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Welcome TruckMax Homestead

truckmax-homesteadTrucker-to-Trucker is proud to announce that TruckMax Homestead is a new member of our elite team of online advertisers. TruckMax Homestead has three dealership locations to serve members of the trucking industry in Florida and beyond. Their dealerships are an excellent source of used and new trucks. They specialize in medium-duty trucks, including wreckers, service body trucks, stakeside trucks, landscape trucks, tractors, cab and chassis, box trucks, and more. They also have a fantastic service and repair department, as well as an abundance of parts in stock.

New and Used Trucks at TruckMax

TruckMax has trucks on the lot from many well-known manufacturers, including International, Hino, GMC, Isuzu, Chevrolet, and Ford. They have a variety of new truck models from Isuzu, Hino, and Ford. You can browse through their inventory online or narrow your search to see only the trucks that you’re looking for to add to your fleet or upgrade your current vehicles.

Be sure to act fast if you see the right trucks for your company, as trucks sell quickly and you may miss out on the trucks you want. You can also call and let the sales staff know what trucks you’re looking for. They will let you know when they find something that meets your needs.

Searching the Listings

Searching the TruckMax Homestead truck listings is easy. You can refine the list of results you see by specifying which type of truck you’re looking for, as well as the location, model year, price range, and manufacturer you want. There are also boxes to check if you’d like to exclude trucks without prices or without photos from your search results.

Every truck listing includes relevant information to help you quickly determine if the truck meets your needs. This information varies according to the listing you look at, but generally includes information such as mileage, VIN number, number of axles, engine type, model year, suspension type, and more. It’s a good idea to jot down the stock number of every vehicle you are interested in so that the person who answers your questions knows exactly which vehicle you’re asking about. The friendly sales staff at TruckMax is available by phone, email, or in person.

Parts and Service

truckmaxTruckMax Homestead is an authorized parts dealer for both Hino truck parts and Isuzu commercial truck parts. They have an excellent selection of parts from other manufacturers as well. They will also order parts for you if they don’t have what you need in stock. TruckMax Homestead will even export parts to the Caribbean Islands and Latin America.

Their service department is state-of-the-art. The technicians at TruckMax Homestead are well-trained and ready to get your trucks maintained or repaired as efficiently as possible. In addition to their work at the shop, TruckMax Homestead technicians will also perform mobile maintenance on your vehicles or do roadside assistance to get your truck back on the road fast.

TruckMax Homestead is known for their excellent selection of trucks and parts. They are also known for their friendly staff that has been building long-term relationships with members of the trucking industry. Trucker-to-Trucker is pleased to have TruckMax Homestead as a member of our elite team.

New ITAG Real Men Ramps Stand Up To Tough Jobs

If you’re in the market for a beaver tail for your trailer, look no further than Real Men Ramps from ITAG Equipment. Trucker-to-Trucker has been doing business with ITAG for some time and we are very impressed with their new beaver tail and ramps. There aren’t any ramps currently on the market that can compare to these. They are heavy-duty and can be attached to nearly any trailer.

Real Men Ramp Construction

beaver-tail-for-your-trailerITAG Equipment’s Real Men Ramps are designed and created by hand in Texas. They’re built by a team of hard workers who aren’t afraid to get dirty. Real Men Ramps can be shipped to locations across the United States and nearly anywhere in the world. They are made from cold rolled steel to be ironclad and extremely heavy-duty, able to stand up to tough jobs and heavy loads. These ramps weigh 1700 pounds empty. They can handle heavy loads while looking fantastic. Real Men Ramps can be installed on nearly any semi trailer, and they function even better than they look.

Beaver tails are most common on equipment hauling trailers and recovery trailers, however they can be found on nearly every type of trailer in the trucking industry. Drop deck trailers with beaver tails on them are currently available on the lot at ITAG, but supply is limited. You can have them installed on any trailer at ITAG before you pick it up from the lot or have it shipped to you. You can also order the Real Men Ramps to install on a trailer that’s already in your fleet.

Contact ITAG

itagtrucksThere are many ways to contact ITAG for more information or to purchase these heavy-duty ramps for your trucks. They are available on the lot at 4325 E Hwy 377 in Granbury, TX six days per week, from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. You can also call Chris Green and the rest of the ITAG team at 800-895-1845. Real Men Ramps are currently in short supply, so be sure to get your order in early.

And don’t forget to check out the selection of trucks, trailers, accessories, and heavy-equipment at ITAG. They are known for having a fantastic selection of pre-owned vehicles in stock at all times. Their staff is also very helpful, so don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions about any of the trailer, trucks, or pieces of equipment on their lot.

Truck Center For All Of Your Truck & Trailer Auction Needs!

Trucker-to-Trucker is proud to announce that TruckCenter.com has recently joined our elite group of online advertisers. TruckCenter is an excellent place to sell your trailers and trucks, as they reach thousands of customers around the world. They are also a great place to purchase equipment, especially if you are having trouble finding trailers or trucks that meet your needs. They are among the most highly-rated online marketplaces for trailers and trucks in the world. TruckCenter has a very large variety of trucks and trailers, and their inventory is changing constantly. Thousands of truck dealership owners, fleet managers, trucking company owners, owner-operators, and other members of the trucking industry have successfully bought and sold trailers and trucks at TruckCenter.com since the company was formed in 2006.

How TruckCenter.com Works

You can browse through the online inventory at TruckCenter.com 24 hours per day. Live and online auctions are held every month at at least one of their five dealership locations. You can also visit or call any of the locations from 8 am until 5 pm local time. Each truck listed in their online inventory is located at one of their sales lots, located in Georgia, Indiana, Texas, California, and Delaware. Many of the trucks are available for either immediate purchase or bidding during the next auction sale.

Trucks and Trailers Available for Immediate Purchase

Many of TruckCenter.com’s buyers get great deals on trailers and trucks during their auction sales, but you can buy them for a fixed price to avoid the risk oftruck-and-trailer having the vehicles you need be sold to another buyer. Using their search tool will help you narrow down the amount of truck listings you see, however you can browse the entire inventory if you choose. The inventory includes trucks from International, Freightliner, Volvo, Chevrolet, Kenworth, and other top manufacturers. Every truck is listed with multiple pictures, as well as a thorough description. This includes information like axle capacity, engine make, sleeper size, suspension type, wheelbase, fuel capacity, and more. Mechanical or body damage issues may also be listed. Be sure to call the TruckCenter location where the vehicle is located if you have any questions about the vehicle before purchasing or bidding at auction.

Auction Listings

The trucks are trailers that will be available for purchase during the next auction are listed at TruckCenter.com, along with the location and date that the next auction will be held. Every trailer and truck is listed individually, even though identical trailers and trucks may be available for purchase. A retail price for each truck and trailer is listed in the auction listing, however the listing may be sold for more or less than the listed price during the auction sale. You are required to register online before being allowed to submit an online bid during any of their auction sales.
TruckCenter.com is known for selling trailers and trucks at fair prices. They have been building long-term relationships with their customers for years. Trucker-to-Trucker is glad to have them join our advertising team.

America’s Truck Source Dealer Welcome

Trucker-to-Trucker is proud to announce the addition of America’s Truck Source to our growing list of elite online advertisers. America’s Truck Source is the place to go if you need trucks in the Atlanta area. Their dealership is located at 4231 Northeast Expressway Atlanta, GA. Their selection of pre-owned semi trucks is vast, and includes trucks from nearly every well-known manufacturer in the trucking industry. You can complete and submit your credit application online to get approved before you make the trip to the dealership. You can also print the application from their website and bring it with you to the dealership when you come in for a test drive.
americas truck source

Finding the Right Trucks for Your Company

America’s Truck Source is a leader in the Atlanta area in the sale of late-model semi trucks from Mack, Volvo, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Mack, and Freightliner. Their sales staff has years of experience assisting truckers with finding the trucks they need to grow their companies. They will answer your questions about any truck on the lot and will even look for the trucks you want if they don’t have anything that meets your needs in stock.
Every truck in their inventory is available for purchase individually, and there are often groups of two or more matching trucks that have been traded in by companies who were upgrading their fleets. You can purchase matching trucks in a group to help your company project an image that is clean and professional.

Searching the Listings

The number of truck listings at America’s Truck Source may be overwhelming at first, but their search function is easy to navigate. You can choose your specifications in the search menu so that you only see trucks in a certain range of model years or only from one manufacturer. Each listing includes several photos of the truck’s exterior, as well as much of the information you need to know before purchasing the truck. This includes weight rating, price, sleeper size, fuel capacity, tire size, mileage, and more.

 America's Truck SourceCredit Application

The credit application at the America’s Truck Source website is short and simple. It includes basic information about you and your company, such as address, income and debts. The finance team at America’s Truck Source will process your information soon after they receive it and let you know what your financing options are. The team will do what they can to get you approved to purchase the trucks you need.

The staff at America’s Truck Source is all about serving the customer. Feel free to give them a call or stop by during business hours to discuss your equipment needs. They will offer truck and equipment advice and do their best to find the trucks you need for your business to succeed. The staff will also answer your questions about any truck on the lot. Trucker-to-Trucker is proud of our partnership with America’s Truck Source. We look forward to working with them to bring you quality trucks for years to come.

Dealer Welcome Freightliner of Grand Rapids

freightliner grand rapidsTrucker-to-Trucker is pleased to welcome Freightliner of Grand Rapids to our exclusive network of online advertisers. Freightliner of Grand Rapids has been serving customers in Western Michigan and beyond since 1978. They are known for their extensive selection of new and pre-owned trucks from top manufacturers including Freightliner, Volvo, Kenworth and Peterbilt, as well as the fantastic service they provide.

About Freightliner of Grand Rapids

Owner-operators, drivers, trucking company owners, and fleet managers can visit either dealership location. One is located at 5285 Clay Avenue SW in Grand Rapids, MI. The other is located at 53449 Main Street in Kalamazoo, MI. The company was started in 1978 and they have been providing excellent customer service ever since. Freightliner of Grand Rapids has been pioneers in the industry, they are one of the few dealerships that sells and installs glider kits on trucks. This makes the truck more efficient and saves the customer money.

New Truck Sales

If you’re looking for new trucks, the sales staff at Freightliner is ready and able to help you find the right model or models. The sales staff is knowledgeable and will answer your questions and help you figure out how many trucks to purchase and which trucks are best able to meet the needs of your customers efficiently. They sell many models of new trucks, including Coronado, Cascadia, Business Class M2, Business Class M2 106v/112v, Cascadia SD, and more. Their sales staff has many years of experience in truck sales. They will help you choose trucks that maximize your profitability, safety, and fuel economy, while minimizing your cost per mile.

Used Truck Sales

freightliner grand rapidsFreightliner of Grand Rapids has over 100 used trucks in stock at all times, between their two dealership locations. The trucks they sell have been carefully chosen to ensure that they offer customers only the best used trucks available. These trucks are carefully inspected before they are placed for sale on the lot.

Their inventory is available online so that customers can browse through the available truck listings 24 hours per day. Most truck listings include several color pictures. The listings also include a wealth of information to help you determine which trucks in their inventory meet the needs of your customers. The information included in the listing may include wheelbase, suspension type, fuel capacity, weight rating, sleeper size, number of axles, and more. The inventory changes often, so check back if you don’t find trucks that meet your needs the first time you browse through the inventory. You can also call to ask questions or let the sales staff know what you’re looking for.

Freightliner of Grand Rapids is known throughout Michigan as a great place to purchase commercial trucks. Their sales staff is friendly and happy to answer any questions you have. The trucks they sell are high-quality and have been carefully inspected to ensure that they are ready to start hauling loads down the road. These are a few of the reasons that Trucker-to-Trucker is proud to have Freightliner of Grand Rapids join our select network of advertisers.