From Brooklyn New York Welcome Celer Inc

July 24, 2012

Celer Inc., a leader in exporting heavy-duty equipment worldwide, has just been welcomed into the exclusive network of advertisers at Trucker-to-Trucker.Celer Inc. offers a variety of machinery, trailers and trucks to customers from all over the globe. They also offer fantastic pricing on heavy-duty parts from some of the top manufacturers, including John Deere, CAT and Komatsu. Celer can be reached at 646-345-3123 or via email at

Buyers who are looking for a specific type of truck, trailer, or machinery can fill out the contact form to be notified when a vehicle that meets their specifications becomes available. You can also search the current inventory using criteria such as last added, category and manufacturer. Each vehicle is listed with a picture and a description that includes the year, make, mileage, engine type and transmission type. There is also a payment calculator and contact form. Financing is available for most purchases. Buyers who are interested in financing can fill out the credit application online or print it out and bring it with them to the dealership.

Their inventory includes a variety of trucks including sleepers and daycabs from some of the top manufacturers in the trucking industry, including Volvo, International and Mack. They also have flatbed trailers, reefer trailers and van trailers. Machinery in Celer's inventory includes graders, excavators and cranes. Customers who don't find the equipment they are looking for right away can sign up for email notifications so that they will be notified every time a specific type of vehicle is added to the inventory or whenever any vehicle is added to inventory at Celer Inc.

Celer Inc. exports trucks, trailers, equipment and parts to countries all over the world. They have experience with customs, taxes, inspections and other issues that come with shipping a vehicle across an ocean. Customers who would like a shipping quote should call or email Celer for more information. They ship by ground transportation, rail, sea and air. They are also interested in purchasing high-quality used equipment. Customers who have a vehicle or piece of equipment for sale can fill out the contact form and be contacted within one business day by a member of Celer's sales team.

Trucker-to-Trucker understands that customers who live outside the United States may have trouble finding the right equipment to build their business without relying on exporters. That's why we partner with high-quality exporters like Celer Inc. Celer's excellent selection and vast experience with exporting heavy-equipment to countries all over the world are a few reasons why Trucker-to-Trucker is glad to welcome them into our network of advertisers.

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