New - Volvo's Hybrid 'Mean Green' Truck

April 5, 2012

Truckers have long known the value of Volvo trucks and their reliability on the road. With the company's headquarters in Sweden, they have manufacturing plants throughout the world. In the United States, these plants are found at Dublin, Virginia and Macungie, Pennsylvania. For North America, engines and transmission are produced by Volvo Powertrain at Hagerstown, Maryland.

Many people are not aware that Volvo also produces Mack, Renault, and UD (Nissan Diesel) trucks. Volvo plants are located in Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, North America, and the Pacific.

On April 27 at the Wendover Airfield in Utah, this company will introduce what is called the "Mean Green" fastest hybrid truck in the world. This truck, which sits very low to the ground, will try to reach a speed of over 165 miles per hour. The company is using the Volvo's hybrid driveline to fit the chassis, which is required for this speed. It has modified its automated I-Shift gearbox to interact with its D16 electric motor. The Volvo hybrid drive system used on some of their other models was used by their engineers to produce this power.

The vehicle adapts the concept of a start off high-speed boost that does not have the delay encountered by regular diesel engines. It is a couple of seconds before the diesel engine emits an explosive boost. Renewable liquid rosin diesel is used for fuel. This provides an incredible 2,100 horsepower with an almost 5,000 lb-ft torque. Of this, 885 lb-ft of torque and 200 horsepower come from an electric motor. The shape of the truck is aerodynamic with a North American VN cab. Anyone who is at Wendover Airfield, in Utah, on April 27 can watch this spectacular event. It would be worth stopping by.

Volvo Trucks also sponsors "America's Road Team". This team consists of professional truck drivers with superior driving skills, and excellent safety records, who wish to emphasize safety on the highway.

Created in 1986, this team promotes the trucking industry, the professional truck driver, the industry's safety record, and the importance of trucking to the well-being of the country. The team was formed to educate the public and lawmakers regarding the superior driving skills, excellent safety record, and professionalism of truck drivers. This team symbolizes 3.4 million professional truck drivers in America.

The expertise of the engineers and designers of this Swedish based company is known throughout the world. Their Volvo and Mack trucks are found on the road every day and are known for their long life and reliability. Whether buying a new or used truck one can be assured that it is a purchase of quality that has been carefully designed to meet all requirements of the trucker for a good vehicle.

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