Welcome PACCAR Financial Used Truck Center

January 10, 2012

A new truck dealer has been welcomed into the Trucker to Trucker's impressive list of dealers. The company is PACCAR Financials Used Truck Center. Their truck centers are known for selling late model trucks that have been traded, repossessed or are off-lease for PACCAR Financial. They are best known for providing a great selection of Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks that are of the highest quality.

PACCAR Financial operates three truck centers located in Spartanburg, SC, Chicago and their newest one in Salt Lake City, Utah. At each of these locations, you are sure to find the best trucks for all of your needs. They believe that finding the correct equipment for the job is important for efficiency, limiting downtime and for saving fuel. Their website offers visitors the ability to find premium trucks with the best features and equipment needed for them to run their trucking business profitably.

No matter what kind of truck you are looking for, PACCAR Financial has something for all your needs. On their website and at their truck center locations, you will find a wide variety of trucks to choose from. Each will come with an array of specifications to help you reduce your operating costs and improve your productivity. You will be able to search through their inventory by unit type, model, year, engine horsepower, manufacturer, mileage and even by the type of sleeper. Also, you may contact one of their centers and speak with a sales representative that will be happy to work with you and help you find exactly what you need to run your business.

PACCAR Financial also offers their customer a multitude of financing options that will fit any business' needs. They will work with you to find you a loan that you are comfortable with. Whether you are an independent trucker or the owner of a fleet, they will help you find the right truck and loan for your business.

Trucker to Trucker is constantly striving to grow its dealer network to provide its visitors the best place for truckers to find great deals on trucks, trailers and equipment. We pride ourselves in only allowing the best dealers into our network.

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