Swift Company Offers Trucking Tuitions for Veterans

April 16, 2012

There is good news for veterans who wish to become truck drivers. Swift Transportation Co. Inc., in a March 30 press release announced that the company is offering 1,000 full Swift Driving Academy scholarships to veterans, with a l-year commitment. They are also offering a $1,000 discount to members of the Selective Reserves and National Guard, with l-year commitment. The veterans must have left the military within the past 30 months or be active in the Guard or Reserve to qualify. The academies are located in Arizona, Tennessee, Texas, and Idaho.

Scott Barker, Vice President Safety, Recruiting, and Driver Development stated, "At Swift, we are happy to honor and celebrate the bravery and courage of our U.S. veterans. We believe these men and women deserve the utmost respect from all of us, and we want to help those who might be interested in a truck driving career." He also stated, "Former military personnel are a great fit for Swift because their values and work ethics align with what the company looks for in quality candidates." Further comments included "…their values and work ethics are what the company is looking for". After training, the trainees will be placed in driving positions.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Swift's is a huge company with a fleet of around 15,900 tractors and 50,550 trailers. They also have 6,210 intermodal containers and 34 major terminals. They operate in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and have freight brokerage and management services. They and are well known throughout the industry for their excellent service and superior drivers. Their commitment to add highly trained military personnel to their fleet is an example of their dedication to the trucking arena.

This is a great opportunity for returning veterans who are finding it difficult to obtain employment. With a full tuition, upon completion of the training they can immediately step into a driving position. Since this company used company drivers as well as owner-operator tractors, it is an opportunity for them eventually to own their own rig. Further information regarding Swift's Veterans Scholarship Program can be obtained at 866-273-0157 or at www.joinswift.com.

With the excellent used trucks available through the Internet, it is possible for an academy graduate, or anyone, to select a model at a low price and then trade-up until the latest model on the market is obtained. With the many busy trucking centers located throughout the country these are in excellent condition. Many drivers have started out this way and are now making an excellent living by trucking over the nation's highways.

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