Semi Truck Cleaning Products

June 24, 2008

Nothing makes a better impression than a clean and shining truck making its way down the highway. Just a glimpse of that bright red paint and impressively reflective chrome is enough to convince potential clients to use your driving services. But in order to have that shining new truck, drivers have to use the right cleaning products. From waxes to polishes, truckers' accessory shops and specialty Internet boutiques have the products to keep your truck looking good.

For example, Purple Metal Polish by UFP offers a high quality polish that requires no rubbing. According to its manufacturer, this polish is optimum for truckers who wish to polish aluminum quickly, easily, and with an amazing result. Only a small amount of this polish is necessary for shining metal, and the product even removes small scratches or blemishes in your truck's aluminum.

A companion to Purple Metal Polish, UFP also offers an aluminum deoxidizer, which is meant to clean all metal surfaces, including rusty chrome. This formula is gentle, designed not to burn or scratch surfaces. While commercial truck washes may use cleaning products that actually damage a truck's surface, truckers who want to insure gentle care of their vehicles can do it themselves with this product.

Also available from UFP are maintenance products for inside the cab. LVC Leather/Vinyl Conditioner is designed to polish and condition leather and vinyl seats without leaving a greasy residue. The conditioner can be used on seats and interior detailing as well as exterior leather or vinyl covers. According to the manufacturer, the product is meant to keep leather soft and feeling brand new.

But even if you have the most impressively maintained leather seats at the truck stop, your cab won't be a pleasant place to work and relax if it's full of unpleasant smells. Whether it's the odor of diesel from a spill that saturated your boots or the unpleasant remnants of a sandwich forgotten about under the seat, UFP's ZorbX odor eliminators will solve the problem. ZorbX odor eliminators come in a package with three conveniently sized spray bottles of product. The products come in either scented or unscented versions, both of which are guaranteed to get the odor out.

Those who tire easily of cleaning and truck maintenance can try an innovative new product—5 Star Shine. Formulated for sports cars and other fancy automobiles, the company boasts that its line of products use NASA technology to create a long lasting and professional shine. The spray-on product is meant to keep cars shining and new looking for five years.

Whether you want to try traditional cleaning products like those offered through UFP or the space age technology of 5 star shine, having an impressive looking big rig is as easy as the work you put into it.

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