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August 24, 2010

Absolutely Fabulous Financing Deals

In recent years it has become more and more difficult to qualify for truck financing. What used to be an easy process, now can be nearly impossible for some people. I used to have to turn people away when they came to me for truck financing. Not anymore!
I just recently contracted with a bank finance program that is absolutely amazing. The reason for this program is that the bank has hundreds of trucks coming back in as either lease returns or repossessions. It makes sense for the bank to put them back out on the market while making it really easy for prospective owners like yourself to get into them.
I've been in the business for well over a decade and I've never seen a program this strong.
Whether you're a fleet owner with owner operators looking for trucks that they can get into easily or you're a first time buyer ready to pull the trigger on your first bigrig this program works and it works exceedingly well.
Here are the facts about this program and we have hundreds of pieces to pick from including trailers and all makes and models and applications of trucks:
  • No Cost 24 Hour Pre-Qualifying
  • Only $500.00 Down (You don't pay that until we have a truck you want.)
  • Only 12.5% APR
  • 60 Months Straight Finance (No Prepayment Penalty!)
  • Bank Reports To The Credit Bureaus
  • 1st Time Buyers, Tough Credit, and Good Credit Customers All Welcome!
  • All Trucks Come With A 2 Year 200,000 Mile Engine, Transmission, Differentials Warranty Including Turbo, Injector & Water Pump Coverage For The First Year.
  • Sleeper Tractors, Daycabs, Dumptrucks, Water Trucks, Boom Trucks, Vans, Flatbed Trucks, CDL & NON CDL Trucks.
  • Reefer Trailers, Flatbed Trailers, DropDecks, DryVan Trailers.
  • 1998 to 2008 Year Models!
Whether you've been turned down before or you just can't swing the high down payments that banks are charging in today's economy it makes a lot of sense to check this program out!
Here are the minimum requirements from the bank:
  • Can't have filed bankruptcy in the past two years.
  • Can't have unpaid child support showing on your bureau.
  • Can't have any unpaid tax liens state or federal.
  • Can't have a recent felony record.
  • 500 or better FICO Score
  • Can't be behind on payments totaling more than $2,000.00.
I've even had people with 800+ scores and great financials participate in this program because they would rather hold on to their capital and use the bank's money since the interest rate is well within the norm for used truck loans. It just makes perfect sense.
If you would like to know more about this amazing program then give me a call. You can also go to my website where you can watch a video on this breakthrough in used truck finance at:
Thanks so much for your attention and please let me know if you would like to get pre-qualified. I have a pre-approval kit that I can send out to you via email or fax at NO COST to you.
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