Used Commercial Trucks For Sale at Truck Source

You can sum up the success of any business using these two words: satisfied customers. When you have a group of satisfied customers, they will come back to you, and they will refer other customers to you. That's the business philosophy at Truck Source, and we take pride in helping our customers to find commercial trucks that will give them the most benefit. We sell used commercial trucks at four different locations that include:

Having a Rich Selection

Having a Rich Selection On average, we'd say that we probably have around 1,000 trucks, which is our average inventory. We keep a selection like this because we want our customers to have the richness in choice. When we put a truck up on our lot, first we take measures to rigorously inspect it as a method of quality control. We want our customers to only have access to the best of the trucks. As a business, we never want a customer to say, "Don't go there! I got a raw deal!" We believe that when you take care of your customers, your customers will take care of you. That's one of the reasons that we have gone to such great lengths to ensure that our customers only receive the best from us. We also offer extended warranties on our trucks because we want to make sure that you keep your truck up and running on the road. In terms of selection, some of the choices that we have available include::

  • Sleeper tractors
  • Daycab tractors
  • Dump trucks
  • Cab and chassis trucks

Do You Need Financing?

Understandably, commercial trucks can cost a pretty penny. Some of the newer trucks begin in price at around $80,000, but they can go up to as high as $199.95,000. Because of that, you will most likely need financing from a company that is willing to work with you. We have put together an all-star team of finance professionals who understand what it takes to help our customers get the best terms on their next loan. How do we do this? We work with a variety of different loan companies, and we look for the one that will suit the needs of our customers. Most importantly, we will sit down and work with you, and we will also do our best to get you approved for the loan as quickly as possible. If you own a commercial truck, you most likely use it for business, which means that you can't afford to not have it in use. We want to get you approved for your loan as quickly as possible so that you can start working immediately.

Backed by a Strong Company

Before you go out and buy a Kenworth, you should first check to see that the company that you have chosen to do business with will have your back. You want a company that will back you up no matter what. In addition, you want a business that goes the extra mile to make sure that the trucks they sell have everything you will need. We're in business because we can make sure that you receive this kind of assistance. Our greatest hope is that we raise the standards of the industry. Knowing that you receive solid backup will keep you safe.

What Can You Get at Our Lot?

We sell the best-value trucks at our dealership. You can find all the major brands like Kenworth, Peterbilt, Mack and Freightliner. We also sell a variety of different types of trucks at our truck lot like daycab trucks and sleeper tractors. The best way to find out what we have is through going through our dealership to see what we have available. We have been doing business since 1975, which means that we have been in operation for almost half a century. We will provide you with the full range of truck services as well if you have a need.

Some of the Greatest Values at Our Company

Every business, whether good or bad, will be driven by their values. We have been doing business for a while, and we have learned what it takes to offer good services to our customers. Some of the values that we have as a company include:

  • Full commitment to our customers and bringing them the best.
  • Devoted to a culture of quality and giving the customer what they want.
  • A goal that is to make every customer who steps through our doors a customer for life.

Happy We're in the Truck Business

You have more than a couple of different reasons that we're the best in this business. Customers who go through us have become lifelong customers for a few reasons like:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Commitment to quality
  • Willingness to serve our customers
  • Our services reflect value back to customers
  • Broad and empowering selection of commercial trucks

We're some of the best in the business because we made a huge effort for our customers to ensure that they received our best. As a company, we love working with trucking companies and independent truckers to help them receive a truck that is worthy of them. As we said before, all the trucks from Truck Source must undergo a rigorous testing process because we want to make sure that we only see the best trucks that will become an invaluable asset on the road.

Expert Sales and Service

Let's say that you want one of the cab & chassis trucks. We have a team of expert sales representatives who will take the time to get to know you and listen to what you need in a commercial truck. In addition, we will pay attention to some of the subtler things that might help you to get the job done even better.

What are the biggest highlights of going through Truck Source? First, people go through us because they respect us. They know that they can get a good deal through us that makes the trucking business more profitable. Most importantly, we're willing to work with you and your individual needs. We have become a huge source for pre-owned trucks and many people have chosen to check us out for this because we have so many trucks here that are meant to reflect value.

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