Problems With New Trucks Enhance The Value of Used Ones

July 9, 2012

Purchasing owner-operator trucks is still a good option for those in the trucking industry. The National Automobile Dealer Association has issued a statement that "When it comes to aerodynamic versus traditionally-styled sleeper tractors, owner-operator trucks are still commanding a premium in the used-truck market despite the importance of fuel economy".

This statement reflects the opinion of many people who are involved with tnew-used-truckshe trucking industry. Although there are increasing requirements to make trucks more environmentally friendly these are not all working in the new truck engine manufacturing.

For example, in the latter part of June, this year, problems with emissions technology were beginning to become apparent. Customer satisfaction with heavy-duty truck engines reported 223 problems per 100 trucks in 2012. This engine-fuel related problem is up 14% from 2011.

The problem is reported to be from the design technology used to reduce heavy-duty truck emissions. Brent Gruber, director of commercial vehicle practice at J.S. Powers and Associates stated: "Emission-related technology results in a high rate of problems, particularly with ECM calibration, exhaust gas recirculation valves and engine sensors. The new, more complex engines are resulting in more problems and downtimes."

European manufacturers have had emission technology in place since 2008. As a result, their U.S. models are receiving above average satisfaction regarding heavy-duty truck motors. This includes brands such as Freightliner and Volvo, which are having fewer motor-emission problems. A review shows that in comparison there is a 22% more of these problems occurring in truck brands owned by U.S. companies.

A ranking study found that Freightliner has the highest satisfaction in the on-the-highway category, followed by Volvo second and Peterbilt third. This ranking was conducted on trucks used for both long and short haul runs. In the vocational category, Freightliner was highest, International second, and Peterbilt third. Overall customer satisfaction on a 1000-point scale showed: Freightliner 750%, Volvo 739%, Peterbilt 736%, Kenworth 735%, International 683%.

This would seem to indicate that it is better to purchase a good used owner-operator truck than a new one at the present time. When a motor has problems, it means downtime that can be costly to the owner. Although there are new regulations constantly being put into place, at the same time there are various parts being manufactured, which can be attached to the older model truck in order to comply with these regulations. When earning a living as a trucker having a vehicle that is reliable and will get the job done is essential in order to avoid breakdowns on the road.

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