Not to Be Snotty, But There Is Etiquette for Fueling at Truck Stops

May 27, 2014

Fueling Etiquette

Truck drivers may not be lining up to purchase Miss Manners' latest volume on social etiquette but just because we're a free and independent breed doesn't mean we are without manners. Broadly defined, manners are a matter of common courtesy and you'll find ours on frequent display on highways and at truck stops.

Like the unwritten rules of the road that cause truckers to look out for each other and help motorists in distress, trucker etiquette is based on the principals that drive us all: staying safe and getting the job done.

Nowhere is the need for a commonly agreed to set of operating rules more apparent than at busy truck stops where drivers of 18-wheelers are forced to tangle with auto, RV and pedestrian traffic. Truck stop safety necessitates that truckers - and hopefully other drivers -- act courteously and behave in an expected manner at truck stops.

Truck Stop Etiquette

If you're a new driver or a non-professional sharing pumps with working truckers, remember that time is money for professional truck drivers. Every moment off the road is money lost. This reality and safety guide truck stop etiquette. But truck stop etiquette is also thinking about the next trucker who comes along. We all share truck stops. Treat others as you hope they'll treat you.

  • When you pull up to the fuel island, choose a lane and get in line. Don't back up traffic waiting for the next open pump.
  • Fill your tanks and move forward so the next trucker can pull up to the pump.
  • Park before you go in to shop, eat or grab a cup of coffee.
  • Park in designated parking spaces. Don't block pumps, scales or traffic paths.
  • Help keep truck stops clean. Place your trash and any litter you pass in trash cans.
  • Use restrooms (parking lots are not urinals) and make sure they're neat when you leave.

Look out for each other and stay safe!

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