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D.C Schank from Lynden Transport in Alaska Selected to Drive National Christmas Tree to DC

Bringing the Tree to D.C.

Bringing the Tree to D.C.

At Trucker to Trucker, we love Christmas as much as anybody else. Bing Crosby and “White Christmas,” the eggnog, Christmas cookies, “Deck the Halls,” lights, presents under the Christmas tree. Tree? What tree? Oh wait, we forgot the tree!

Now, as everyone knows, you can’t hardly have Christmas without a Christmas tree, and that’s where truck driver John Schank, from Fairbanks, Alaska, comes in. He has been selected to drive and transport the official U.S. Capitol Christmas tree from Alaska to Washington, D.C.

This honor goes only to those that are true ambassadors for the industry, and John certainly qualifies. In 37 years of driving, and putting on over 5 million miles over the Dalton Highway, he has not had one accident in all that time and throughout all that mileage.

This is an amazing feat, considering Alaska has some of the toughest weather conditions, as well as some of the most bizarre road conditions, like grizzly bears, bull moose and the fact that some of the Dalton Highway runs close to and actually above the Arctic Circle. 5 million accident-free miles over a highway like this? It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Plus, and this is the frosting on the cake, Schank actually has a long white beard and resembles jolly old Santa Claus himself! Imagine the press coverage when Santa himself, drives into Washington, D.C., hauling the official Capitol Christmas tree.

Our heartiest and heartfelt congratulations to Mr Schank. For without him bringing in the tree this year, all the way from Alaska, we wouldn’t have a place to put the presents! Whew!

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Denis Day of Con-way Freight Celebrates 3 Million Continuous Accident Free Miles

Accident Free

Accident Free

We here at Trucker to Trucker, always want to give kudos to truck drivers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty or have set milestones within the industry. Such is the case with Dennis Day. As a driver for Con-Way transportation, Day has set a milestone that is hard to beat. But let us not take away from the official press announcement. Here it is in a condensed form.

Con-way Inc. announced, on October 8th, that Lawrenceville-based Driver Sales Representative Dennis Day has surpassed 3 million consecutive, accident-free miles. He becomes the ninth driver in the company’s 33-year history to achieve this remarkable safe-driving milestone.

Day, who was honored at a special ceremony at the company’s Norcross Service Center, previously earned recognition for surpassing 1 and 2 million safe-driving miles. He is a former Georgia Truck Driver of the Year and a Captain of the American Trucking Associations’ Road Team.

Here is what he had to say: “There’s nothing more important than safety,” said Day. “When you’re driving a truck of this size, it takes precision, focus and constant attentiveness to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of the other motorists and pedestrians. It’s an honor to be recognized for this achievement, and I hope this motivates other drivers to be as safe as possible on the road.”

Hats Off to Mr. Day

Anyone who can put 3 million miles on a big rig and have zero accidents over the course of that time, deserves the recognition he gets within the industry. Our hats off to him, and all of the other safe and accident free truckers, that continue to make the trucking industry one of the safest forms of transportation on the road today.

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Firm Consolidation Hits the Trucking Industry

Trucking Firm Consolidation

Trucking Firm Consolidation

Don’t we all wish we could have a crystal ball and look into the future? You could see what you’ll be having for dinner tomorrow night, what the weekend will bring, who wins the World Series or The Super Bowl or even what road you’ll be traveling over next year, or next decade, for that matter.

Well, you are not alone here, and some of the big-time players in the trucking industry wish they had a crystal ball too.

Looking Towards the Future

Although trucking deliveries are still high, new contracts for goods are beginning to wane. Many of the original deliveries of goods was due to inventory stockpiling on the West Coast, due to a labor dispute. Companies over-ordered, not sure that they would be able to continue to get goods on a timely basis. Even though sales and distribution remain solid, it will take a while for the inventory to be depleted.

Mergers and Acquisitions

One of the best ways in the trucking industry to keep shipments of goods running strong, and employees on the job, is to diversify within the industry. To that end, some of the big guns of the trucking business are merging with companies or acquiring others. For example, FedEx is purchasing Dutch Parcel, UPS has acquired freight broker Coyote Logistics and Celadon has picked up Tango Transport. Other companies like Daseke, Roadrunner and Maverick, among others, have also made acquisitions to bolster their future productivity.

The Reality

Since no one can actually see the future, planning ahead for what might be is always the best course. The reality is that right now, there is no downturn in the trucking industry, but mergers and acquisitions, are the best way to brace for what the future might bring.

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November 2015 Scholarship Winner – Robert Williams

Trucker to Trucker Scholarship Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Robert Williams!

Robert Williams - Scholarship WinnerRobert is the 2015 Fall winner of the $500 Trucking School Scholarship Award from TruckerToTrucker.com.

He will soon be completing the commercial driving program at Umpqua Community College – http://www.umpqua.edu/commercial-truck-driving. Umpqua provides an intensive 4 week training program that offers more behind the wheel time than many comparable programs.

Active job placement assistance and close connections with company recruiters makes it common for Umpqua graduates to have multiple job offers before they’ve even completed the program.

Rob recently retired from a 29 year career that started as a volunteer firefighter and included 17 years as a professional Firefighter Paramedic. Over the years he has saved lives, been a mentor and trainer for other firefighters and paramedics, and given back to his community.

We at TruckerToTrucker.com are very excited to be able to give a little back to Rob and his family, as he makes this transition to a new career.

Support Umpqua

It has been less than 2 months since the tragic school shooting at Umpqua Community College that led to 9 dead and 9 wounded on the campus.

A victim relief fund has been set up by the college to help provide both immediate and long term support to the families and victims. If anyone would like to donate, they can visit the school website here – http://www.umpqua.edu/scholarships-donations.

More Scholarship Opportunities

Don’t forget that we offer several scholarships throughout the year.

Also, we’ve found over $60,000 in new trucking industry scholarships that will soon be added to our Scholarship Resource page. We’ll let you know when it has been updated.

Need a Job? We’re Looking for 890,000 New Truck Drivers

Look No Further For A New Job

Look No Further For A New Job

Every business needs to plot a future with regards to keeping enough employees to do the job, especially if the business is growing. In the long term, an industry that is successful must make sure that during growth and retirement, there are always enough people to step in and fill the void. The more successful the business, the greater the growth and the more employees that need to be hired. It’s a simple equation that also pertains to the trucking industry as well.

We Have a Situation Here

The situation is this. Over the course of the next year, the trucking industry will need to hire about 73,000 new drivers just to keep up with the burgeoning economy. In fact, just to make ends meet for now, an additional 47,000 plus drivers this year would be ideal to keep up with customers orders in the coming months. If we take this further down the road, and if the industry keeps growing as it has been, an additional 175,000 truckers will need to be hired, just to keep pace, by 2024! And those figures are just for new trucker hires.

We Have a Bigger Situation Here

The bigger situation is this. When you take into account the average age of truckers on the road today, which is 49 years old, in the upcoming decade there are going to be a lot of people ready to retire. While all of that is fine and good, those truckers must also need to be replaced, to the tune of nearly 900,000 new drivers. That averages somewhere around 89,000 per year!

Needless to say, if a relative, a friend or a friend of a friend ever wanted to be a trucker, there is no better time than now.

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