Detroit engine low miles very clean great price
ANY MAKE MEDIUM DUTY BOX TRUCK 22', 24', 26' Posted: 1/11/2015
Buyer: Dennis K
Phone: 7186793339
Under 100k miles , auto trans , under $15K
class eight truck , i have contract with land star Posted: 1/11/2015
Buyer: walter mcclain
Phone: 201-844-0079
looking for truck with good engine , d.o.t. road ready .
I looking to purchace 2 INt Prostar Posted: 1/10/2015
Buyer: manny rumardo
Phone: 973-930-7988
I need two Int Prostar 2009-2012 double bunk
kenworth T 600 cat engine 2007 orund 800k manual t Posted: 1/10/2015
Buyer: fernando velastegui
Phone: 9088216066
t600 2007 cat engine 800k manual trans
289 peterbil 2011 to 2013 Posted: 1/9/2015
Buyer: gerardo gomez
Phone: 9095782369
270 to275 wellbise flat tap
good cheap f 250 r 350 Posted: 1/9/2015
Buyer: kente merrick
Phone: 3522133856
an a trailer that can put 3 cars thanks
looking for dependaple semi truck tractor only Posted: 1/9/2015
Buyer: chris docken
Phone: 4022374014
10000 or less will pay cash
12 ft. or 16 ft. used stake bed truck fair to good Posted: 1/6/2015
Buyer: parrish dixon
Phone: 7248843962
good condition
Wanted a Hood for a 377 Pete short fender 1995 Posted: 1/6/2015
Buyer: steve Weedman
Phone: 928 699 0330
with light assemblies
Volvo-d13 670 years 2011-12 hp500 speed13 wb 236 Posted: 1/5/2015
Buyer: Manjit Thind
Phone: 4085959379
Buying two truck one refer2010 utility with 2100 carrier buy end feb
nissan ud 2600 series, year 1996 - 2006, gvw 25995 Posted: 1/5/2015
Buyer: JOHN lee
Phone: 5149633886
stick or auto
We Need to Buy Your 28'-53' Trailers Cash Today! Posted: 1/5/2015
Buyer: Semi Trailers Big Box
Phone: 6783252394
We Need to Buy Your Trailers Cash Today... No Group to Large or to Small!
D13 Posted: 1/4/2015
Buyer: Thanh Nguyen
Phone: 6267591080
Volvo 670
4-5 130 bbl vacuum trailers with hydraulic pump. Posted: 1/4/2015
Buyer: Jeff McWhorter
Phone: 575-779-1007
Prefer same color and make. Good rubber. Epoxy lined.
5 Semi-Trucks Posted: 1/4/2015
Buyer: Jeff McWhorter
Phone: 575-779-1007
Good condition. Year 2000+. 500k+. Maintenance logs. Same make, model , color if possible. 100k budget. Thanks.
i need from bumper freightliner columbia 2005 Posted: 1/3/2015
Buyer: jorge castano
Phone: 4076172047
I want a MACK dump truck Posted: 1/2/2015
Buyer: David Nwabor
Phone: 8476807453
It should be a spring suspension and able to carru 30000 tons
Volvo tractor & 53' trailer Posted: 1/1/2015
Buyer: Robert Crank
Phone: 704-974-0021
drop deck trailer 48 to 53 ' in lenth Posted: 12/31/2014
Buyer: mike demil
Phone: 1586 980 2079
in michigan area.
wrecker med duty Posted: 12/30/2014
Buyer: andrew smith
Phone: 4253466312
would like a 99 or newer
Dump truck Posted: 12/30/2014
Buyer: Caleb Milam
Phone: 4344214561
10 dry van trailers Posted: 12/29/2014
Buyer: jack holloway
Phone: 248-565-6708
needed for storage, any year/make, i can make repairs on walls/ceiling, point a to point b
wanted-2006-2008 international eagleix in good Posted: 12/29/2014
Buyer: buyer pam peters
Phone: 5172601167
wanted a hood for a 1986 peterbilt 359 Posted: 12/29/2014
Buyer: Chris rose
Phone: 3046190978
extnd hood and breathers (chrome)