A Special Thanks to Truck Drivers on Thanksgiving

November 24, 2011

This is a guest post from Sandra Johnson, her father and family are in the trucking business and she wanted to reach out and say thanks to the USA truckers!

If you pull onto any thruway or highway in America and within moments you will find yourself in the presence or some sort of 18-wheeler or semi truck.Truck drivers can range from men to women, young to old, independent drivers to company drivers and the categories go on.

You may have heard about the trucking life from the hit movie Smokey and the Bandit but only the people that are out there everyday and night living the life really know what it's all about. Trucking is a mainstay transportation all across American and the men and women that drive these vehicles could easily be considered American Icons.

Not only do drivers have extensive duties and responsibilities such as driving for extended periods of time, logging hours and destinations in their logbooks, load and unload their own trucks often times, keep track and make sure what they are delivering is to the right place at the right time and about a hundred other small duties, but they are also faced with a wide assortment of dangers everyday. Driving long hours, often at night to avoid traffic, they face falling asleep at the wheel, drunk drivers, deer running into the highway and losing sight of the road.

There are some trucking companies out there that pay their drivers well, but if you asked many drivers, they would tell, you that are well underpaid. Their hours are long and they face brutal loneliness at times and they still press onto deliver goods to our stores and markets. These men and women tend to reach the burnout stage quickly.

We as a society should be thankful to these people. They drive and drive to provide us with anything and everything we could need in our stores. They face brutal weather at times, endless traffic and common stereotypes. They are a brave community and even selfless at times to leave behind their families and friends and even their lives to be gone weeks at a time sometimes. You have to ask yourself... would I be willing to do that?

This Thanksgiving when we are all sitting at our beautiful and bountiful tables filled with every holiday food you can think of, surrounded by loved ones that we get to see regularly, let us try to remember the many men and women out on that cold and lonely road with no Thanksgiving feast and no loved ones around them. They are out there getting a job that only they could do done. Maybe even take a few minutes to say thanks the next time you see a truck driver at a gas station for all they do and all they face in their line of work.

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