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Two New Penske Products You Can’t Miss

Truckers, you’re in for a treat this summer: Penske Truck Leasing, leading global transportation services provider, has two new offerings that will ease your daily operations. The products are designed to speed up roadside assistance, introduce preventative vehicle maintenance, and keep drivers informed about key details while on the road.


Connected Fleet Systems

With few exceptions, Penske Truck Leasing can now connect its systems with what they describe as “any truck and engine configuration or telematics service provider.”

Good for Drivers, Good for Business

“We’re very pleased to begin formally offering connected fleet solutions to customers,” said Brian Hard, president and CEO of Penske Truck Leasing. “Our unique approach makes it easy for customers to connect their vehicles and share their vehicle data with us. We’ve designed these connected fleet solutions to improve vehicle uptime, safety and compliance, and help keep customers well-informed about their vehicles.”

When roadside assistance calls become backed up, a triage process is undertaken by Penske to ensure that the most critical issues are resolved before the minor ones. With the new feature, the triage process will be faster through remote diagnostics, location providing data, and analytics applied to big data that can uncover trends and details that lead to predictive vehicle maintenance.

Penske Fleet™

They’ve also released a mobile app, and it’s completely free. This app keeps users up to date on crucial fleet information, as well as locations for services and roadside assistance.

It’s especially helpful to fleet operators because it enables them to access information they need on the go. According to Sherry Sanger, Penske senior vice president of marketing, “Our app helps customers manage their vehicles easily and places the services they rely on at the tips of their fingers. Additional functionalities and capabilities will also be added to the app later this year.”

Myriad Features for the Connected Driver

The new application for mobile, Penske Fleet™, allows users to view fuel prices in real-time. This data applies nationwide to company fuel prices in local markets as well as third-party fueling locations.

A 90-day history of vehicle maintenance is included with the application, allowing drivers to keep informed about the status of the truck they are renting. Roadside assistance is also made easy with one-click assistance calls and an included status monitor.

Lastly, the mobile application allows users to search for Penske service locations, including fuel and truck rental facilities. It also includes search features for public scale locations and third-party compressed natural gas fueling stations.
Learn More About Penske Solutions

Representatives from Penske Truck Leasing will be demonstrating and available to discuss the new connected fleet solutions during the National Private Truck Council’s (NPTC) Annual Education Management Conference and Exposition held in Cincinnati, April 30 – May 2.

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Drive Lumber or Log Trucks in beautiful Northern California for the World’s Largest Supplier of Redwood!

Through our partnership with The Home Depot, Mendocino Forest Products brings beautiful redwood and Douglas-fir lumber products to customers throughout the West Coast. Our redwood companies consist of approximately 440,000 acres of timberlands in the state of California and our Commercial
Truck Driving jobs will include driving big-rig vehicles to & from forest lands, to & from Sawmills, distribution centers in and around metropolitan areas, and or hauling logs, heavy equipment and construction materials.

We haul renewable wood products from the forest to the mill with a final destination of marketplace and it takes a team of 18-wheel semi-trucks with professional drivers. Both the log and lumber truck driver is responsible for the safe and efficient transport of wood products, or the machinery used to harvest and manage the forest.



• Completion of truck driving school with one year min OTR or min three years related exp/training or equivalent.
• Clean MVR, current DOT medical
• Ability to complete paper driver logs, reports as needed, on-board driver log computer, daily inspections, minor maintenance, calculate load weight.
• Ability to read and interpret specific documents, follow GPS or map directions, sit and operate manual transmission, foot pedals dig, pick up and or throw binders, wrappers or straps. Tarp and untarp occasionally
• Ability to traverse narrow and winding roads, crowded highways, changing weather and surface conditions
• Prefer log or lumber hauling experience

Our drivers are much more than a highway driver because of the ever-changing and unique payloads hauled over diverse road conditions—from mountainous forests to congested highways; these drivers have extensive knowledge and a variety of responsibilities. The drivers often work independently, may frequently coordinate closely with other workers during loading and unloading, dispatch, customers and vendors. All of our drivers receive ample job-tailored safety and drivers training.

• Home nightly, drive modern, comfortable and quality equipment
• Paid by the hour for all the time you work, including overtime hours.
• Medical, dental, vision, life insurance with low employee premium. 401 (k) tax savings plan, employer match and others.

Review our website and on-line video to consider applying for a career with Mendocino Forest Products or Humboldt Redwood Company today!

(707) 485-6731

We value diversity in employment and are an equal opportunity employer, offering drug free workplace.


Pneumatic Trailers – Trucks – Flatbed Trailers – Vehicles | Retirement Auction

semi trailers

Sunday April 23, 2017 @ 1 PM

Kick Start – Thunder Dome, SD Hwy 34, Sturgis, SD

Trailers are in good condition……. ready to go to work!

PNEUMATIC TRAILERS (Please refer to reference numbers on trailers)

  • # 346 & # 347 – (2) 2015 MAC, 51′, 1250 cubic feet, triple axel
  • # 892 – 2014 MAC, 51′, 1500 Cubic feet, triple axel
  • # 842 – 2014 MAC, 48′, 1500 Cubic feet, spread axel
  • # CT4017 – 2000 Heil, 40′, 1500 cubic feet, tandem axel
  • # 617 – 1999 J&L, 40′, 1600 cubic feet, tandem axel, 4 jacks
  • # 401 – 1998 Fruehauf, 51′, 1000 cubic feet, spread axel
  • # 101 – 1997 Heil, 53′, 1250 cubic feet, spread axel
  • # 535 – 1997 J&L, 53′, 1320 cubic feet, spread axel
  • # 3640 – 1995 Fruehauf, 51′ 1100 cubic feet, triple axel
  • # 2680 – 1989 Fruehauf, 51′, 1000 cubic feet, triple axel
  • # 2400 – 1983 King, 48′, 2400 cubic feet, triple axel, 5 jacks
  • # 7900 – 1979 Fruehauf, 51′ 1100 cubic feet, triple axel
  • # 771 – 1977 Fruehauf, 51′, 1100 cubic feet, triple axel
  • # 424 – 1965 Butler, 46′, 1600 cubic feet, triple axel


(2) 2009 Freightliner Cascadia # 6 & # 7

70″ condo sleeper, Detroit DD 15, 485 H.P., 10 spd, 40,000 lb rear ends, 3.42 ratio, air ride susp., 225″ wheel base, 22.5 low profile tires, all alum., wheels, new steer tires & recap drive tires, both Black Cherry, 939K #6 & 865K # 7

2009 Freightliner Cascadia # 15

70 in mid-roof sleeper, Detroit DD 15 engine, 475 H.P., 10 spd, 40,000 lb rear ends, 3.42 ratio, air ride suspension, air slide 5th, 225″ wheel base, 22.5 low profile tires, alum., disc front & outside rear, new steer tires & recap tires on rear drivers, White, 925K


2012 ABU, 20′ gooseneck, tandem axel – # 9

2010 Utility, 53′ spread axel – # 8

1999 Wilson, 53′, spread axel – # 7


2014 Ford F-150 STX 4×4, 4-door, Supercab, bed liner, silver, 33K – # 2

2014 Ford F-150 STX 4×4, 4-door, Supercab, silver, 18K – # 7

2013 Ford F-150 STX 4×4, 4-door, Supercab, white, 61K – # 5


Sev., new of each: Toyo Semi trailer tires M122 11R22.5~ Barrier Group Semi chock blocks w/carrying handle~ Air-Weigh Semi truck & trailer air scale systems~ BTI Pneumatic trailer tank fluidizers~ PTS Pneumatic trailer tank flow line “T’s”~ Crossfire tire equalizer systems

All like new: Honda EM5000SX generator, 5000 watt, elect start, runs good~ Quincy QT7.5 air compressor, portable w/Honda GX390 motor less than 20 hrs~ Eastwood 200′ cap., sand blaster~ RMC Pneumatic trailer tank lid resurfacing tool~ Miller Spectrum 625 Xtreme plasma cutter w/attachments

Owner: Farren Richard

Not responsible for accidents~ More photos and details at our websites

Cash or Check only w/proper ID

Flatbed Trailers

Miller Transportation Dealer Welcome

Trucker-to-Trucker is pleased to welcome Miller Transportation into our exclusive online advertising network. This company has been serving drivers and other members of the trucking industry for over 100 years. They are family-owned and treat customers like one of the family. Miller has grown from a small dealership in 1912 to become a large company today, but they haven’t lost the personal touch as the company has grown. They have a huge number of trucks on the lot that customers can rent, purchase, or lease. They also offer fleet management and maintenance services to make running your trucking company as easy and stress-free as possible.

Miller Used Truck Sales

Miller Transportation DealerIncluded in Miller’s large inventory are a number of used trucks from some of the best-known manufacturers in the industry. This includes Hino, Kenworth, Ford, Isuzu, Freightliner, and Volvo. They have refrigerator trucks, tractors, and more. You can browse their inventory online any time of the day or night. The search function is also available to help you find exactly the trucks you need without having to sift through all of the trucks that don’t meet your needs. The staff will also answer your questions and offer advice if you’re not sure which direction to go in when looking at adding to your fleet.

Every truck they have is listed individually with pictures and information. This information includes things like transmission type, fuel capacity, tire size, model year, mileage, wheelbase, suspension type, number of axles, and more.

Truck Features

Every truck on the lot at Miller Transportation includes a number of features, but very few of them are alike. Features you may be looking for when you’re ready to add to your fleet include:

Oversized sleeper
Locking differentials
Sliding fifth-wheel
Automatic transmission
Maintenance records
Long wheelbase
Engine warranty

Check the individual truck listings to find these features and more on trucks in Miller’s inventory.

Rental and Leasing

As a business owner, your transportation needs may be constantly changing. Renting or leasing trucks is sometimes a simpler and more economical option than purchasing them. Miller Transportation offers several option to business owners who want to rent or lease trucks. If you’d like more information about renting or leasing trucks or vans from Miller Transportation, call 1-888-265-2900. They have everything from vans and small trucks to large semi-trucks available for rent or lease.

Here at Trucker-to-Trucker, we understand that running a trucking company can be stressful and overwhelming at times. Miller Transportation is a full-service company that offers everything from truck sales to brokerage and full-service leases. We are proud to have them as a member of our elite advertising team.

Miller Transportation

The Trick to Getting Your Moving Floor ITI Trailer to Pay for Itself

A Q&A with Mike DePew

In the world of ITI and moving floor trailers, shiny and new may also mean less expensive.

Mike DePew, owner of CMD Trailers and Leasing, Inc., has been in the business for 36 years. He’s seen the advent of moving floor trailers, and their rise in popularity over time due to the speed and ease with which they empty different types of cargo.

In our conversation with DePew, we discussed ITI trailers and moving floor products — specifically, how owner-operators can save thousands in expenses and build better equity through trading in that old trailer model for a new one.

Trucking Business

T2T: Hi Mike, thanks for talking today! Let’s talk first about the moving floor trailer, and what kind of driver primarily benefits from this product.

DePew: The moving floor trailer is used in the wood industry for hauling chips, which can be used for paper or fuel by burning chips to make steam. It’s also used in agriculture, mostly for animal feed, but for everything from potting soil to mulch and even bringing produce in and out of the field.

T2T: What are the main walking floor brands?

DePew: There are two main brands, Keith and Hallco. Hallco produces the Live Floors® systems and Keith produces the Walking Floor® systems.

Used Semi Truck

T2T: So, let’s say you’re an owner-operator trying to decide between a new or used ITI moving floor trailer. What are the considerations?

DePew: There are some really significant differences. Newer trailers are so much lighter and stronger in contrast to those that are 10 years old, so while you may save a bit more upfront by buying a used model, you’ll lose money over time because you’ll miss out on the additional payload you’d be running with the new model. New trailers are more efficient, and because some rules of the road that have changed, you can haul additional payload by using these new models.

T2T: Can you quantify how much more you can haul with a new ITI trailer, versus an old one?

DePew: It’s not as much about hauling more, as it is about hauling faster. You can haul more per day with a new trailer, which may come out to $50 more per day, which doesn’t seem like much. But you add that up, and that’s $250 a week, $1,000 a month more you’re earning just by using a new ITI model.

Commercial Truck

T2T: It sounds like a new ITI trailer actually winds up costing less than a used one!

DePew: Here’s another scenario. I’ve had owner-operators come to me who are 60 years old, and they’re trying to save up to retire in five years. If you’re running an older model that’s worth about $25,000 right now, in five years when you go to sell it, you’ll have nothing — a $15,000 asset at best.

Now, assuming a new trailer is $60,000, we already know it’s going to haul more payload. You won’t be digging in your pockets every month to make your payment on it, because you’re already earning an extra $1,000 or so by having the newer technology.

But the even better part is that in five years, instead of only having a trailer worth $15,000, you’ll now have an asset that’s worth $40,000. That’s a nice nest egg, a great retirement check to look forward to! Not to mention you’ll be running all that additional payload over the next five years.

Owner Operators

T2T: That sounds like a smart way to do business. So what are the next steps, if an owner-operator is interested in buying one of your ITI trailers, if they’re not local to CMD?

DePew: They can go to Trucker to Trucker’s CMD vendor page, and give us a call at 904-766-9703 to get a credit app filled out. We offer financing through several banks, with very competitive rates. Then we’ll spec a trailer and deliver it through Trucker to Trucker to anywhere in the US or Canada.

T2T: Thanks so much for sharing, Mike!

DePew: You’re welcome. Thank you.

CMD specializes in the sale of pre-owned straight trucks and Class 8 trucks, and both new and used trailers. The sales lot is located in Northeast Florida near the Port of Jacksonville. Shop tractors and trailers on the CMD Trailers website, and don’t forget to share our twitter page these tips on owning a new ITI trailer that pays for itself.

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