Truckers Are Using Jiggy Jobs For the Win!

January 31, 2012

Job hunting can be an utter nightmare; each career website has thousands of jobs to sort through. However, if you are in the trucking industry, you need a website dedicated to this particular career niche. Truck drivers have a unique position in the transport world; you can choose to drive cross country or simply around your local city. Trucks can be large, medium, or small while each driver must be licensed to drive that specific truck type. Where to begin your job search? Enter is a trucker's dream website. Trucking carriers and drivers can essentially meet within the website to match the best candidates to the perfect driving route. One of the best parts of is the fact that a membership is not necessary; a paid membership is normally required to access such exciting job opportunities. It is possible to apply without a login, but JiggyJobs suggests creating a profile so that you can return to an application for future reference. Aspiring truckers and truck companies both peruse the site for work opportunities.

This website provides several outlets for finding work. Fill out their application called "Quick App;" when this 3 page application is completed, JiggyJobs sends several copies out to specific carriers looking for your qualifications. Carriers will contact you if they are interested in an interview. Simple as that!

Another applying option for more particular drivers is through JiggyJobs' specific search engine. Click on "Top Job" and you will be redirected to a new page that asks several questions, such as trailer type and route preference. After filling in the necessary information, JiggyJobs will pull up a list of hiring companies with those particular parameters. You may apply to them individually at that point, based on your individual needs.

Are you a trucker looking for a new carrier? If so, JiggyJobs allows you to read all about each employer's mission and job requirements. Truckers can easily see what is expected of them at a particular company; each business has different needs and qualifications. Experienced truckers may look for higher wages in the form of a promotion to a more complex driving route or trailer combination. also has a basic classifieds section for your perusal. Scroll down the listings or subscribe to their job feed; opportunities are constantly added on a daily basis. Searching through newspapers for a new opportunity is not necessary anymore; listings are rapidly added as soon as they are received from individual carriers.

Are you a student driver looking for training? JiggyJobs also caters to the aspiring trucker group; classes and course descriptions are explained to keep you abreast of all the new trucking information. You can find the best trucking school and instructors through this portal and then search for an employer afterwards. All on the same website.

According to Trucker to Trucker, this website is a goldmine of information. Browse through the individual pages to familiarize yourself with their application process. In the end, you will be matched with several employers for a possible new job position.

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