Trucking by the State – Ohio

November 12, 2012

Welcome to the great state of Ohio! We are the heart of the whole country.

Ohio has a long history of being one of the trucking industries most traveled though state.Most of the freight coming into our out of the east coast comes through Ohio. It has the well- known Ohio turnpike officially named the James W. Shocknessy Ohio Turnpike, is a 241.26 mi long, limited-access toll highway in the U.S., serving as a primary run to Chicago and Pittsburgh. The road runs east and west in the northern section of the state, from the Indiana Toll Road to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The Ohio turnpike is a toll road. This is a tool road that you get a ticket and hold on to that ticket tight because you will use this when you pay to get off the turnpike. If you lose the ticket you will be charged more.

While driving along this turnpike whether east or west you will have several opportunities to stop at the Service Plaza. There are eight of them each way 16 total to give you a chance to stop, rest, fuel up and just take a breather from the stress of driving. They have pet walking areas, information for travelers or local attractions even a gift shop in case you want something from Ohio to take home.

The Ohio Trucking Association (OTA) is dedicated to effectively representing the concerns of the trucking industry to industry members, governmental and regulatory bodies, and the general public. The OTA strives to be an extension of your own staff, hey are just a phone call away when a problem pops up that you can't find a solution for. If they don't know the answer they will help get it. Their staff keeps you updated on critical industry issues through regular communications, and serves as Ohio's only liaison between the industry and the Ohio Legislature and regulatory agencies. Last year 272,770 people in Ohio, or basically one out of every 15 workers are employed in trucking-related occupations. These are for both private and for-hire motor carriers. The average annual wage paid to trucking industry workers was $43,189. The total annual payroll for the trucking industry in Ohio was $11.8 billion. That is a large jump from 2000.

Ohio is a great place to visit. While you are here spend as much time as you can. We are friendly and would love to show you around. If anyone needs to purchase trucks in Ohio, Trucker To Trucker has a large supply for sale.

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