Hello Truckers!

February 23, 2012

I've been given the privilege to talk about Cruiser Customizing, a website launched in 2001 as a product review based community. It was a place where bikers could research aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories for their metric cruisers and coordinate already-owned accessories with wish-list functionality; quickly growing into a business for metric cruisers, Goldwing's and Harley Davidson's alike. I have been with Cruiser for 8 years, and I can tell you, it's been one heck of a ride!

Jim McCormack, President of Trucker to Trucker LLC, recently posted a topic on our community explaining what truckers can teach motorcyclists about driving. He covered some great points about safety and being aware of your surroundings.It's a strange relationship we bikers share with truckers. We are the smallest and largest entities on the road, yet we follow the same principles of safety and road awareness.

As a rider for six years, I can tell you the motorcyclist is never seen or barely heard. I must anticipate what a cager does before he does it. Loud pipes save lives, but it's still a roll of the dice every time a biker roars onto the freeway. Besides a screaming exhaust and a quick-ripping throttle to evade cagers, a motorcyclist has a wide range of motorcycle parts and accessories to insure their ride is safe and remains enjoyable.

Those choices start with selecting the right gear. In particular - hi-visibility gear. Kyle Bradshaw, our Cruiser Community Installation and Product Specialist, spoke with Greg Beck of Tucker Rocky Distributing, to cover some great safety and visibility points in this quick 3-minute video.

Gear wise, Cruiser Customizing offers a wide and ever-expanding selection of styles and brands. The most visible part of the body is the upper torso, so picking out a jacket becomes most important. My choice is the Tourmaster Transition textile.Tour master is currently on their 3rd series of the jacket, but series one and two are just as good and offer similar features. For summer riding they make a sleeveless, hi-visibility - military style vest that comes in orange or yellow. If you prefer a full-sleeve summer jacket the Intake Air is your man. Be not afraid of chilly mornings as the jacket comes with a removable, waterproof, insulated liner.

This is just one brand of many, mind you. We also sell Cortech, ICON, First Gear, River Road, Joe Rocket, Arlen Ness and more.

So what if you have the gear and still want higher visibility? Cruiser Customizing has you covered. With motorcycle parts and accessories like the Kisan Tailblazer, headlight modulator, and other low-cost add-ons like the Signal Dynamics brake light module, and PIAA H-4 high intensity bulb, you can outfit your bike with the latest safety electronics for less than $100. So how much is your life worth?

For more visit CruiserCustomizing.com.

Ride safe! Anthony

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