MAN's Streamlined Semi Truck is a Futuristic Fuel Saver

March 15, 2016

On To Streamlined Trucking

In the area of fleet news, and this will ultimately apply to owner/operators as well, you've got to check out the latest aerodynamic semi truck from MAN industries. This futuristic space ship looks like something more out of Star Wars than anything made on this planet. Check out this link for a picture of the MAN streamlined semi truck.

Aero Semi Trucks

As we all know, semi trucks are not the most aerodynamic modes of transportation on the road. What with brick-like front ends, huge mirrors that stick out of the sides, air pockets around the fuel tanks that create drag, and a big squared off box being pulled at the back, these features do not an aerodynamic truck make.

But Man has come up with a solution, and they are following in the footsteps of a Wal-Mart concept vehicle and one done by Mercedes-Benz. These newest of the new concepts are proving that semi trucks can be just as aerodynamic as any other vehicle, and what that means to you, an owner operator or a fleet division is money savings.

Fuel Efficient

These designs alone promise nearly double the fuel economy, and that by itself is reason enough for further development and implementation. But that's not all. Since they are more effective going through the wind and not just pushing it out of the way, they will be easier to drive and create less overall wind disturbance when going down the road. That makes for easier and safer driving for both the driver and the vehicles next to it.

The New Wave

As these new wave trucks begin making their appearance on the road, stay with Trucker to Trucker for all of the latest updates. Keep an eye on MHC Kenworth!

For the best in semi truck driver fleet news, trucker tips, information, trucking legislation or even selling your rig, hook up with Trucker to Trucker on the Web. We'll steer you right, every time.

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