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Fontaine Trailers For Sale - New & Used

Fontaine Commercial Trailer is known for it's lowboy trailers, double drops, flatbed trailers, and drop decks. They have been in business since 1940 and are committed to serving their customers far into the future. Look below to see our entire selection of trailers from Fontaine. You can use the search/filter function to filter the results by trailer type, year of manufacture and more.

Year   Make   Model City, State Price
Listing# 380382 unit photo Stock# GA150722387901V 2005 Fontaine Drop Deck Trailer
Call ITAG Trucks & Equipment at 800-895-1845 2005 Fontaine 48x102 Drop Deck Trailer, Steel Frame, Aluminum Floors, Air Ride Suspension, Spread Axle, Aluminum Side Rails, Sliding Winches, Good Tires- Dunlop's, Good Brakes, 12 Ne...
Dallas, TX $20,990
Listing# 356883 unit photo Stock# G210701877901 2012 Fontaine Drop Deck Trailer
Call ITAG Trucks & Equipment at 800-895-1845 (2) 2012 (1) 2011 Fontaine 48x102 Drop Deck Trailer ZX3, *Trailers currently being refurbished and all will look like unit in first picture!, Steel Frame, Wood Floors, Spread Axle, A...
Dallas, TX $22,990
Listing# 394165 unit photo Stock# T1876, T7877, T1878 2004 FONTAINE
Call Utility Keystone Trailer Sales, Inc. at 877-418-1422 **2004 FONTAINE FLATBED**
Manheim, PA $13,900
Listing# 410647 unit photo Stock# U4036 2007 FONTAINE Infinty AX Combo Drop Deck
Call Reno's Trailer Sales at 724-929-7360 2007 Fontaine Infinity AX Combo Drop Deck, 48x102 Air Ride Spread Axle, 10' Top Deck with 38' Bottom Deck, Winch Track with (11) Sliding Winches, (15) Pair Chain Tie Downs, Extra Plu...
Belle Vernon, PA $20,950
Listing# 405301 unit photo Stock# CLSTDD1926 2006 FONTAINE 48x102 Step Deck
Fort Worth , TX $16,950
Listing# 348612 unit photo Stock# 211343 2007 Fontaine Trailer
Call Arrow Truck Sales at 866-270-3939 48'X102 Flatbed,Alum combo, Spread axle air ride,slidingwinches
Converse, TX $14,950
Listing# 408998 unit photo 2007 FONTAINE Infinity SX Xtreme Beam
Call Vio Trucking LLc at 330-651-1441 Title in hand ! No rust & Costumized Equipped not just Ordinary, Hendrickson Susp. ready to roll. There is a plenty of Arch for a steel frame trailer, Must to see to appreciate. Ste...
Canfield, OH $24,950
Listing# 343796 unit photo 2017 FONTAINE Infinity
Call Equipment Logistics Inc. at 256-338-6295 2017 Fontaine Infinity combo, 48x102 spread axle, pull up chain ties , sliding winches. LP22.5 Grneral 371 , trailer comes with one 24x24x60 aluminum tool box. $27800.00 FET include...
Hanceville, AL $27,800
Listing# 369170 unit photo 2007 FONTAINE Infinity SX Xtreme Beam w/coil package
Call Vio Trucking LLc at 330-651-1441 Title in hand ! No rust & Costumized Equipped not just Ordinary ready to roll. Must to see to appreciate. Step Deck Trailer in REALY good shape, 20 pairs chain tie downs, ca...
Canfield, OH $26,950
Listing# 365939 unit photo Stock# 1090 2016 FONTAINE HAR52D12WSA
Call Piedmont Peterbilt LLc. at 336-409-1233 Like new, around 25,000 miles on the trailer, tool boxes
Greensboro , NC $37,500
Listing# 407980 unit photo 1998 Fontaine
Call 504-236-9856
New Orleans, LA $4,500
Listing# 407449 unit photo Stock# HEJ/HANSON 8 3 16 2003 Fontaine 48 FOOT LONG X 102 INCHES WIDE
Call HAROLD JONES USED TRUCKS, TRAILERS & ETC. SALES at 717-446-1335 AIR BRAKES & OTHER OPTIONS. TWELVE (12) 2016 @ $29,000 EACH, TEN (10) 2009 @ $17,000 EACH, EIGHT (8) 2007 @ $15,000 EACH, NINETEEN (19) 2006 @ $14,500 EACH & TWENTY (20) @ $13,500 E...
UNKNOWN, GA $11,500
Listing# 407006 unit photo Stock# 1284 2002 Fontaine
Call DC Truck at 480-388-4028 Winches, both sides. Good tires and brakes. Suspension dump valve.
GARY, IN $9,000
Listing# 365941 unit photo Stock# 212249 2006 Fontaine Trailer
Call Arrow Truck Sales at 866-270-3939
Dallas, TX $17,950
Listing# 269809 unit photo Stock# 35618 2015 Fontaine MAG55H
Call Bruckner's at 877-254-6498 Fontaine 55 ton RGN trailer features 26 foot deck, load bearing fenders, and flip down ramps. 13 hp Honda pony motor. 60 inch axle spread. Price includes FET.
Enid, OK $82,900
Listing# 365943 unit photo Stock# 212251 2007 Fontaine Trailer
Call Arrow Truck Sales at 866-270-3939 48X102 FLATBED 3 TO choose from !
Dallas, TX $19,950
Listing# 401513 unit photo Stock# CLSTFB1939 2007 FONTAINE 48x102
Fort Worth , TX $15,500
Listing# 380753 unit photo 2017 FONTAINE Revolution 52
Call Equipment Logistics Inc. at 256-338-6295 2017 Fontaine Revolution 52 all aluminum flatbed, trailer weighs in at 9200lbs and is rated for 52000 in 4' LP22.5 Goodyear rubber mounted on (8) aluminum wheels , also has (1) 24x2...
Hanceville, AL $37,800
Listing# 381555 unit photo Stock# 351082 2005 FONTAINE Flat CS 53'102
Call 330-774-0222 2005 Utility Fontaine. 10 AVAILABLE. 53’ x 102” Curtain Van; rear swing doors, Air ride suspension, Tandem rear axles (sliding), TAG curtain system, 22.5 LP tires, Aluminum wheels, C...
Jackson, MI $21,495
Listing# 399567 unit photo Stock# LXLNs 2016 FONTAINE low deck (14" ) LXLN HYDRAULIC RGN 30 TON HYDRAULI
Call TNT Sales at 888-289-1173 NEW Fontaine Renegade LXLN 30 ton hydraulic RGN, narrow neck, pony motor, 14" loaded deck height in the well with 5" of ground clearance when fully loaded, 29'2" well, steel wheels o...
Villa Ridge, MO $74,950
Listing# 399472 unit photo Stock# CONSINCLAIR 2007 FONTAINE 48 to 80 stretch flatbeds!
Call TNT Sales at 888-289-1173 Nice one owner 48 to 80 S-T-R-E-T-C-H flatbeds. All steel construction, Apitong floors, spring ride sliders, steel disc wheels, blue paint. FOB Villa Ridge MO
Villa Ridge, MO $29,950
Listing# 399293 unit photo Stock# N21MOLB 2017 FONTAINE 55 ton S-T-R-E-T-C-H hydraulic RGN! Tandem with 3
Call TNT Sales at 888-289-1173 NEW Fontaine 55 ton S-T-R-E-T-C-H hydraulic detachable RGN tandem! 51’ x 102 stretches out to 72’ x 102” Non-ground bearing design, all steel construction with 2” Apitong floor, se...
Villa Ridge, MO $125,500
Listing# 308208 unit photo Stock# N18MODDj 2017 FONTAINE 40 ton double drop RGN. Removable Gooseneck lowboy
Call TNT Sales at 888-289-1173 NEW Fontaine 40 ton mechanical detachable RGN! 48 x 102 Non-ground bearing design, all steel construction with 1 3/8” Apitong floor, set up for a flip neck extension (aka flip box) a...
Villa Ridge, MO $51,500
Listing# 206160 unit photo Stock# stocktwistlock 2016 FONTAINE NEW Fontaine Infinity TX Twist lock drop decks
Call TNT Sales at 888-289-1173 NEW Fontaine Infinity TX Twist lock drop decks! 53 x 102, aluminum rear, sides and floor with (4) Apitong wood nail strips, 10' front deck with 18" king pin, (16) pair of chain tie...
Villa Ridge, MO $38,950
Listing# 402178 unit photo Stock# 538840 2007 FONTAINE Infinity AX
Call Booth Trailer Sales at 706-653-6886
Columbus, GA $19,900

More About Fontaine Trailers

Drivers, fleet managers, owner-operators and company owners who are looking for new and used Fontaine trailers can view our trailer listings. Each trailer is listed individually. Multiple pictures are included in many of the listings, along with pertinent information such as length, year of manufacture, and trailer type. Any amenities or extras specific to that trailer may also be listed. At the bottom of the listing you'll see links that you can click on to get more information about insurance, inspection reports, financing and shipping. Locations and contact phone numbers are also included in the listings.

History of Fontaine

Fontaine was created as a subsidiary of the Marmon Group in 1940. John Fontaine founded the company in Haleyville, Alabama. He established a large network of manufacturing plants in locations across the nation, catering equally to owners of large businesses and owners of individual trucks. The company quickly grew to provide quality trailers to customers throughout the United States and Canada.

Types of Fontaine Trailers

Fontaine is a division of Marmon Highway Technologies/Berkshire Hathaway. The company is divided into multiple companies, depending on the type of trailer they manufacture and its intended use.

Fontaine's commercial platform is designed to serve the needs of commercial customers. They manufacture dropdeck and flatbed trailers made from steel, aluminum or a combination of the two. They have built a large network of dealers to sell and service these trailers.

Fontaine's heavy hauling division is dedicated to serving the needs of commercial customers who haul large equipment. They manufacture extendable and lowboy trailers. Fontaine also has a parts division that provides information and parts for all of the trailers they manufacture.

Another division is Fontaine Intermodial. This division provides support to the intermodial industry. They listen to their customers and manufacture innovative products that may not be available anywhere else. This division also focuses on creating lightweight trailers so that their customers can haul bigger payloads legally.

Fontaine Trailer Specifications

Like most trailer manufacturers, the type of amenities you'll find on Fontaine trailers depends on the type of trailer you are looking at. Some trailers are very generic, while others are designed for a very specific purpose. Here are some of the amenities you may find on Fontaine trailers.

  • Sliding winch track
  • Chain hangers
  • Sliding winches
  • Steel bulkhead
  • Air-ride suspension
  • Load-bearing fenders
  • Sliding rear axle
  • Forklift mounting package