Atlas Van Lines Releases Driver Preferences

May 9, 2012

For the eighth year in a row, Atlas Van Lines has released results from its King of the Road survey. Although the results reflect the preferences of Atlas drivers, it can be concluded that many long-haul drivers have similar feelings when it comes to favored brands, ways to stay healthy, use of technology, and many other findings. This is not only good information for other drivers, but for drivers that are hitting the road this summer as well.

Chairman and CEO of Atlas World Group, Glen Dunkerson, stated "Given that the majority of our professional truck drivers spend more than 30 weeks out of the year on the road, this survey is a great way to let these seasoned road warriors share their knowledge and preferences with the rest of us. With summer vacation and road trips just around the corner, the recommendations in the King of the Road Survey can help travelers stay fit while on the road, identify the best hotel chains, food, and much more."


The preferred mode of communication today was found to be the SmartPhone with iPhone supported by Verizon Wireless being cited as the most popular. Use of this device increased from 14% to 60% in just the past year. Social networks like Skype and FaceTime also made it to the top of the list. In fact, it was reported that 75% of drivers go online on a daily basis.

It was felt that the 50% increase in computer usage has increased drivers' ability to communicate with company personnel, family, and friends and was felt to be of primary importance in maintaining stable relationships. This was felt to be so important that 65% of drivers reported they went online daily just to check their email accounts and chat on social networks. Psychologically, this has proven to be a valuable solution for reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation while on the road.

Staying Healthy

It was reported by 57% of drivers that the biggest challenge on the road is eating right and staying healthy. One of the biggest changes noted was that, today, 71% of drivers reported they drink water rather than soft drinks or other beverages while on the road. When added to maintaining a healthy diet with fresh fruits for snacks and avoiding fast food, it is easy to see how changes in this area are having a positive impact.

One change in statistics that was unexpected was the fact that 27% of drivers reported they exercise when stopped in order to improve health. Many cited walking or running at truck stops and rest areas as favored activities. Since the survey involved Atlas truck drivers, it was also noted that many felt that moving furniture was also a good form of exercise.

Other Interesting Facts

Brand names were an important factor to come in the survey. Here are some of the favorites reported.

--- Subway was the favorite food

--- Dunkin' Donuts served the best coffee

--- Super 8 was the favorite hotel chain

--- The best truck stops were owned by Petro

--- Favorite rest areas were found in Florida

--- Tums settled upset stomachs better than any other antacid

--- Bridgestone tires were cited as the best option

--- Shell Rotella was the best motor oil

--- And the favorite rig was made by Kenworth

The survey was taken by drivers throughout the US and Canada. It was noted that all respondents traveled across the country and interacted with customers on a daily basis. The Atlas Van Lines website is the best place to view complete results.

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