The 7 Deadly Lot Lizards

The 7 Deadly Lot Lizards

Recreational reptiles, working girls, party row entertainment, and the old favorite, lotlizards, refer to one of many sources of the negative stereotypes that curse the industry loved by many. Granted, if there wasn’t a market for prostitution in the truck stops, this post would not be necessary.

The term “lotlizard” is the most common trucker lingo used to describe these people; something rarely mentioned when the transportation companies attempt to glorify this industry in their efforts to attract much needed new drivers. Many of the families of potential quality professionals are discouraged by this and other not so favorable negative images given to us all from the media. Truth is, most of the perpetrators contributing to the demand side of this illegal activity, represents a very small percentage of the drivers. This has been the same for at least the 20+ years I have been as a trucker.

Companies should concentrate their focus (at the very least, exert more effort) informing the public that majority of the modern truckers are some of the hardest working, family oriented men and women in the country.

A few years ago, there was an episode of the television show Cops (the exact date escapes me) where a sting operation was featured arresting drivers at a Petro Fuel Center soliciting staged lotlizards. The show projected an image that a majority of the drivers parked there strictly were there to seek the services of the “working girls” slithering around the back rows of the lot. No wonder the public views us the way they do.

If this Petro was as bad as portrayed, this driver would have never went past the fuel islands. To this day, many of us who frequented this truck stop are disappointed any litigation was brought forward by either Petro, of some of the trucking companies involved in the sting.

Many of these women (and men) who venture around the lots are victims of abuse, drug addicts, abducted minors forced against their will, or runaways wanting to make a “trade” for money to buy something to eat; most actually need help to escape a bad situation.

There will always be lotlizards, something that will never disappear entirely, but the promotion of the up-side of the industry along with greater efforts to create a more positive image of the typical truck driver, is the only way we all can do to reverse this raw deal we combat daily.

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  2. […] won’t repost it here, but you can take a look at it on their site (or click through the truncated thumbnail at right). Among the “lizards” identified are the CB […]

  3. Kylla says:

    We at Truckers Against Trafficking are also wanting to promote to the general public that the image of truckers has been wrong. In movies, television shows, and the like, truckers have been portrayed as uneducated, prostitute seeking, crude people. We know that, while every profession has its bad characters, the majority of truckers are indeed hard working family people who believe in God, country and honor.
    Our mission at TAT is to educate, empower, equip and mobilize the trucking industry to combat human trafficking and the reality of many of these so called “lot lizards.” Studies on prostitution show that a solid 80% have been raped and molested as children…perfectly conditioning them to be preyed upon by pimps and abusers. Those with pimps, who are truly slave owners, since they live off the ill-gotten earnings of their “property” are forced to make a quota or suffer dire beatings from their pimps. Many are given drugs by their pimps whether they want them or not, as pimps realize they can control these women better if they are addicted. And also, by this post and others like it, drug addiction helps to strip away any sympathy we might actually have for these women, preferring to call them lizards, reptiles, ho’s, etc who are looking to score, looking to rob, looking for a good time.

    It is easy to blame the women…after all, our society has us conditioned to blame the “slut” versus those who use her and abuse her. We have been told that they want to be there, that they love their pimps and just really like sex. But actually talking to these women outside of the pressures of meeting her quota tells quite a different story. Most were forced into it at a younger age, most have suffered beatings, addiction, fear and threats. Most have STDs, forced abortions, and a broken spirit. Most know nothing else other than abuse.

    I say, if we really want to give the trucking industry a new image, that we dispense with calling these women by names that are so dehumanizing. Let truckers be the heroes who call in and rescue them. Let truckers treat these girls and women like lost souls who may need some basic human compassion or victims who are desperate for someone to help them. We had a trucker do that just yesterday. We have heard reports of other truckers as well changing the way they view these girls and women and really viewing them as people who are messed up or hurting and in need of something other than disdain and hatred. These truckers are making calls, saving lives, and realizing that people are people…and sometimes we need to look past the horrible make-up, chipped nails, promiscuous clothes and speech, and see the person.

    First easy step…stop calling them lot lizards and all the other choice terms that have been outlined here in this article. Second step, educate yourself about the life of trafficking victims and those who are prostituted.
    The image of truckers will change…is changing…but blaming everything on “lot lizards” and articles like this don’t help.

  4. Ed Drain says:

    I agree with Kylla. Please understand that very many adult “prostitutes” started out by being abused and or trafficked as children. If you tune in to articles about nationwide sweeps by the FBI, you’d find out that some of these kids are just 11 years old. Eleven years old, and they are forced to have sex with strangers for the profit of some low-life thug. Pimps use beatings, withholding food and sleep, humiliation and threats to loved ones as tools to force these kids to do their will. I am not saying all adults in prostitution started out as children, but several studies have put the percentage as high as mid 70 percent.

    Also, calling these women all those names, is just one more humiliation in their already sad lives. Please open your heart and try to help these women and girls, rather than kick them when they are down. Wouldn’t you do the same for a daughter or a sister? These women/girls are someone’s daughters or sisters, too.

    Ed Drain

  5. Tajuan Lewis says:

    I agree with Kylla and Ed. Yet, here is another perspective.

    I was once called a “lot lizard, recreational reptile, commercial company” and many other names outside of my own. I was forced to work the truck stops at 15 years old by a man who threatened my life daily, this turned into YEARS of abuse and degradation. I did NOT have a choice in this lifestyle. Yet I had to put on my “pretty smile” and make the customer happy. I was required to make a quota or I would be beaten. Yes, I did drugs. I had to in order to cope with the paid rapes that were happening to me daily.

    Outside of the purchasers of me, the truckers took care of me most of my teenage years and young adult life. There were MANY who loved me, fed me, clothed me, saved me from beatings and prayed for me. I believe without these men in my life, I would not have survived. Please don’t deter the good truckers from helping someone….they might be saving a life. I know mine was saved more than once because someone reached out.

    I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, an overcomer and now an activist. Don’t run from them, help them.

    Thank you.
    Tajuan Lewis

  6. Ruth Patton says:

    I can’t anything that the previous comments didn’t include. Thank you for your insight and input Tajuan and God Bless you in the fight.

  7. Oh my — what an open ended discussion we can have here. Kylla EXCELLENT reply. Ed, your passion has turned into compassion and I love that you are setting an example for our brothers across America. Tajuan — I love you girl! So proud of you for your fortitude and your courage. You are a light in the midst of all this darkness. And Ruth, thanks for adding your support to this.

    To our dear trucker friend who posted the article that has us all jumping in with our swords of truth drawn — my husband and I have recruited truck driver for over 20 years and love this industry. We have met some of the most compassionate men (and women) that love their time on the road but can’t wait to get home to their families. Trucking is a very difficult life and of course, there are those out there who simply are there for a pay check like most of America. Without truckers, there would be no commerce. When trucks roll, so does our economy. Everything that we purchase has been on a truck before we made that purchase. It is most likely one of the toughest industries to work in — and you all make a real difference in the american way of life. We are proud of you and we support you. And with the great responsibility you have as a part of the Norman Rockwell fabric of our society, I want you to re-read and paste this in large letters on your truck where you can read it every day until you understand the value of all human beings. Begin to look beneath the surface. As Kylla so eloquently stated, “First easy step…stop calling them lot lizards and all the other choice terms that have been outlined here in this article. Second step, educate yourself about the life of trafficking victims and those who are prostituted. The image of truckers will change…is changing…but blaming everything on “lot lizards” and articles like this don’t help.” Mr. Trucker, I urge you to be a part of the solution. Why not take your images and reverse them into something that tells a different story. Change the Lizard into a 12 year old girl in the arms of God. Replace the high healed shoes with ballerina slippers and see this little girl dancing. Wash the make up off and remove the wig so her shining locks of hair can be caught up in the wind while she laughs and plays freely with her friends and sisters and brothers. Next, imagine she is your very own daughter. Now come on, be a man, and recapture your own innocence. Help us please prevent more victims of sex trafficking.

    Thank you,
    Yvonne Williams
    Trafficking In America Task Force

  8. Ed Drain says:

    Here is an article ( regarding one of those reports ( I mentioned.

  9. Lynn Robertson says:

    This article really hurt my heart. Such ugliness printed here. So many young women are being FORCED (Human Trafficked) to do what you’re writing about. But….not many TRUCKERS are buying these Trafficking girls for sex. I am not a trucker. But I have gotten to know MANY Truckers and have seen MANY of them fighting to SAVE these girls. Many Truckers are very involved with the group Truckers Against Trafficking, They carry Wallet Cards (provided by Truckers Against Trafficking) that have the national helpline printed on them so if they see a girl being trafficked they can get HELP. As I said, I’m not a Trucker, but I myself have reached out to Truckers Against Trafficking and I leave the materials provided by TAT at local Truckstops here in Michigan.
    Shame on a Trucker for writing something like this! Please contact Truckers Against Trafficking and start providing their materials to your fellow Truckers & leaving the materials at truck stops!

  10. Selwyn Corrica says:

    I must admit I agree with all the positive comments above, I cringe as a truck driver when I walk by other trucks at the truck stop and see in some driver’s window that says” no lot lizards” I’ve always disagreed with that term, and calling another human being A LOTLIZARD….. what an insult to women who are already maybe suffering a life of abuse and degradation to further insult them by referring to them by such name it certainly doesn’t make me think well of drivers I see with that sign in their windows. I certainly agree that we as truck drivers should do more to help these women and girls.

  11. me says:

    Being married to a trucker ruined my life as well as my children. I know everything that goes on at truck stops, even the ones that are so called nice and decent ones. These women who think their men are only working need to wake up. Goggle about what goes on, strip clubs, lot lizards, what really goes on …you’ll see. I’m sure there are Godly truckers out there and I hate that you have to go through this day after day. But women you really need to wake up and stop kidding yourselves before it’s too late. Your men are out there for long periods at a time and you know men cannot go long(it’s their nature, it’s been proven they think about sex every 15 minutes). A hole is a hole after all. ok guys your turn, go ahead and try to piss me off with your comments…sorry it will never happen(remember this).

  12. me says:

    As far as feeling sorry for lot lizards, lets pretend there’s no such thing. Everyone of them could do something else. Yes there is a way out. Don’t tell me there isn’t! Women shelters, etc…give me a beak. Give the TRUCKERS a break.

  13. Ms B says:

    Call me stupid but until six months ago I didn’t know ther term lot lizards. I teach nursing students and one told the class a story about truck stops and lot lizards during a discussion about nutrition. He was a trucker until problems with drinking and driving led him to rethink his future. And today on ID a program was presented about young girls mostly under 16 lost to drugs, sex and death. Malnourished and maybe feeling hopeless. I don’t believe all truckers are evil or bad or waiting to prey on the weak, stupid or lost. Anything in your home probably traveled with a trucker at some time or another!

    I feel the need to do something other than feel badly….would food and water and vitamins help? No cost, nothing special. I am planning and praying. Your comments are welcome.

  14. volvoman says:

    I think a lot of you are blind and over justify your limited understanding of the propaganda you have been feed. A lot of those working women and ladys enjoy what they do because they can make a couple thousand a week depending on how much they work. A lot of the working ladies that come from overseas allready know what there going to do when they get here to the US. Because the US dollar is much more than what they have at home. Its a very sad reality but most of all human beings now days try to find the easy way to earn a living. The easy way is what we all really want but only a select few get it handed to them from birth. I’m out here driving on this big dangerous road risking my life to bring. You your food and household items that you can’t live without. Because it is the easiest thing I can do to make a large paycheck every week. The reality is….. easy money easy life right? Think about it. Its the same reason why this world has drug dealers. Easy money from your weaknesses and addiction s.
    Good day to you all. Think about it.
    “I said good day sir!!!”

  15. Velouria says:

    “As far as feeling sorry for lot lizards, lets pretend there’s no such thing. Everyone of them could do something else. Yes there is a way out. Don’t tell me there isn’t! Women shelters, etc…give me a beak.”

    Typical misogynist attitude, saying that women who are beaten and controlled and drugged could get out if they wanted to. Sure, it’s so easy but the women and girls must LOVE to be used and abused, right? Maybe you met women who DID do this by choice but that that doesn’t mean there are NO victims, that is why Truckers Against Trafficking exists. You think the organization is a big waste of time or they are lying somehow?

    Stop blaming victims and stop talking about things you know NOTHING about.

  16. Kimberly says:

    I have a story that I would love to share but I don’t know how to begin.its about my fiance he’s also a truck driver

  17. Anthony Peetz says:

    Velouria, before you throw out the word “mysogynist”, try reading previous comments. The person who left that comment was a woman, she posted once above the comment you refer to…she states “being married to a trucker ruined my and my childrens life”.
    But hey, thanks for being a narrow minded schmuck and assuming that a male posted that comment, that whores enjoy being whores…I’m using my own choice of words, as did you. Is there an underlying hatred of men that brings you to instantly think only a man could make such a rude comment. Again…you’re an idiot and schmuck.

  18. Trucker's Wife says:

    Ok so we’ve heard from the activists and former ‘working girl’ .. Now its time to hear from another wife of a truck driver. I dont believe for one minute that there is a situation that cant be prevented nor do I believe that all truck drivers are bad.. I do however believe that all it would take is to ask to use a truckers phone to call 911 and the situation of ‘ I was being forced and beaten every day’ woulda come to a screeching halt by the police, or to lock the doors and ask him to take you somewhere to meet the police. Unless the pimp or whatever the proper name is of the person forcing you has climbed up into the truck with you the ways to get away from him are very long.
    My husband is a trucker driver and sadly he has been with lot lizards. When I found out I asked him one question and that was ‘Did you think of your family when you decided to put everything at risk’.. and of course his answer was no. And if given the opportunity I would ask the women he was with the same question. Do any of these women even take into consideration or care that these men have wives, children and granchildren at home? Sadly I bet their answer would also be no.
    The bottom line is this and Ill go ahead and apologize upfront for not sugar coating this..
    To all you lot lizard, working girls out there.. Stop using bs excuses as a crutch to justify your actions. What you do is Wrong! My ex husband was an abuser and you know what, I got the hell out. . If someone is ‘forcing’ you, there are ways to get out and for the ones who enjoy being a lot lizard well you just need the crap kicked out of you! If you need money Go Get A Damn Job like everyone else..don’t be bothering hard working men by selling your nasty std filled vagina’s for $10. Have some self respect and stop being a hole. And most importantly think before you act.. Try an remember that most of these men have wives an babies at home trusting and needing them and you dont have the right to destroy people’s lives cause you cant stay off your back or knees.
    And to all you Truck Drivers.. Keep your pants zipped and your doors locked. Dont put your wives through the heartache of you paying $10 for some skank that has had 20 drivers before you. Protect your honor and wait til you get home, scoop your wife up and love all over her. When you hurt your wives you hurt your children and they are the innocent ones. Be the men you were raised to be, square your shoulders and stand up straight.. Dont give in to the knock on the door and worse case scenario buy a tazer and shock her off the side of your truck.
    Three generations of my family have drove the roads doing a job that people hate.. my dad drove 46 yrs and never allowed any women in his truck except my mom , my sisters and I.. He hung pics of her and us kids and never lost sight that he was there to do a job and the loves of his life was waiting for him at home… jus like yours are..

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