Commercial Semi Truck Insurance

Commercial Semi Tractor-Trailer Insurance

Insurance for your semi-truck and trailer is likely going to be one of your biggest expenses, and while it may be tempting to select the insurance company offering the lowest prices, that's not always wise. Nor is it wise to put this task off until a later date. Being in an accident involving an uninsured or under- insured semi-truck or trailer can leave you financially devastated for years. This page is designed to help when it comes time to help you secure semi-truck and trailer insurance.

Know what you need

Try to know the type and amount of coverage you need before contacting an insurance agent. It'll take time for you to research your needs, but in the long run, doing so is your best chance of getting the right amount of coverage at a price that's fair. Do you need insurance to cover you, your drivers, or both? Do you need workmen's compensation? Are you looking for insurance to cover collision, fire, theft, CDC? Do you need full liability? Are you looking for bobtail liability? Do you want to insure your cargo? Do you need fuel bonds? Once you decide the type of insurance you need for your semi truck and trailer, you've also got to determine coverage limits.

Get multiple quotes

Getting multiple quotations for semi truck and trailer insurance is always a good idea. And if you've followed the above advice, shopping around for insurance quotations will be much easier. One way to comparison shop is to go online. Locating businesses that offer this type of insurance is simple and getting a quotation usually is fast. In most cases, all you have to do is fill out an online form and submit it. In no time you'll have the pricing information you need.

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Research the insurance company
Just as with any major purchase, you want to find out as much as you can about the insurance company before purchasing a policy. Start by checking with the various rating services and regulatory agencies to see what you can find out. Also, find out what you can about the company's claims processing policy. First and foremost, you want to work with an insurance company that is financially able to pay out claims, and you also want a company that processes claims in a timely manner.
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