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Welcome Dealer’s Choice Truck Sales

Trucker-to-Trucker would like to welcome Dealer’s Choice into our elite network of online advertisers. Dealer’s Choice specializes in pre-owned light, medium and heavy-duty trucks. They are located in Pompano Beach, Florida, but delivery is available, so don’t hesitate to purchase trucks from them if you’re not in the area.

One of the things that sets Dealer’s Choice apart from many other dealerships is their standard of quality. All of the trucks on their lot have been inspected thoroughly and found to meet their high standards. These trucks are not without flaws, but the sales staff will let you know upfront if there are any known issues with the trucks you’re looking at purchasing. Another thing that sets Dealer’s Choice apart is that they accept trades and will make an offer on the trucks you want to trade-in immediately, as long as they meet the Dealer’s Choice standard of quality.dealers choice

Dealer’s Choice Truck Inventory

The inventory at Dealer’s Choice is easy to navigate, both online and in person. Their selection is vast, but you may not find the trucks you’re looking for right away. The sales team asks you to please tell them if you’re looking for a specific make, model, or type of truck. They will let you know as soon as the trucks you’re looking for are available on their lot.

The inventory at Dealer’s Choice includes used trucks from a wide variety of top manufacturers. This includes Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, GMC, Sterling, International, Freightliner, Hino, Isuzu and more. They have trucks ranging from pickups to sleeper trucks, dump trucks and bucket trucks. You can browse through all of their inventory online or use the search function to narrow down the list of trucks so that you don’t see trucks that are outside of your specifications.

Pre-Owned Trucks from Penske

Dealer’s Choice is among the most respected dealers of heavy-duty and medium-duty commercial trucks in the state of Florida. They are also the only dealership in Florida that is authorized to distribute Penske Retail Trucks. These trucks are inspected just as thoroughly as any of the other trucks at Dealer’s Choice before they are placed on the lot. This inspection helps to ensure that the trucks you purchase are sound mechanically.

Customer Service at Dealer’s Choice

Here at Trucker-to-Trucker, we understand the importance of great customer service. All of the staff at Dealer’s Choice is committed to serving drivers, company owners and other members of the trucking industry. Their sales staff is great at matching drivers with trucks that meet or exceed their needs. They also excel at helping everyone who purchases trucks from them get a great deal on quality equipment. Trucker-to-Trucker is proud to have Dealer’s Choice as part of our network of online advertisers.

Welcome West Michigan International

West Michigan International

Trucker-to-Trucker would like to welcome West Michigan International as the newest member of our elite online advertising network. WMI is one of the top dealerships in the state of Michigan, as well as one of the best dealers of International trucks in the United States. Their inventory includes a large selection of trucks, including box trucks, day cabs, sleeper trucks, dump trucks and more. These medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks are ready to get back on the road. The sales staff at West Michigan International is ready to answer your questions and help you find the right trucks for your hauling needs.

Quality Trucks at WMI

The only trucks sold at WMI are those that are manufactured by International. They believe that International is a high-quality truck brand and they pride themselves in only having well-made trucks on the lot. International trucks are some of the most reliable trucks on the road today.

Customer Service at West Michigan International
Whether you’ve been involved in the trucking industry for years or you’re just getting started, the staff at WMI will help you through the process of finding the right trucks. Financing is available, as well as several leasing options. The staff at WMI is very knowledgeable and ready to partner with you through the truck buying process and make sure your needs are met until you leave the lot with your newly-purchased trucks.
Searching the Inventory

sleeper trucksSearching through the online inventory at West Michigan International is simple. Every truck is listed individually with color photos and a list of specifications for that particular truck. Feel free to call the staff at West Michigan International if you have questions about any of their listings. Be sure to write down the stock number so that the information you need can be accessed quickly.

Identical trucks may be listed for sale from time to time. Purchasing these trucks together helps your company look sharp and professional. Feel free to call or visit WMI’s three dealership locations if you have any questions about purchasing or leasing multiple trucks at the same time. They are located in Holland, Michigan and Grand Rapids, MI. You can also send WMI an email using the contact form on their website.
West Michigan International stands out because of their commitment to selling only high-quality trucks manufactured by International. The friendly sales staff at all three of their locations is ready to be your partner throughout the process of leasing or purchasing trucks. Trucker-to-Trucker is pleased to have West Michigan International as the newest member of our elite team of online advertisers.

Welcome Itag Equipment

Trucker-to-Trucker is pleased to announce that ITAG Trucks and Equipment has recently joined our network of online advertisers. ITAG is a leader in the sale of used trailers, trucks and equipment. Their inventory is large and includes various types of equipment and trailers, as well as heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks. They have a corporate office located in Dallas, Texas and their main sales yard is in Granbury, TX. ITAG also has satellite dealerships in various locations around the United States.

ITAG Trucks and Equipment

Truck and Trailer Inventory

The caring sales staff at ITAG works to build long-term relationships with their customers. They are happy to answer questions about the various trucks on their lot, including cabover trucks, day cabs, flatbeds, sleeper trucks and dump trucks. These high-quality trucks are manufactured by Kenworth, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Volvo and other well-known manufacturers.

One of the things ITAG is known for is their large selection of pre-owned flatbed and drop-deck trailers. Their inventory also includes a wide selection of hopper trailers, double-drop trailers, lowboys and step decks. Customers can pick up the trucks and trailers at the yard or arrange to have them delivered nearly anywhere in the world. ITAG keeps their shipping rates low and each trailer and truck is inspected thoroughly before it is shipped. They don’t ship any trucks or trailers that don’t pass the inspection. Customers whose trailers don’t pass inspection can choose to receive a refund or purchase a different trailer from ITAG.

Equipment Inventory

ITAG’s selection of used heavy equipment changes constantly. The inventory often contains pieces of equipment such as cranes, excavators, rollers and bulldozers. These pieces of equipment are manufactured by top brands including Caterpillar, Komatsu and John Deere. Make sure to check the equipment inventory often, as new equipment is being added often and pieces are often sold quickly. You can also contact ITAG to let them know which pieces of equipment you are looking for so that they can contact you when they are available.

Equipment, Trailer and Truck Inspections

None of the trailers, heavy equipment or trucks sold by ITAG include warranties. It is imperative that you don’t purchase any equipment until you are certain that it will meet the needs of your company. ITAG will be happy to arrange for an independent inspector to conduct a detailed inspection of any trailer, truck or equipment you are considering purchasing. They will notify you of the inspection cost and make sure that the report is sent to you promptly after the inspection is complete.

At Trucker-to-Trucker, we understand that you need to purchase quality equipment that is ready to do the job you intend it to do. That’s one of the reasons we have partnered with ITAG. They strive to include as much information in their vehicle descriptions as possible and will be happy to send you detailed pictures to help you ensure that the equipment you are purchasing meets your needs. We are proud to partner with ITAG Equipment to help meet your truck, trailer and equipment needs.

Manage Your Fleet Disposal: How to Maximize Results using an Online Marketplace

Managers now have the world at their fingertips with online marketplaces when it comes to fleet disposal, but still the question remains, “what’s the best way to realize the most value?” Choosing the right disposal method for your needs can increase the value of your fleet. These four best practices will help maximize value, whether you’re contemplating a complete disposal or just selling a few units.
heavy equipment auction
Four Questions to Ask:
How current are your equipment appraisals? Current, accurate estimates of your fleet’s value will assist you in making better, more knowledgeable decisions about which items to sell and when. Up-to-date appraisals can also help you secure extra capital to invest in your business. Using a professional appraisal service to obtain a comprehensive assessment of your fleet will give you an accurate estimate for disposal. The age, mileage, condition, specs, maintenance records, major repairs and current market conditions will provide a precise idea of how much your trucks are worth, whether sold at auction or by some other means of disposal.
loaders, dozers
How current is your fleet maintenance? Updating your fleet maintenance schedule will help determine which items are ready for disposal. You might find that there are quick and inexpensive repairs you can make to increase resale price. If you conclude that serious and costly repairs are needed, there are still buyers who would be interested in making the investment in your used equipment. Road-weary trucks with many miles can still bring good value provided there is good maintenance log.

Do you need your entire fleet in the long-term? By continually reviewing future projects you can decide whether you’ll need all of the equipment in your current fleet. Sending underutilized trucks to auction will save on maintenance and expensive storage costs. Disposing of unneeded trucks also means you’ll have funds at the ready for other business needs.

How can you get the highest price for your surplus equipment? You have options when it comes to heavy equipment disposal. Increasingly, fleet managers are working with online marketplaces to manage inventory and connect to the maximum number of buyers globally. Selling online also saves on hefty transportation fees to the auction yard which in-turn maximizes the net proceed from the sale of your assets.

When you’re ready to sell, look for a well-established marketplace that can tap into the global buyer base to bring the best value, like TruckPlanet that sells 400 to 500 trucks per week online. You want a broad reach to a sizable buyer base, low fees, excellent customer service, and detailed inspection reports backed by a guarantee of equipment condition – unique to TruckPlanet in the industry.

Go ahead, log on! You’ll find that following these four guidelines will help your fleet disposal strategy, regardless of size!

IronPlanet will be hosting their next major Spring 2016 Cat Auction Services sale with an unreserved public auction in the Denver, Colorado, area on April 13. Hosted by Wagner Equipment, this Rocky Mountain auction is the third of six major onsite events this spring across the U.S., Canada and for the first time, the U.K. Look for over 190 high-quality, late model, low hour pieces of equipment from Caterpillar, John Deere, Mack, Volvo, Load King, Ford and more, including: Articulated Trucks, Crawler Tractors, Excavators, Motor Scrapers, Motor Graders, Flatbed, Service and Conventional Trucks and much more.

For more information, visit or www.truckplanet.com

New vs. Used? Choose an Online Marketplace to Save Time & Money

Buying Your Next Quality Used Truck or Managing Your Fleet

truck planet

Looking for your next rig? Online marketplaces are making it easy for you to shop for your next long-haul, day cab or even vocational truck. With loads of photos and world-class inspection reports – that include fluid analysis – right at your finger-tips, you can stay on the road getting your job done and use your free time to compare and shop.

TruckPlanet, the leading online marketplace for used trucks of all classes, was recently chosen by Walmart as an innovative way to help truck buyers find used trucks in its fleet easily and buy them efficiently – no need to go to an auction and spend valuable time away from work or family. Known for exceptional maintenance records and single-owner vehicles, Walmart’s fleet includes late-models of many makes – International ProStars, Freightliner Cascadias, Kenworths, Peterbilts – sleepers and day cabs. And, Ottowa spotters for on-site transport as well.

auction trucks

For those buyers, or even resellers or dealers, in the crowd that are ready for a truck with “life 2.0” on the road, TruckPlanet is the place to look. TruckPlanet is an IronPlanet marketplace and IronPlanet has been selling used heavy equipment and trucks for more than 15 years. Launched three years ago, TruckPlanet sells upwards of 400 to 450 trucks per week from Class 1 through 8 all with IronPlanet’s IronClad Assurance® equipment condition certification.

IronClad Assurance means that you can buy online confidently because IronPlanet’s patented inspection process has kicked the tires, checked the fluids and examined key systems and components for you – and they stand behind that guarantee. Inspection reports can all be viewed online, and registration for TruckPlanet is free. No investment from you to browse.

walmart trucks

What to Remember when Buying online?

  • Pick a marketplace with lots of selection, the more trucks, the more sellers know that this is the best place to reach you, the buyerUse a reputable marketplace, like TruckPlanet or IronPlanet, where weekly online auctions draw upwards of 40,000 attendees, on average
  • Choose a marketplace that offers thorough inspections and that the stands behind them with a guarantee of condition, like IronClad Assurance
  • Look for a full suite of buyer services, such as financing, customer service and transportation options – all available at TruckPlanet
    • For sellers, TruckPlanet draws buyers from around the world, making a liquid market for used trucks in all categories. Weekly digital marketing reaches hundreds of thousands of buyers. All with one thing in mind: finding great used equipment and trucks.

      For buyers, be one of the first to view the Walmart fleet coming online and shop from the road or your home for the most selection, when you need it, on your schedule.

      Get online now … well, when you are off the road safely!

      For more information, visit or www.truckplanet.com