5 Tips for More Semi Truck Sales

March 7, 2012

For truck sales people using the Internet to sell semi trucks, there are five proven tips that will enable them to dramatically increase their sales volume and sales revenue.

1. Use Superb Pictures

By including very clear, full color pictures of all angles of the truck's exterior and interior, this has been proven to increase "ad opens" by over 90%. Semi truck shoppers want to see specifically what they're about to potentially buy, very similar to the way someone going out on a blind date wants to see a photo of their date beforehand. Pictures can manifest everything a shopper needs to find out about a truck for him to be able to make an intelligent and comprehensively informed decision whether he wants to actually buy a particular truck.

2. Write Great Descriptions

Moreover, it's been proven as well that truck shoppers want to read much more than the make, model and year of the truck. They want to read all the pertinent descriptive details regarding every conceivable option and desired feature it either has or does not have. So it's essential to use specifics and highly descriptive adjectives and nouns when writing each truck's ad. Great descriptions also mean much better visibility in the search engines due to the additional information provided.

3. Take Videos

When a shopper sees a semi truck in motion, this always will catch the eye better than something that's standing still, such as merely a plain black and white photo. Multiple studies have shown that Internet users watch literally billions of videos each month, and many of them are directly from advertisers and companies featuring specific products. So it's definitely essential and extremely beneficial to increase sales this way, so do indeed make and upload videos of all the semi trucks being offered for sale.

4. List the Prices

Few things, if any, frustrate and anger semi truck shoppers more than seeing a truck advertised and not seeing it's sale price right next to it. Shoppers don't want to make telephone call after telephone call or shoot out multiple emails simply to determine semi truck prices on specific models they read about in online ads. Never forget that sellers must always list the prices if they want to dramatically improve their chances of making more sales.

5. Reply Very Fast

Since the Internet is extremely fast, when a semi truck shopper spots a vehicle he's very interested in, he's going to want to respond quickly to it if it's within his affordable price point. So the fact that he will want to make a rapid call to the seller, he, in return, expects that if he gets an answering machine or voice mail instead of a live salesperson, that he'll receive a phone reply in a reasonable and fair time frame, such as definitely less than half an hour, since even one hour can seem like forever to a semi truck shopper using the Internet in his search to purchase his vehicle. So always be professional and extremely concerned about your response time once you get an inquiry on any of your ads.

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