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KW T600 - The Truck That Changed Everything! See 2006 KW T600 Trucks Here

When the Kenworth T600 was unveiled in Canada in 1985 it was laughed at. It marked a new chapter in truck design, one defined by function and form. Traditionalists did not know what to think of the sloped hood, roof fairings and fenders that did not look like a real fender to them.


Regardless of what the engineers were saying about how the sleek design improved weight distribution and handling, the one thing that struck home was improved fuel economy. After all, people understand better when there is money involved. The T600 showed a 22% improvement in fuel economy. This means drivers get to keep more money in their pockets.


Kenworth did not stop there, the engineers continued to improve on the overall design. In fact, the 2007 T600 has a 26% lower drag coefficient than the original 1985 model. This improvement comes from changes to the corner treatment on the front of the sleeper, a curved single piece windshield, and fairings that extend to the rear axle.

kenworth t600


Couple that with amenities offered in the Aerodyne, it makes for a great truck. There are two Aerodyne trim levels offered, the Diamond VIT and the Splendor. The 72 model includes many handy upgrades, such as a full-length closet for clothes, plenty of shelves, a fold down desk, and a 42 mattress. Not to mention the high capacity, front loading refrigerator/ freezer that can be accessed from either the cab or the sleeper.

Lighting also plays an important role in the 2007 T600. A multitude of windows add lots of natural light and lights throughout the cab and sleeper brighten everything and enable every corner to be seen, if desired. Overall, the space-saving design creates almost twice the space in the living area. Part of the airy feeling in the T600 is from the more than seven feet of headroom and a flush sill between the cab and sleeper.


In the T600, sleeping is not a problem. The Kenworth QuietCab insulation does not give just a quiet ride, it also blocks outside noise for better sleep. Sleep that can be had in the nice wide mattress, from the folding upper bunk, or the fully reclined cab seats. Without a doubt, Kenworth launched a fantastic design in 1985, one that has influenced the entire market.


Unfortunately, all good things must end. The 2007 T600 is the last T600.The good news is that more than 250,000 of these trucks were produced, making them relatively easy to find. In fact, we have 45 of them, call us at 888-329-7051. Looking For 2006 KW T-600's For Sale - Click Here!