Making More Money Using Super Single Tires on Trucks and Trailers

April 20, 2012

For years, truckers have used the conventional dual tires on their wheels. A huge change has been introduced by Michelin North America with their X One XDA Super wide Energy truck tires. There are a number of things that make this an exciting addition to the trucking industry.

Tests have been run to test their fuel efficiency. Don Baldwin, Michelin's marketing manager states that this tire shows an increase in fuel efficiency of a minimum of 7 percent when combined with Michelin X on XTA trailer tires and Michelin XZA3 steer tires. They also report that studies show there is more fuel efficiency as well as less tire maintenance. Currently these super tires are being used by approximately 4 percent of the tire market.

The innovative construction of this tire shows that it has more than a quarter mile of steel cord, which envelops the crown of the fire. Rather than the normal solid tread blocks it has a special siping, which provides excellent traction on all surfaces, including wet, snow, and dry.

Available in size 445/50R22.5, this tire is especially designed to take the place of duel tires, which are commonly used. Although wide tires have been on the market for some time only in recent years have they became practical for over-the-road trucking.

Also presenting wide tires for truckers is Goodyear, who has numbers G392-SSD for the driver and G 394-SST for the trailer. The unique attraction for these tires is that they have what is called 'DuraSeal Technology'. These tires have an inner liner, which is gel-like and prevents flats by automatically sealing any punctures in the tread. The G392 has a 232" tread and the G394 has a 12-32" tread.

Other companies also produce these tires. If you are thinking about switching your duals to the singlewide, it is important to carefully check out the different offerings to see what will best fit in with your needs.

When wide tires and aluminum wheels, instead of steel wheels, are used on both the tractor and the trailer, there is a saving of approximately l,000 or more pounds. This allows for an additional payload, which provides more income on each load.

The tire pressure on these tires must be carefully maintained. For this reason, many fleet and truck owners choose to have an automatic inflation system. This system automatically inflates the tires when the pressure is low. It has been shown that ten percent under inflation will cause irregular wear on the tire or tires, often requiring retreading or replacement.

With dual tires, the inner ones are often ignored when checking inflation. When this happens, they often lose a great deal of pressure, which causes a change in tire rotation and an increase in fuel use. This is one area of truck maintenance that should not be neglected. In trying to make more money off a payload truck owners and fleet owners alike would seem to benefit from this change.

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