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Tips to Advertising Your Truck on Trucker to Trucker

Advertising Tips

Advertising Tips

Do you have a truck or trailer to sell? Don’t prop up a sign on it and hope for the best. Advertise on Trucker to Trucker and take advantage of our extensive reader base. Get instant exposure to thousands of potential buyers that doesn’t end until you close the sale.

Place the ad yourself or let a member of our friendly customer service staff help you. Ads are featured on our home page and searchable through our convenient database. Only $19.95 buys you an ad with free renewals in 30-day increments until your truck or trailer is sold.

The more carefully you plan your ad, the more successful it will be. Use these tips to create an ad that will have buyers flocking to your “door”.

  • Include as much information as possible. Along with year, make and model you should list anything else that will give readers a better picture of your vehicle. What would you like to know about a truck that you were interested in purchasing? Those are the features that should be in your ad.
  • Do your homework when setting your price. Search our database for comparable models to see what the current price range is. You can also contact us if you need more help in establishing your vehicle’s value.
  • Online advertising has an advantage over traditional classifieds because pictures can be included. Our ads allow up to 36 photos and we recommend that you use them all. Take more pictures than you’ll actually need so you can select the best ones. Use captions to point out specific features.
  • You may edit anything in your ad other than make, model and year. If you’re not getting enough interest, review and make any necessary changes or add photos and renew for another 30 days.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll make the sale. Visit our website or call 800.240.5811 to speak to one of our helpful customer service associates.

New Standards Recommended to Improve Big Rig Safety

Big Rig Safety

Big Rig Safety

With the goal of improving big rig safety, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recently recommended four changes to tractor-trailer design standards and three changes to crash reporting guidelines. The Board’s truck and trailer design recommendations focus largely on improving driver visibility and underride protection and are based primarily on issues raised in a 2013 NTSB safety study on single-unit trucks.

“Millions of large trucks travel our roadways every day, transporting goods and keeping the American economy moving. But research shows that eliminating blind spots and underride events would reduce fatalities and injuries involving other road users,” NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman said in a NTSB press release.

NTSB Safety Recommendations

The NTSB’s new safety recommendations are suggested for newly manufactured truck-tractors and trailers and are summarized below. Click here to read the full NTSB safety report.

For truck tractors with a gross vehicle weight over 26,000 lbs.:

• Equip truck tractors with a visibility enhancement system to improve the driver’s ability to detect passenger vehicles, pedestrians and other road users.

• Equip truck tractors with side underride protection systems.

For trailers with a gross weight over 10,000 lbs.:

• Equip trailers with side underride protection systems.

• Revise current standards for trailer rear underride protection systems to protect the occupants of passenger vehicles from fatalities and serious injuries during the occurrence of full-width or offset trailer rear impacts.

Suggested changes to crash reporting guidelines

• Add trailer vehicle ID numbers and model year to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System database for trailers with a gross weight over 10,000 lbs.

• In the next edition of the Uniform Crash Criteria Guideline, require reporting of trailer license plate numbers and trailer identification numbers under the motor vehicle license number requirement.

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Trucker News Roundup

Woman Truck Drivers

Woman Truck Drivers

Here’s an update on some of the trucking news we’ve been following recently:

Goodyear Highway Hero

A truck driver from Rancho Cucamonga, California was recently named this year’s Goodyear Highway Hero at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY. Ivan Vasovic was honored for rescuing a fellow driver whose double tanker truck full of diesel fuel wound up hanging halfway off a highway overpass after hitting a concrete divider. Breaking an arm and leg while exiting his burning truck, the driver was unable to escape the flames. Braving the inferno, Vasovic was able to pull the driver to safety. For his heroic actions, Vasovic was presented with a Highway Hero ring, $5,000 and other prizes.

Most Influential Woman in Trucking

Marcia Taylor, President and CEO of Bennett International Group, was recently named the 2014 Women In Trucking’s Most Influential Woman at the Truckload Carriers Association convention in Grapevine, Texas. Taylor was recognized for her industry leadership and community service. Taylor serves on the board of Piedmont Hendry Medical Center and is CEO of the Taylor Family Foundation. In accepting the award, Taylor expressed pride in the fact that 83 women hold leadership positions at Bennett.

Alcoa Introduces Truck Wheel Lite

At the Mid-America Trucking Show Alcoa Wheels introduced its lightest truck wheel ever. Weighing in at just 40 pounds, Alcoa’s new 22.5” X 8.25” Ultra ONE Wheel with MagnaForce alloy is nearly half the weight of steel wheels, offering a savings of up to 1,400 pounds per rig. According to the company’s website, the MagnaForce alloy increases wheel strength by 17%. In announcing the new wheel line, Alcoa Wheel President Tim Myers told TheTrucker.com, “We know that a lighter weight in the wheel leads to greater productivity. This is the lightest aluminum forged wheel in the world in the trucking industry.”

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Canadian Strike Ends; Truckers Are Back to Work at Vancouver Port

Canadian Trucker Strike

Canadian Trucker Strike

Canadian container truck drivers at Port Metro Vancouver went back to work March 27 after a prolonged strike that paralyzed Canada’s largest port for nearly a month. In late February 1,000 non-union truckers walked off the job protesting pay rates, unpaid cargo wait time and alleged industry undercutting.

Nearly 250 union truckers joined the strike in March, bringing container shipping to a near halt. The strike produced a groundswell of support from truckers across Canada with demonstrations across the country. With cargo worth hundreds of millions of dollars stranded at Vancouver container terminals, the dispute threatened to jeopardize Canada’s economy.

Just days before the strike ended, frustrated British Columbia legislators introduced back-to-work legislation that would have impacted union workers, but scrapped it when the Port reached an agreement with the United Truckers Association and Unifor.

The Agreement Highlights

According to CBC News, the main points of the agreement include:

• 12% increase in round trip rates which will apply to the moving of all containers, both full and empty.

• An increase in the minimum hourly rate for drivers to $25.13 during the first year of hire and $26.28 after one year of service.

• 2% increase in the fuel surcharge multiplier to 14%.

• Implementation of an extended hours pilot program during high volume periods.

• Waiving of gate fees during the occurrence of excessive terminal delays.

• Payment to truckers of a cargo wait time fee after one hour instead of two with the fee increasing with the amount of wait time.

• Licenses suspended during the strike were reinstated, and the Port agreed to work with the container trucking industry to overhaul the port licensing system and its license auditing program.

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Destination Truck Stops That Are Worth the Drive

Truck Stops

Truck Stops

The humble highway truck stop is undergoing a major transformation. Counter service is being replaced by noteworthy restaurants. Truck stop coffee is being upgraded by gourmet coffee shops. Full-screen movie theaters are replacing video kiosks. Travel plazas are morphing from utilitarian quick shops into mini villages that offer truckers and other travelers a full range of services.

More than a place to fuel your truck and belly, these new innovative truck stops are becoming travel destinations with restaurants, motels, entertainment and amenities that attract local residents and traveling families as well as truckers. All offer a full range of traditional truck and driver services, along with some extra perks.

Here is our list of top truck stops to check out:

Iowa 80 Truck Stop in Walcott, IA lives up to its billing as “The World’s Largest Truck Stop.” A restaurant and food court offer mealtime options. Stop by the dentist or chiropractor, get a trim at the barbershop or explore the trucking museum. Other amenities include a movie theater, truck wash and dog wash.

South of the Border in Dillon, SC features its own amusement park with a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, 200-foot observation tower and Reptile Lagoon where you can check out the crocs and other critters. Also onsite are specialty shops, six restaurants, a campground and motel.

Clearwater Travel Plaza in Clearwater, MN boasts a gourmet bakery and restaurant that have been featured on the Food Network. The incredible food is the big draw but you’ll also find a well-stocked general store.

Jubitz in Portland, OR offers an outpatient health clinic, chiropractor, barber and shoe and boot repair. Relax at the cinema or arcade room; kick up your heels to live country music or chow down on down-home comfort food at the grill.

When you want to buy a truck or sell trucking equipment, come to TruckerToTrucker.com. When you crave creature comforts, give these destination truck stops a try. And keep them in mind if your kids or family will be joining you on the road this summer. A stop at one of these truck stops can turn a long haul into a mini vacation!