Truck Tire News Roundup

March 13, 2014

Truck Tires

Check out the latest developments in heavy-duty truck tires. These innovative new products offer owner-operators and fleets considerable benefits in fuel economy, safety, tire life and durability. Here's what's new at the Trucker to Trucker tire shop:

Aperia Develops Revolutionary Self-Inflating Tire System

Aperia Technologies has invented a new type of self-inflating tire system that uses the rotation of the wheel as its power source. Called the Halo Tire Inflator (click to watch a video demo), it is designed for use on medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses and can be used with both dual and wide-base tires. The system bolts onto the wheel in a procedure that Aperia claims takes about 5 minutes per wheel. As the wheel rotates, it pumps air into the tire, continually monitoring and adjusting air flow to maintain optimal tire pressure. (Aperia compares the process to winding a watch.) Scheduled for debut at the March Technology and Maintenance Council meeting, the revolutionary system has completed 8 million miles of on-road testing in all kinds of weather, including sub-zero Canadian winters and scorching Florida summers. By keeping truck tires properly inflated, Aperia says Halo can increase fuel economy and improve safety by preventing blow-outs caused by underinflation.

Bridgestone Intros New Severe-Duty, Wide-Base Tire

Bridgestone has just introduced a new rib-style, all-position tire designed for a severe-duty and on/off-highway use. Bridgestone expects the wide-base, radial M854 to be in demand for construction, refuse, dump, mixer, bulk and logging applications. With an aggressive tread pattern to improve traction and an enhanced stone rejector platform, the M854 can handle rough terrain with ease. The tire also employs specialized cap/base compounds to maximize tread life and protect against cuts, tearing and irregular wear. The wide base design allows for higher payloads and flotation while ensuring that the tire will maintain grip and traction.

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