Volvo Partners with Omnitracs to Provide Integrated Fleet Management Services

Volvo's New Partnership

Here's some hot news that just came over the wire, and will be of special interest to Fleet Managers. Check this out:

"Volvo Trucks of North America has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Omnitracs, a global pioneer of fleet management, routing and predictive analytics solutions, to develop future fleet management services for customers. The agreement allows the leveraging of Volvo's Remote Diagnostics telematics-based proactive diagnostic and repair planning system to offer solutions that help fleets run their businesses more effectively."

In a Nutshell

What all this means is that Volvo Trucks, makers of some of the finest big-rigs on the planet, are going to integrate the computerized fleet management systems of Omnitracs. This includes vehicle tracking, driver behavior, fuel consumption, safety and control. Omnitracs pioneered electronic fleet management, and are the leader in the field.

In many ways, this may sound ominous, because the company using these telematics will know your every move when you are on the road. But for a fleet company, this information makes them more effective and more efficient.

What it Means

Using Omnitracs, I could send you a quicker and faster way to get to your destination, which saves time and money. If your rig has a breakdown, or you have an accident, I would know about it as soon as it happens, and could send you help immediately. If your truck is stolen, I could track where it's at, notify authorities, and I could literally shut your truck down before it gets too far down the road.

Each of those situations can be resolved with telematics, and that type of control is the holy grail of fleet management. And Volvo has taken that step to include Omnitracs electronic fleet management into every one of their rigs.

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