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Vacuum Trailers For Sale - New & Used

Vacuum trailers, also called sucker trailers, are commonly used for cleaning up waste. They can be attached to vacuum trucks, but may also be pulled by daycabs or sleeper trucks. Our list of vacuum trailer for sale includes both used and new trailers. The list is updated daily, and you can use the search button to filter the results and see only the trailers that meet the needs of your company.

Year   Make   Model City, State Price
Listing# 861435 unit photo Stock# 1010222 2000 Heil
Call Arthur Trovei & Sons, Inc. at 845-856-1142 Axles: fixed closed tandem VIN: 190NL4525Y3E13904 Suspension: 4 air bag Tires: 11R22.5 Rims: 10 Bolt Hub Pilot Aluminum Length: 44' Width: 8' Height: 11' Weight: 10,500 lbs ...
Sparrow Bush, NY $12,900
Listing# 624479 unit photo 2019 VACUUM VAC130
Call Guerra Truck Center GTC at 210-910-4228 2021 130 bbl vacuum trailer, air ride suspension, 1/4 steel tank, 1/4 steel heads and baffles 4 - 20" manways pressure relief valve, vacuum relief valve Titan logix Ready...
CONVERSE, TX $37,999
Listing# 431735 unit photo Stock# CLSTVT1995 2006 130 Barrel Vacuum Tank
Fort Worth , TX $8,950
Listing# 873474 unit photo Stock# 60697 2023 TROXELL 140BBL
Call Bruckner's 877-597-4640
Shreveport, LA Call
Listing# 873473 unit photo Stock# 60695 2023 TROXELL 140BBL
Call Bruckner's 877-597-4640
Shreveport, LA Call
Listing# 866280 unit photo Stock# UE9215 2014 TANKKO 130 BBL SPRING RIDE WATER TANKER, 11R24.5 TI
Call Utility Trailer Interstate 888-640-7121 2014 Tanko Vacuum Non Code Water Tanker, 42', Hose Trays, 2-Speed Landing Gear, 1 Tool Box, Closed Tandem, Spring Ride, Rear Steps, Catwalk w Safety Rails, 3 Dome Lids, Call for more...
Henderson, CO Call
Listing# 850098 unit photo Stock# UE8757 2012 TROXELL TROXELL 130 BBL NONE CODE WATER TANKER, SPRING RID
Call Utility Trailer Interstate 888-640-7121 2012 Troxell None Code Water Tanker, 130 BBL, 3 Dome Lids, Closed Tandem, Spring Ride, Steel Wheels.
Henderson, CO Call
No photo for listing# 875418 Stock# 60926 2023 TROXELL 130BBL
Call Bruckner's 877-597-4640
Shreveport, LA Call

More Information About Vacuum Trailers

Owner-operators, managers, company owners and drivers who are interested in either pre-owned or new vacuum trailers can look through our trailer listings to find vacuum trailers from top companies including Dragon, LOPRO, Troxell, Roughneck and others. You can also view photos of each trailer. The listings include essential information, including price, trailer length, tire size, brake type and suspension type.

Vacuum trailers are constructed with a tank on a chassis. The tank is designed with a pump to pneumatically load sludge, slurry, solids and liquids through suction lines. Most vacuum trailers use a rotary vane vacuum pump and 3 inch lines. Some trailers have hydraulic drive systems, while others have direct belt drive systems. The pump may have an independent motor or it may use the truck motor for power.

History of Vacuum Trailers

Vacuum pumps have been used for hundreds of years. The first was invented in 1654 by Otto von Guericke. His crude version of the vacuum pump was replaced by a mercury displacement pump designed by Heinrich Geissler in 1855. The rotary vane vacuum pump was a development that revolutionized the industry. This pump pulls all of the air out of a confined space to create negative pressure at the intake opening. The negative pressure creates powerful suction that can pick up just about anything that will fit through the intake tubes.

Vacuum Trailer Uses

Vacuum trailers are commonly used for sanitary waste disposal, especially emptying septic tanks and cleaning out sewers. The waste from a vacuum trailer is typically emptied into a wastewater treatment plant, a sewer network or a composting pit.

Vacuum trailers are very common in the petroleum industry. They are used for cleaning out tanks where petroleum is stored. They are also used for cleaning spills. Vacuum trailers are also commonly seen at natural gas and oil drilling sites, as they are used for drilling cuttings, removing brine water, cleaning spills and removing mud at the drilling site.

A vacuum trailer is very useful for exposing utilities underground. The ground is saturated with water and the mud is sucked up by the vacuum truck. This is an excellent way to expose utility lines that have been buried because no damage is caused to the lines.

Common features to look for in vacuum trailers include:

  • Hose trays
  • Multiple valves
  • Air-ride suspension
  • Top loading
  • Ladder
  • Tool box
  • Polished aluminum exterior