Air Brake Lock Protects Your Truck from Thieves

July 10, 2007

Easy to Install & Moveable!

Cargo theft is a huge problem in our industry. There's nothing easier for a thief than jumping into an idling rig and driving away. You lose your cargo and your truck. A total disaster! You can protect yourself from thieves with the unique TS4A Air Brake Lock. This superior patented resident air brake locking system is applied to the yellow emergency brake knob. Installation is so quick and easy your better half can do it while you're having that second cup of coffee (if you dare to ask!). With theTS4A Air Brake Lock installed, you can leave your truck idling with complete peace of mind.

This quality security system can be retrofitted on any air brake truck, bus, yard dog, fire engine or garbage truck manufactured since 1988 and keyed to any system. Best of all, if you sell your truck, it's easy to move to another vehicle so your investment is protected. Always activated, the lock requires no assembly to use; just remove the unique key and take it with you when you leave your vehicle. The TS4A has no moving parts and will never wear out.

One look at the TS4A is enough to deter thieves. It can't be circumvented or disabled without tremendous time, effort and special tools. Thieves don't want to mess with this baby!

The TS4A comes with two keys, mounting brackets and easy-to-understand installation instructions. Click here for more information and to order the TS4A Air Brake Lock. Trucker to Trucker carries only the best quality accessories to keep you and your truck safe and comfortable. Click here to check out our complete line of truck and cargo accessories.

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