Big Chrome Shop Show

January 26, 2009

The opportunity to customize their trucks allows truckers to put a sense of their personalities and style into their business. That's why truckers all over the United States, both those who use their trucks to work for a living and those who have show trucks or hobby trucks, use detailing and chrome accessories to make their trucks something special.

In Wildwood, Florida, however, one couple has taken Chrome to the next level. Debbie and Billy Farkus, owners of 75 Chrome, which gets its name from the highway that visitors usually exit in order to get there, I-75, have led the way in chrome accessories since 1990. Although 75 Chrome might look a typical truck stop, with its showers, CB shop, truck service bays, and laundry and game rooms, it also features a large collection of Chrome accessories to cater to nearly every trucker's personality.

But Debbie and Billy's goal isn't just to make money by selling components that allow truckers to personalize their big rigs. Instead, they also play host to the 75 Chrome Pride and Polish Annual Truck Show, which allows truckers to show off their customized trucks and trailers. Trucks can enter the competition in one of four categories—Working Combination, Working Bobtail, Non-Working Combination, Non-Working Bobtail.

If you're looking for a place to get some great customization ideas, or just see some creativity and artistry at work, then 75 Chrome is the place to be, especially during the truck show. Whether it's painting and detailing, lighting, or accessories, the trucks on display are truly one of a kind.

This year's truck show is coming soon, but those who can't make the show andwill be making their way down I-75 can still stop into Debbie and Billy's place for a shower, tune-up, and a chance to check out the accessories while they're at it.

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