Welcome Mid- State Truck Service

September 3, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, readers of the Trucker to Trucker Blog, it is that time again to welcome a new dealer to our continuously growing network! Mid-State Truck Service, Inc. began in 1965 to help bring Wisconsin semi trucks and associated services of the highest caliber. Thanks to their superior customer service and work ethic, they have expanded through the years to seven sales and service centers scattered around Wisconsin.

Mid-State Truck Service is an authorized dealer of International Trucks and a twelve time winner of International's "Circle of Excellence" award. Their centers are equipped with body shops, repair parts, and certified technicians to ensure the job gets done right every time. A healthy selection of new trucks and buses provides the discerning customer with a variety of choices. Their used selection features several different models of truck from many manufacturers.

The IDEALEASE system provided by Mid-State Truck Service is an excellent tool for a driver or fleet owner to minimize the impact of downtime. An industry with seasonal spikes may not need additional trucks all year, but they can be had through IDEALEASE by simply leasing the truck for the period of time required. This can also be a great way for a driver to get a feel for a truck before committing in the long-term.

Part of the difference Mid-State Truck Service tries to make for its customers is providing better than average financing options to consumers. Financing a new or used semi truck can be a rather tedious process with an incredible amount of research. There are many complicated terms and conditions to go through in addition to researching rates. A truly competitive option is a great thing to find from a dealer to help minimize that hunt.

All of this information and more is available through the Mid-State Truck Service dealer page and website. We encourage you to take the time to explore what really sets Mid-State Trucks apart from their competitors. It is our belief that their strong customer-centric practice and service is a great contribution to our industry in general.

Welcome to Trucker to Trucker, Mid-State Truck Service! We are pleased to have you here.

As always readers, stay safe and keep the rubber-side down out there. It is motorcycle season for temperate climates so be certain to double-check those blind spots!

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