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Mack Truck Sales - New & Used

Mack Trucks offers a wide variety of heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks, including everything including conventional semi tractors, daycabs, cab & chassis, rolloffs, dump trucks, mixer trucks, and tank trucks. The company was founded in 1900 and was purchased by AB Volvo is 2000. Check out our selection of new and used Mack trucks below. You can browse through the entire inventory or use the search/filter function to find only the trucks that meet your company's needs. The list is updated daily, so check back if you don't immediately see what you're looking for.

Year   Make   Model City, State Price
Listing# 852269 unit photo 2014 Mack CXU612
Call The Truck & Trailer Connection at 678-549-8350 2014 Mack CXU612 Pinnacle Single Axle Daycab, MP7 365HP, 10 Speed Manual, Air Ride Suspension, 22.5LP Tires, Top Fairing & Side Extenders, Dual Aluminum Fuel Tanks, Meritor 2.80 Rati...
McDonough, GA $25,900
Listing# 583597 unit photo Stock# 0418181 2007 Mack CXP612
Call Arthur Trovei & Sons, Inc. at 845-856-1142 Motor: Mack MP7 elec 355 hp CORE TURNS Parts Missing Transmission: Fuller RTX13609B 9 speed Rear: Rockwell 21,000 lb Ratio: 3.73 Suspension: spring 21,000 lbs Tires: 11R22.5 Ri...
Sparrow Bush, NY $7,900
Listing# 853757 unit photo Stock# 0623221 2010 Mack GU713
Call Arthur Trovei & Sons, Inc. at 845-856-1142 VIN: 1M1AX07Y9AM008085 Motor: Mack Mp8 12.8L elec 485 hp - (NO AIR TO AIR, NO TURBO, NO EXHAUST MANIFOLD) - DOES NOT RUN CORE TURNS Air to Air: Yes (missing) Air Conditioning: Yes...
Sparrow Bush, NY $8,900
Listing# 854198 unit photo 1998 Mack RD6
Call High Country Dismantling at 201-679-6437 350 4 Valve Engine - Jake Brake, 8LL Transmission, 44,000 lb. Rears, Rebuilt Suspension, Newly Painted Cab, 11 x 24.5 Tires, 80% Rubber, 75,000 lb. Hoist – Inside/Outside Rail...
Bliss, NY $27,500
Listing# 855079 unit photo Stock# 3249-1249 2014 Mack LEU600
Call 800-613-0156 Online Auction for Government Surplus  - Auction Ends 8/25/22 - To see full details, additional photos, and current bid, please open this link: QAL#...
Fayetteville, AR $6,000
Listing# 849766 unit photo Stock# 254433 2016 Mack CHU613
Call Arrow Truck Sales - Kansas City 866-304-5711 PINNACLE
Conley, GA $89,940
Listing# 853145 unit photo Stock# 1795 2007 Mack CXN613
Charlotte, NC $49,900
Listing# 853413 unit photo Stock# A7376P 2014 Mack CXU612
Amarillo, TX $34,950
Listing# 852452 unit photo Stock# A7292 2011 Mack CHU613
Call Bruckner's 877-446-0394
Lubbock, TX $57,500
Listing# 850269 unit photo Stock# 57315 2023 Mack MD64
Call Bruckner's 866-790-5073 2023 MACK MD64 scheduled for SwapLoader SL212 Hooklift mount
Dallas, TX Call
Listing# 840247 unit photo Stock# 58157 2023 Mack MD64
Call Bruckner's 877-420-6927 2023 MACK MD64
Fort Smith, AR Call
Listing# 854840 unit photo 2007 Mack Pinnacle CXP613
Call 609-349-0021 2007 Mack Pinnacle CXP Day Cab, MP7 motor (427HP), 10 speed transmission, air suspension, 22.5 Alcoa Aluminum steers and steel drive, new tires, diff. lock, well maintained. 501,000 ...
Bristol, PA $24,000
Listing# 851558 unit photo Stock# A7154P 2018 Mack GU713
Call Bruckner's 877-847-4270 2018 MACK GU713
Lowell, AR Call
Listing# 854834 unit photo Stock# A6901 2013 Mack GU713
Call Bruckner's 877-847-4270 2013 MACK GU713
Lowell, AR $124,900
Listing# 848946 unit photo Stock# A6574P 2014 Mack CXU613
Call Bruckner's 877-847-4270 2014 MACK CXU613 MP8 505HP M-DRIVE
Lowell, AR $59,900
Listing# 852795 unit photo Stock# 255166 2013 Mack CXU613
Call Arrow Truck Sales - Jacksonville 866-309-0646 PINNACLE
Jacksonville, FL $64,940
Listing# 846655 unit photo Stock# 0204224 2000 Mack RD688S
Call Arthur Trovei & Sons, Inc. at 845-856-1142 VIN: 1M2P267C5YM055216 Motor: Mack E7 etech elec 350 hp Engine Brake: Jake Air to Air: Yes Transmission: Fuller RTOF14908LL 8 speed Rear: Mack 46,000 lbs Ratio: 4.42 Suspensio...
Sparrow Bush, NY $21,900
Listing# 846664 unit photo Stock# 0207222 1999 Mack RD690S
Call Arthur Trovei & Sons, Inc. at 845-856-1142 VIN: 1M2P264C9XM029138 Motor: Mack EM7 Etech elec 300 hp Air to Air: Yes Air Conditioning: Yes (not working) Transmission: Mack T2080B 8 speed Wetline: for dump body PTO: air o...
Sparrow Bush, NY $22,900
Listing# 851352 unit photo Stock# 0427221 1999 Mack RD688S
Call Arthur Trovei & Sons, Inc. at 845-856-1142 VIN: 1M2P267C7XM045155 Motor: Mack E7 Etech elec 350 hp Wetline: to operate dump Air to Air: Yes Engine Brake: Jake Transmission: Fuller RTX14708LL 8 speed PTO: air operated bo...
Sparrow Bush, NY $35,900
Listing# 854482 unit photo Stock# 41997 2018 Mack GU714
Call Bruckner's 877-496-5163 The NEW ICS-120-1 SKY-COM is a combination pumping and vacuum extended reach tool for solids and liquids extraction. SKY-COM provides a remote non-entry solution for areas like lagoo...
Odessa, TX $625,000
Listing# 840090 unit photo Stock# 56657 2023 Mack MD64
Call Bruckner's 877-356-9189 2023 MACK MD64
Fort Worth, TX Call
Listing# 831971 unit photo Stock# 46413 2019 Mack GR86F
Call Bruckner's 800-941-6225 NEW Mack Granite Container Style Hydrovac. Unit has a Galbreath 60,000# Hydrualic Hoist mounted. ICS 6425 Hydrovac, 6400 CRM, 25cu yard Roll Off debris capacity, 1360 fresh water tan...
Denver, CO Call
Listing# 851313 unit photo Stock# 254857 2018 Mack CXU613
Call Arrow Truck Sales - Kansas City 866-310-7309 PINNACLE
Maple Shade, PA $99,940
Listing# 854428 unit photo 2008 Mack CHU613
Call Precision Auto & Truck Sales at 863-243-1389 2008 MACK CHU613 DAYCAB / Mack CHU613 Pinnacle / Motor MP8-425E 12.8L / HP 338 / Transmission Maxitorque ES 10Speed Manual / Cruise Control / Differential Lock / Sliding 5th Wheel / ...
LAKE PLACID , FL $35,400
Listing# 831981 unit photo Stock# 48220 2020 Mack GR86F
Call Bruckner's 800-941-6225 NEW Mack Granite Container Style Hydrovac. Unit has a Galbreath 60,000# Hydrualic Hoist mounted. ICS 6425 Hydrovac, 6400 CRM, 25cu yard Roll Off debris capacity, 1360 fresh water tan...
Denver, CO Call

More About Mack Trucks

Owner-operators, trucking company owners, fleet managers and drivers who are looking for pre-owned and new Mack trucks can look through each listing to find valuable information about every truck we have listed for sale. Most ads include multiple color photos of the truck's interior and exterior. The ads also include important information including exterior color, price, location, suspension type, transmission type and more. There are links you can follow underneath the photos for more information on inspections, financing, shipping and more. You can also email the pictures included in the slideshow to yourself or someone else.

History of Mack Trucks

Jack and Gus Mack founded Mack Trucks in 1900. The company was originally called 'Mack Brothers Company', but the name was changed in 1922. The company started out with the purchase of the Fallesen and Berry carriage company. Mack Trucks was originally headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. The company was moved to Allentown, PA in 1905, and in 2010 they relocated the headquarters to Greensboro, North Carolina.

Known by their trademark Bulldog, the nickname was earned in 1917, when the British government bought Mack AC model trucks to haul military supplies. The British soldiers fighting in World War I called the AC model the Bulldog Mack. The nickname was earned partially because of the truck's blunt hood and partially because of its durability.

Types of Mack Trucks

Although the first vehicle manufactured by Mack Trucks was a 13 passenger van used for carrying sightseers, Mack is best known for their dump trucks, daycabs and sleeper trucks. The Mack Granite is one of their most popular series of trucks. These trucks are designed to be rugged and durable. The body can also be customized for a wide range of applications, everything from a simple tractor to a mixer truck or a dump truck with a lift axle.

Mack daycab trucks are also very popular. Models like the CHU613 are known to be dependable and efficient. They are also clean-looking and comfortable for drivers. Newer Mack trucks are outfitted with the latest technology in driver safety and comfort.

Options to look for when you're searching for the right Mack trucks for your company include:

  • Heated mirrors
  • Air conditioning
  • Vibration damper
  • Air slide 5th wheel
  • Twin stacks
  • Self-canceling turn signals
  • Camelback suspension
  • Chip resistant tires