Roehl Transport And You

May 2, 2012

In the trucking industry, many different companies use individual truckers and owner-operators, in their hauling programs. It is always advantageous to check out these companies and see how long they have been in business as well as what they have to offer, when you are looking for employment.

Roehl Transport was started in 1962 by Everett Roehl who is the company's current CEO. The President of the company is Everett Roehl. He started out as an owner-operator with only one truck, which shows what is possible when strategy and hard work is involved. His son, Rick Roehl is the company's president and still drives a truck several times a year to deliver loads. The company stresses good treatment for its drivers and customer satisfaction.

This company has what is called, "The Power of Red: Driver Success". This involves CDLTraining, The Inexperienced Driver, The Experienced Operator, and The Owner Operator." Each of these divisions are especially designed with the needs of the trucker in mind.

They state that they:

Work with drivers to assure their success and help them meet their professional as well as personal goals.

Help drivers use their tools and recourses to full benefit and

Have a good support staff to help the drivers.

Their Roehl Driver Training Center (RDIC) is located in Marshfield, WI and focuses on developing driving skills and preparing participants for a Class A Commercial Driver's License (CDL). This is advantageous as a great deal of the time is spent learning how to handle a big rig. In addition, the company will reimburse up to $6,000 of tuition money when you are on the road for them.

Their site shows that they offer many benefits for their drivers. These include additional TripStart and drop compensation, additional NYC compensation, authorized tolls and scales, detention pay ($10 for each 30 minutes after two hours), compensation for longevity and safety, weekly settlements, PMP , and many others. In addition, they pay a hire bonus of $600.

This company focuses on prompt delivery for their customers as well as fairness to their drivers. For owner operators there are a number of options, including both national and regional routes. It gives a driver or owner-operator good pay, benefits, home time, and the opportunity to grow. Multiple mileage rates are posted, depending on what type of hauling is done. This includes a carrier trailer or owner operator trailer. There is also additional compensation offered, depending on the load and vehicle involved. Pay offers are shown on their Internet site.

This company has won a number of awards through the years, including Fleet Owner Magazine's annual Graphics Award in 2011, the 2008 Quest for Quality Award, and the 2008 Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association's highest honor. It is well known in the trucking industry for its fast delivery and safety of its carriers.

This appears to be a company that might be good to check out at their web site. This is especially true if you are looking for a company that has steady work available and a number of benefits. Reading what is offered might provide the opportunity to have a job that is both self-satisfying and is in line with what you want to do.

Phone / Fax
(800) 240-5811
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Trucker To Trucker, LLC 13330 SR 17 Grovertown, IN 46531