Technology Changes the Face of Trucking by Going Digital

December 17, 2015

Going Digital

Digital log books are the latest in trucking industry news. Becoming mandatory within the next 2 years, they will totally replace the paper log books that have been the standard of the industry since its beginning. Overall the trucking industry is bracing for a wealth of retirement when this new legislation takes effect, simply because old traditions die hard, and current drivers are not going to embrace the new technology.

Paper vs. Digital

The fact of the matter here is that digital logs are more accurate than paper logs. Digital logs compute actual mileage and drive time while paper logs are only as accurate as driver entries. "Fudging" a log book, which may include such things as more-or-less time behind the wheel, and more-or-less miles driven in a single day, will be virtually impossible with digital logging.

Pushing the Limits

Truckers are known for their faithfulness to the job and employer, a willingness to get the job done as quickly as possible, and a "get it there on time" attitude that is second to none in any other business. However, sometimes that causes them to be pushing the limits, which is an unsafe practice that a written log book does not reflect.

Safety First, Digitally

Digital logbooks guarantee that truckers will get the needed down time for the rest they need, and that they won't drive so many miles in a day making them a potential hazard on the road. Famous comedian Tracy Morgan was almost killed by a trucker who was "pushing the limits" by being on the road for too long at one time. A digital logbook would have prevented that, it would have kept that driver off the road, and that is safety first, digitally.

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