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Great Mileage Tracking Apps to Review

Mileage Tracking Apps

Mileage Tracking Apps

As a trucker, logging your mileage is of utmost importance because mileage is often what much of your pay is based on. If you don’t log miles, you don’t get paid. Logging miles used to mean coming home from your long trip and spending time in your logbook tracking those miles. If you were diligent, as you were supposed to be, you did it as your trip progressed. This could be quite a task and rather frustrating as every trucker wants to reach their destination by the time they promised the customer.

With the increase in smartphone usage and apps, there are many different ways to track your miles that make it quick and efficient. One great mileage tracking app for you to try and to review is MyCarTracks. With more than 150,000 downloads, MyCarTracks is the only app with an auto start feature. When you start the app, you can minimize it, forget it and it will automatically record tracks you make through the day using advanced movement detection to know when you’re moving. MyCarTracks sends data to mycartracks.com where data is safely store in the Cloud. You can record and visualize your tracks, control route, distance, drive times, and stop times. You can later use this data to optimize your performance.

Another great tracking app is Route Tracker, available  for iPhone or iPad. After installing, it’s as easy as tapping anywhere on the screen to start tracking your route, which makes your trip safer. Route Tracker has four different tracking modes. Those are: * Continuous tracking- This will track continuously until you stop the tacking, even up to days. * Smart tracking- This method automatically stops and starts tracking when it senses your stops/starts in movement. * Period tracking- A new route is created after a pre-defined period. * Super tracking- similar to continuous, except tracking every coordinate.

For more information on these apps and other tools to help you keep on truckin’, visit our website today!

Scholarship Resource with $18k+ in Awards

Scholarship Resource - 300A few weeks ago we announced $1500 in scholarship opportunities from TruckerToTrucker.com for both College and Truck Driving School.

Today’s announcement is even more exciting, as we’ve put together a resource that lists over $18,000 (and growing) in annual scholarships, awards, and grants for transportation professionals and their families.

You’ll find it here – http://www.truckertotrucker.com/trucking-scholarship-resource.cfm

The goal of this resource is to give everyone in the industry a single place they can go (or send their family) to find real scholarships for college, truck driving school, and other charitable grants that support individuals in our community.

Why Did We Create This Resource?

It was a little over 2 years ago that we at TruckerToTrucker.com put together our first scholarship. There was a lot of excitement about doing something positive, and we couldn’t wait to let students and schools know about it.

Then we hit a brick wall.

Dozens of unreturned emails and phone calls later, we realized how hard it is to give away an award. And, after talking with a few associations who had offered scholarships in the past, we learned that we are not the first people to have this problem.

This left us with a couple options. Shut down the whole scholarship idea and move on, or find a better way to spread the word.

This resource page is our attempt at Option #2.

We decided to contact other organizations who offer scholarships to create a single location where anyone in our industry can go to find opportunities to improve their education and careers.

Word of Warning!

Every program has its individual requirements and eligibility guidelines. We’ve tried hard to find real scholarship programs and provide accurate links to the applications, but it is up to you to decide if the award fits your needs. Read the details carefully before submitting your information.

As an example, some companies that offer a scholarship for truck driving school require you to work for them for a minimum period. While most foundations and scholarship programs (like ours) have no restrictions or similar requirements.

Why All the Scholarship Focus?

To have any real shot at a good job these days, you must have a trade, a skill, or a degree…but, they don’t come cheap.

A little help with tuition can make the difference that lasts a lifetime.

We wanted to find a way to give back to the community that keeps our business strong, and a scholarship seemed like one of the best ways to have a truly positive impact on a person’s life.

What Do We Get Out Of It?

This is a question we heard a lot when we first tried to give away a scholarship for commercial driving school a couple years ago. We’d call or email schools, but receive a pretty limited response.

I even had the head of driving school tell me over the phone that the whole thing sounded suspicious, and their school wanted nothing to do with it.

That was disappointing, but understandable.

It’s hard to trust someone who says they want to give your students money and get nothing in return.

To make sure I’m as clear as possible, the only thing we hope to get out of this is some good will in the trucking and transportation community, and the chance to help some people make a positive improvement in their lives.

TruckerToTrucker.com has no financial connection to the companies, organizations, or schools we list on our resource. And, we don’t ask for anything from the people who apply or win.

We’ve simply tried to create the best list of real scholarships for the families in our industry. Hope you find it helpful!

Go check out the new scholarship resource, and help spread the word to family and coworkers who might benefit from one of the programs.

Great Trucking Apps to Check Out

Great Trucking Apps

Great Trucking Apps

As a trucker, you often have tight schedules with strict deadlines to meet, longing to get home to see your family or catch a good night’s rest. Any tip or trick to save you time and energy is sure to be useful in your busy trip. With mobile phone usage passing laptops and apps for just about everything imaginable, it is easy to see why many truckers have switched to using their mobile phones for daily business. With that increase, there are a number of great trucking apps to check out that will make your day a little easier.

Co-Pilot Live Truck

This is a GPS app, but it isn’t your average GPS system. Created for truckers, this will give your truck legal routes that are not only safe, but reliable and customized for you based on your truck size, weight and load type. You can avoid low-clearance and weigh-restricted roads, create custom routes, plan efficient routes and avoid out-of-route miles.


This free app helps you locate the cheapest gas! With thousands of contributors across the US and Canada, you won’t have a problem finding a gas station with what you need. GasBuddy locates nearby gas stations and sorts them by gas prices, lets you view the stations and learn more about their features.

uShip Mobile

This app is handy for owner-operators. Finding your loads can be a task at times. UShip Mobile lets you see loads that people and businesses need shipped and then bid on them. After placing your bid, you get a notification letting you know if your bid was accepted or declined. This app also lets you see see booking details and use GPS to let the shipper know ETAs.

If you are one of the 65% of truckers who use smartphones, these are just a few of the apps that can make your job easier. For more helpful information, check out our website today!

New App From BF Goodrich Makes It Easy for Truckers

Travel Log Apps

New BF Goodrich App

When a tire blowout ruins your day on the road, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just press a button and fix everything? That’s the idea behind the truck tire locator app from BFGoodrich.

The app does plenty more than just find commercial truck tires, too. You can search for towing, tire inspections, oil & lube, and other kinds of service centers nearby.

Next time your tire blows out or you need emergency repairs, you can pull up the BFGoodrich app. Find the service you need, make the phone call — and then pull up a list of the nearest motels if you want. It’s just as helpful as the truck stop finder apps.

BFGoodrich has made the app free for both Apple and Android devices, so every trucker and fleet manager should give it a download. The app replaces the need to search around online and sort through all the results to find the best options for commercial trucks. Who wants to waste precious moments fumbling for answers — especially if your truck is on the side of the road or broken down in a parking lot?

The dealers and repairmen are already loaded up with contact info and a list of services. The map features are surprisingly user-friendly and fast, too.

The app’s designer tried to make everything easy to use, and they did a great job. You don’t need to type anything into the app unless you want to enter a specific street address. Otherwise, a couple thumb clicks can pull up exactly what you need.

Besides finding BFGoodrich tire dealers, the app helps you locate other things:

  • Truck, trailer, and tire repair
  • DOT inspections and automated tire inspections
  • Onsite, 24/7 emergency services
  • Nail hole repair, wheel refurb and other services
  • Hotels & restaurants near each service location

Need to find truck parts or buy a new truck? Just check out the listings at TruckertoTrucker.com to find everything you need.

Regulatory Update Refresher

Ready for More Business?

Truck Inspections

Time for some spring cleaning — and that includes checking in on trucking regulations that affect your daily life. The trucking industry in the midst of further changes to the restart rules and other new items:

Restart Rules Suspended Until at least September 30

The controversial 34-hour restart regulations went on hiatus in December 2014. Now, we are all waiting on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to finish up a report and make new recommendations.

Officials finally agreed that the strict rules were too problematic: a 34-hour restart with two nights of sleep in the 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. time block, with 168 hours from the start of one restart period to the next. FMCSA is supposed to have new recommendations announced by September 30. Stay tuned for updates.

No passengers? No defects? No inspection report

In the past, drivers filled out reports for every inspection — even with no defects found. Now, you can skip the report for non-passenger loads if the inspection doesn’t turn up any problems.

Truckers may want to continue filling out the report for all inspections, even though new regulations will not penalize you for skipping over the no-defects reports. It creates a good paper trail and the reports are still required for trucks that enter Canada.

Update Your MCS-150!

Make sure to keep your USDOT number active. Update every two years — not just when company information changes. You can renew online for free here.

The USDOT number tells you when to renew:

  • Look at the second to last number. Even numbers renew in even years, odd numbers renew in odd years.
  • The last number tells you the month to renew.

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