Survey to Explore the Use of Navigation Systems by Commercial Vehicles

October 30, 2012

A new survey launched by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) explores the possibility of commercial drivers using navigation systems. The brief online survey, which seeks the input of both the motor carrier and the commercial driver, will collect information on the perspectives of both groups towards the use of navigation systems, including the perceived rewards and risks.


A Worrisome Trend

The use of navigation systems has gained in popularity in the country's commercial vehicles in recent years. However, what kind of impact that such devices may have on the driver's behavior, decision making ability, and safety, is not fully understood. ATRI officials further say that there is growing anecdotal evidence that blames GPS navigation systems for large truck crashes.

More Information Required

The results of the current survey will offer further insight on the utility of these navigation systems and their impact on the operations of commercial trucking. The survey will also throw light on the impacts that other methods of providing directions to drivers may have on fleet operations and safety.

Secrecy Understood

The results of the survey will also create an opportunity for the public sector to minimize infrastructural damage and improve transport operations. Motor carriers and commercial drivers can complete the confidential survey online at the official website of ATRI.

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