Get the Shiniest Truck with Rotary Buffing Kits

November 3, 2009

Do you want the shiniest truck on the block? Do you want to make an impression on those who see you driving down the highway or parked in front of your business? If you are the kind of person who lets your truck say a lot about you and your company, then you need to keep it shiny and clean.

Although truck cleaning can be a big job, it's relatively simple for anyone to do or for anyone to hire-out. Having a shiny truck, however, is another matter. To have a shiny truck, you need to polish, and this can be tricky to do. But with Berube's Rotary Buffing Kit you can polish in a flash, producing a shiny truck that is the envy of others on the road.

Buffing is a difficult task because there is significant risk that you can damage your truck. You need high-quality equipment, including safety adaptors be sure that your buffer does not damage your truck body, in order to do the job right. With Berube's kit, you get the highest quality name in buffing, sanding, and polishing—DeWalt. A high-quality tool, DeWalt's buffer is produced by a manufacturer you can trust, and when you use this tool with the buffing attachment, you can have a professional-looking buffing job that you've done all by yourself. Derube's kit also includes the airway buffing wheel safety flanges to be sure that you do not damage your truck. The jeweler rouge and buffing wheel are also included in the purchase. While this kit would cost you close to $300 if you bought it all individually from a hardware store or online, you can get Berube's kit through their magazine or catalog for only $265.

Although this might seem like a steep price to pay for a shine, you'll end up making your money back through the Getsavings you will accrue since you will no longer have to hire professional polishers. In addition, the benefits of a polished truck are greater than just points for your ego. Instead, a polished truck can say a lot about your business—that you pride yourself in your work and are able to do a top-rate job for your clients.

So next time, instead of just cleaning, try polishing your truck on your own with Berube's kit, you might end up liking it so much that your colleagues ask you to polish their trucks!

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