Trucker's Top Tip to Selling Your Truck Online

July 17, 2014

Tips For Selling Your Truck

Whether you are a dealer, fleet manager or independent operator, there are many reasons to sell your truck online. But if we had to name the No. 1 reason to sell your truck online, it would be: THAT'S WHERE THE BUYERS ARE!

Truck Buyers Are Online

It really is that simple. If you want to sell something, whether it's a step van, beverage trailer, crane or even a crate of Florida oranges, you have to put your merchandise where potential buyers will see it. If you're talking vehicle sales, that means advertising on online classified ad sites like According to Google's most recent auto shopper study, 95% of vehicle shoppers research vehicle options online before they buy.

Expanding Seller Marketing Reach

Respected online ad sites like allow sellers of commercial trucks, trailers, heavy equipment and truck parts to expand their marketing reach well beyond the usual local or regional level. Online ad sites make it possible for truck dealers and independent sellers to tap into national and even international truck markets and the high buyer volume these markets command.

Better Deals for Buyers

Online advertising sites offer truck dealers many benefits that in turn attract shoppers looking for selection and competitive pricing. Shoppers benefit from dealers' ability to move more merchandise more quickly and more cheaply via online sales. Many truck dealers offer special sale prices or discounts on their online inventory that may not be available at showroom lots.

Ready, Set, Sell!

If you're interested in advertising your truck or equipment where it will command the largest audience of motivated buyers, click here to access our Quick Start Guide and advertise your truck for sale on now!

We make it easy to sell your truck on Follow our handy tips on selling your truck. You'll find additional truck selling tips on our website, and you can always contact our experienced staff for help placing your ad.

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