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Miller Transportation Dealer Welcome

Trucker-to-Trucker is pleased to welcome Miller Transportation into our exclusive online advertising network. This company has been serving drivers and other members of the trucking industry for over 100 years. They are family-owned and treat customers like one of the family. Miller has grown from a small dealership in 1912 to become a large company today, but they haven’t lost the personal touch as the company has grown. They have a huge number of trucks on the lot that customers can rent, purchase, or lease. They also offer fleet management and maintenance services to make running your trucking company as easy and stress-free as possible.

Miller Used Truck Sales

Miller Transportation DealerIncluded in Miller’s large inventory are a number of used trucks from some of the best-known manufacturers in the industry. This includes Hino, Kenworth, Ford, Isuzu, Freightliner, and Volvo. They have refrigerator trucks, tractors, and more. You can browse their inventory online any time of the day or night. The search function is also available to help you find exactly the trucks you need without having to sift through all of the trucks that don’t meet your needs. The staff will also answer your questions and offer advice if you’re not sure which direction to go in when looking at adding to your fleet.

Every truck they have is listed individually with pictures and information. This information includes things like transmission type, fuel capacity, tire size, model year, mileage, wheelbase, suspension type, number of axles, and more.

Truck Features

Every truck on the lot at Miller Transportation includes a number of features, but very few of them are alike. Features you may be looking for when you’re ready to add to your fleet include:

Oversized sleeper
Locking differentials
Sliding fifth-wheel
Automatic transmission
Maintenance records
Long wheelbase
Engine warranty

Check the individual truck listings to find these features and more on trucks in Miller’s inventory.

Rental and Leasing

As a business owner, your transportation needs may be constantly changing. Renting or leasing trucks is sometimes a simpler and more economical option than purchasing them. Miller Transportation offers several option to business owners who want to rent or lease trucks. If you’d like more information about renting or leasing trucks or vans from Miller Transportation, call 1-888-265-2900. They have everything from vans and small trucks to large semi-trucks available for rent or lease.

Here at Trucker-to-Trucker, we understand that running a trucking company can be stressful and overwhelming at times. Miller Transportation is a full-service company that offers everything from truck sales to brokerage and full-service leases. We are proud to have them as a member of our elite advertising team.

Miller Transportation

The Trick to Getting Your Moving Floor ITI Trailer to Pay for Itself

A Q&A with Mike DePew

In the world of ITI and moving floor trailers, shiny and new may also mean less expensive.

Mike DePew, owner of CMD Trailers and Leasing, Inc., has been in the business for 36 years. He’s seen the advent of moving floor trailers, and their rise in popularity over time due to the speed and ease with which they empty different types of cargo.

In our conversation with DePew, we discussed ITI trailers and moving floor products — specifically, how owner-operators can save thousands in expenses and build better equity through trading in that old trailer model for a new one.

Trucking Business

T2T: Hi Mike, thanks for talking today! Let’s talk first about the moving floor trailer, and what kind of driver primarily benefits from this product.

DePew: The moving floor trailer is used in the wood industry for hauling chips, which can be used for paper or fuel by burning chips to make steam. It’s also used in agriculture, mostly for animal feed, but for everything from potting soil to mulch and even bringing produce in and out of the field.

T2T: What are the main walking floor brands?

DePew: There are two main brands, Keith and Hallco. Hallco produces the Live Floors® systems and Keith produces the Walking Floor® systems.

Used Semi Truck

T2T: So, let’s say you’re an owner-operator trying to decide between a new or used ITI moving floor trailer. What are the considerations?

DePew: There are some really significant differences. Newer trailers are so much lighter and stronger in contrast to those that are 10 years old, so while you may save a bit more upfront by buying a used model, you’ll lose money over time because you’ll miss out on the additional payload you’d be running with the new model. New trailers are more efficient, and because some rules of the road that have changed, you can haul additional payload by using these new models.

T2T: Can you quantify how much more you can haul with a new ITI trailer, versus an old one?

DePew: It’s not as much about hauling more, as it is about hauling faster. You can haul more per day with a new trailer, which may come out to $50 more per day, which doesn’t seem like much. But you add that up, and that’s $250 a week, $1,000 a month more you’re earning just by using a new ITI model.

Commercial Truck

T2T: It sounds like a new ITI trailer actually winds up costing less than a used one!

DePew: Here’s another scenario. I’ve had owner-operators come to me who are 60 years old, and they’re trying to save up to retire in five years. If you’re running an older model that’s worth about $25,000 right now, in five years when you go to sell it, you’ll have nothing — a $15,000 asset at best.

Now, assuming a new trailer is $60,000, we already know it’s going to haul more payload. You won’t be digging in your pockets every month to make your payment on it, because you’re already earning an extra $1,000 or so by having the newer technology.

But the even better part is that in five years, instead of only having a trailer worth $15,000, you’ll now have an asset that’s worth $40,000. That’s a nice nest egg, a great retirement check to look forward to! Not to mention you’ll be running all that additional payload over the next five years.

Owner Operators

T2T: That sounds like a smart way to do business. So what are the next steps, if an owner-operator is interested in buying one of your ITI trailers, if they’re not local to CMD?

DePew: They can go to Trucker to Trucker’s CMD vendor page, and give us a call at 904-766-9703 to get a credit app filled out. We offer financing through several banks, with very competitive rates. Then we’ll spec a trailer and deliver it through Trucker to Trucker to anywhere in the US or Canada.

T2T: Thanks so much for sharing, Mike!

DePew: You’re welcome. Thank you.

CMD specializes in the sale of pre-owned straight trucks and Class 8 trucks, and both new and used trailers. The sales lot is located in Northeast Florida near the Port of Jacksonville. Shop tractors and trailers on the CMD Trailers website, and don’t forget to share our twitter page these tips on owning a new ITI trailer that pays for itself.

commercial truck insurance

November 2016 Scholarship Winner – Marcella Williams

Trucker to Trucker Scholarship Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Marcella Williams!

Marcella Williams - 2016 Scholarship WinnerMarcella is the Fall 2016 scholarship winner of the $500 Trucking School Award from TruckerToTrucker.com.

Soon to attend the commercial driving program at Southwest Trucking School in Las Vegas. Southwest is a family owned and operated truck driving school with locations in Tucson and Phoenix Arizona, as well as their Las Vegas school.

Aside from training students for Class A and Class B licenses, they offer students lifetime job placement assistance to ensure their program offers true school-to-work truck driver training.

Marcella has already received her permit and put in several practice hours on the road. Her next step is to complete her formal training and obtain her Class A License with the goal of becoming an Owner Operator in the future.

TruckerToTrucker.com is proud to be supporting Marcella in her training and new career as a professional truck driver.


More Scholarship Opportunities

Don’t forget that we offer several scholarships throughout the year.

Also, we’ve found over $60,000 in new trucking industry scholarships that will soon be added to our Scholarship Resource page. We’ll let you know when it has been updated.

Welcome International Machinery

international-machineryTrucker-to-Trucker is pleased to announce that International Machinery has recently joined our elite group of online advertisers. They are known for offering high-quality trucks to their customers for reasonable prices. International Machinery is family-owned and they are committed to building strong working relationships with their customers. They have a fantastic selection of trucks in their inventory, including pre-owned trucks from Peterbilt, Western Star, and Kenworth.


The sales staff is ready to assist you in finding the trucks you’re looking for. They are in the office Monday through Friday from7:30 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon, ready to answer your questions about trucks on the lot or assist you in figuring out which trucks are best for your company. They are also happy to schedule a test drive or talk about all of the financing options they have available to you. Their phone number is 844-460-9950 You can also stop by the dealership during business hours. You can find it at 12845 261A Street, Maple Ridge, BC.

Used Truck Inventory

There are a large number of heavy-duty trucks on the lot at International Machine, including popular models like the Western Star 4900, the Kenworth T800, the Kenworth T800 Tri-Drive, and the Peterbilt 378. Every truck listing includes important information to make your decision easier, such as suspension type, model year, horsepower, sleeper size, and wheelbase. Most listings also include several color photos. You can browse all of the listings to get a feel for the trucks in their inventory or use the search options to narrow the choices you see. The search options include price, horsepower, truck type, and model year.


The staff at International Machinery wants you to find the trucks you want. If you don’t see what you need in the inventory listings, please click on the SMARTFinder link and complete the form. Providing as many details as possible will make it easier for International Machinery to find the right trucks for you and contact you when they have trucks that meet your specifications on the lot.

Service, Repair, and Paint

international-machinery-salesKeeping your trucks looking great is almost as important as keeping them running great. International Machinery has a state-of-the-art engine and machine shop that is staffed by trained technicians. They use the latest methods to make sure that your truck is fixed properly. The technicians also only use official factory parts when they’re repairing or upgrading your trucks.


If you’re looking to customize your truck’s exterior, paint and sandblasting facilities are available at International Machinery. They’ll help your truck and trailer look new again. Call or stop by International Machinery to get detailed information about customizing your trucks and trailers.
International Machinery is known for their commitment to exceeding the expectations of their customers. They are family-operated and their staff is knowledgeable about the trucks they sell, repair, and customize. Trucker-to-Trucker is proud that they have joined our online advertising network.

Welcome Trax Trux From Lake City Georgia

Trax Trux is known throughout the country for offering excellent values on an outstanding selection of trucks. They have recently joined our elite group of online advertisers at Trucker-to-Trucker, and we are proud to have them. Trax has trucks of all sizes, from small, light-duty trucks to large, heavy-duty big rigs. They specialize in wholesale as well as retail trucks, and they are good at what they do. Trax will help you get an excellent value for your money, whether you purchase one truck or 100 trucks.

They are conveniently located only 20 minutes from the airport in Atlanta, Georgia, making the dealership an easy place to travel to. The address is 1945 Forest Parkway Lake City, GA 30260.

Trax Trux Inventory

trax-truxThe inventory at Trax includes trucks from many of the most well-respected manufacturers in the trucking industry. This includes International, Volvo, Western Star, Kenworth, Freightliner, and other popular brands. You can look at all of their truck listings in the order they are posted. If you would like to change the order of the trucks you’re looking at, use the reorder function. The listings can be reordered according to location, model year, stock number, most recently updated, or price.

Each truck listing in their inventory includes a lot of helpful information so that you can decide which trucks will work for your needs. This information varies according to the listing, but it may include mileage, stock number, price, model year, fuel type, horsepower, gross vehicle weight rating, sleeper size, axle weights, suspension type, and more. Most of the listings in Trax’s inventory also include a large number of pictures. Some listings include over 20 photos. This gives you a very good idea of what the outside and inside of the truck actually look like.

There are several options in the upper right corner of the inventory page. These options allow you to email or print the listing you are viewing. It also has a financial calculator so that you can calculate about how much your payments will be if you purchase a truck at a certain price.

Trax Trux is known for the volume of trucks they buy and sell, so make sure that you move quickly if you’re interested in a particular truck or group of trucks. Their inventory changes incredibly quickly, so the trucks you want may be gone if you wait before calling or visiting the dealership. It’s also a good idea to let the sales staff know if you’re looking for a certain type of truck. They are great at finding you the trucks you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a dealership that offers excellent service, great prices, and an unparalleled selection of trucks, look no further than Trax Trux. Trucker-to-Trucker is proud to welcome them to our online advertising team.